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Mental health – What can we do about it?

AD, Can you say something about rising cases of suicides in youths? Well… all is not well until it is so up here. (pointing to head) Mental health is as significant as physical health. We need to take care of … Continue reading

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Are Nirvana and Enlightenment the same things?

“Words like enlightenment and Nirvana are invariably interchanged but they are not the same experience. Enlightenment is roughly ‘self-recognition’ beyond body-mind-samskara complex and Nirvana is unified experience of cosmic consciousness – complete loss of self-identification as it is now.” – Master AD Continue reading

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Don’t Praise Your Children!

” Parenting is rather a serious affair. From Nirbhaya to recent Hathras gangrape.. don’t just reflect of the mindset of youth in our times rather tell us how the parents of these predators mucked up the already disordered state of parenting. Its time we wake up to the already ringing alarm bells.” – Master AD Continue reading

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Ambition has killed Earth.. Almost!

Why do you ask me to save this planet? Anyways I understand and you see I am considerate enough. I am already doing my bit to save the environment but don’t ask me to compromise on my personal ambitions. I want to grow, I want my country to progress and be greatest economy, the richest nation on the face of planet earth. Where from these riches come – from heavens, asteroids, and comets? Think again! Continue reading

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Defeat the Coronavirus – You can do it!

Viral infections can be fatal if you have a compromised immune system. Here are some effective ways to boost your immunity against the coronavirus. It is unfortunate that those who have gone through any kind of organ transplant can not do much as they are given immunosuppressors. Nevertheless, they can also benefit from good sleep, exercise, sun, a positive attitude and brightening their lives through smiles. Continue reading

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