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Effect of Food on Nadis – What Not to Eat during Nadi Shodhan?

“Some people say you are what you eat. Even Upanishads have echoed this however it is also extremely important to look at what you choose to eat given the choices exist and how you earn it. The question mostly asked by people is “Does food clog nadis?” The answer is Yes, but not directly.” – Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath Continue reading

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Pranayama without preparation can cause unexplained diseases!

“While I pull no punches in demolishing the unauthentic practices around Yoga, through our volunteer driven programmes we also ensure we walk the talk. The Shakti Multiversity organizes minimum of 8 FREE sessions on Yoga and Nadishodhan every month for you. I invite you to take benefit from our initiatives..” Master AD Continue reading

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Why should you learn Yoga from an Authentic Guru?

Yoga should be learnt from a Yogi in person, face to face because only he knows the needs of disciple and engages in corrections for the learner before its too late. But if we are discussing Yoga then we should definitely listen to the Vedic rishis more than anyone because it is they who have invented it, perfected it and presented it to the humanity. Continue reading

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9 Questions on Negative Effects of Pranayama & Shortcut-Yoga practices

QUESTION 1. Stomach pain and gas problems happens,from the time when i started pranayam (kapalbhati, anulom-vilom, bhastrika.. 7 min)…….what should i have to do? Avantika P. Rajan Anaswer : Beloved Avantika, You have to stop your practices only to resume … Continue reading

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Can I do Anulom-Vilom pranayama while walking?

Pranayama is very simple and it stays so provided we don’t start over simplifying it.. Applying too much logic is not less than foolishness. Don’t apply your logic to prove that Pranayama is just altered breathing. It is simply intellectualizing. Howsoever you may want to intellectualize about these simple laid down processes of breathing in and out, it is not possible for anyone to alter it or lax it for that matter. The methodologies for pranayama, preparations for the same are well defined. Anulom vilom is just nadi-shodhana.. a prerequisite to pranayama. But nadi-shodhana works only when you are calm, your mind and body is not engaged in any other volunteering actions. Continue reading

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