Transformation Programmes for You!

|| Sacred Helping Hands – Masters are waiting out there ||

True spirituality can never be life-negative because it is about making the most of – Your life!

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan celebrates life

Prosperity, flowing relationships, quality of life, happiness, health & affluence are…
…Baseline Requirements to be Truly Spiritual!

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan ensures Holistic growth

Sacred Association is engaged in spreading the Message of Masters for the benefit of humanity. There are different TSV workshops offering path of ‘Scientific Spirituality’ for modern man. You are invited to Experience the change and Experience Transformation through the age-old methods, which have been handed over to us by Masters of antiquity.

You can take a conscious decision to change your life. It shall happen when you change your discipline. Take up TSV as a discipline and ensure your first step of spiritual journey begins TODAY…

Transformation Workshops for You –

  • TATTVA SHAKTI VIGYAAN – Pratham Koti (open for all)

(This course is the basis of human life. A discipline which has transformed thousands of practitioners on this planet. The programme is based on Kashmir Shaivism and is taken by Guruma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath ji and ‘Shaakta Shri’ Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath ji. Guruma and Shaakta Shri are ShriVidya poornabhishikt in the Kaula Tradition of Tantra.)

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  • TATTVA SHAKTI VIGYAAN – Higher Initiations

(Only Pratham Koti Deeksha is available to all.. Higher initiations are given only to those disciples who progress well on the path. So these programmes are strictly by invitation only.)

  • PRACHYA PRATEEK VIGYAAN  (open for all)

(This programme introduces the participants to the magically mystical world of powerful symbols which can be used for health, healing, various specific purposes and transformation of situations)

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  • 5 D-SHAKTI HEALING Age old methods revealed!  

(This programme is available ONLY for ‘TATTVA SHAKTI VIGYAAN – Pratham Koti’ practitioners. It enables them learn the concepts and practicals of Healing Methodology as in Tantric traditions. The practitioners are given the methods to work with the energies of universe.)

  • S A C R E D    G E M S  – Holistic Youth Development  

(This programme is for ALL college going youths aimed at offering solutions to the challenges they face)

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  • S H A K T I     T A N T R A  – (open for all)

(This programme introduces the participants to various functional aspects of ‘Ten Great Goddesses’ popularly known as Dash Mahavidyas. You understand the subtler aspects of these divine forces and how to connect with them for over all benefit of self and others. )

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  • MASTERING THE PRANA – THE LIFE FORCE  – (open for all)

(This programme introduces introduces the practitioners to the secrets of prana-controlling methods. Their preparatory steps and advanced Yogic kriyas which trigger  You understand the subtler aspects of these divine forces and how to connect with them for over all benefit of self and others. )

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3 Responses to Transformation Programmes for You!

  1. Prasanna Maiya says:

    Thanks ! Waiting for an offering in Bangalore soon !

  2. Shakti Devpriya says:

    Dear Prasanna Maiya,

    Thank you for leaving a message. We conduct paid programs of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Level 1. It is a full day workshop filled with various rich practices for cleansing and connecting to Tattvas. If you have like minded people around you who wish to transform their life through such programs you can talk to them and organize a Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Camp. We will be happy to visit your city. If you wish to know more or seek any support from Sacred Association in organizing the program you can write to us on

    Love and Light

  3. rohit says:

    please update the upcoming date of your program, i want to join.

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