Inaccessible Guru – The Biggest Pain of a Modern Seeker!


Dear Agyaatdarshan Ji,

I was practicing Isha Yoga’s Shakti Chalana Kriya and Shambhavi Mahamudra for the past 1.7 years and stopped over 6 months back. I have been getting this intense forehead pressure and buzzing in ears, extreme states of panic and anxiety when the pressure moves to my head, altered states of reality and hypo-ventilated slow breathing. Initially the kriyas opened up a completely different world for me, but the last 6 months or so i have been to countless doctors and tests without finding a cause and ridiculing it to anxiety. The pressure increases after eating and reduces after supta vajrasana, it brings the pressure to my throat area, yet leaving me hypoventialted. I have difficulty travelling, walking and even watching TV. Travelling increases the pressure to a great extent, even physical activity makes my breathing and mind go a bit awry. The teachers at ISHA foundation have told me to continue my practices and one even suggested to go to a psychiatrist. I am honestly helpless and disgusted from this. I am bright 24 year old with both spiritual and worldly aspirations and this has ruined mine and my family’s life since the last 6 months. I live in Canada and have no help whatsoever. Please suggest me how can i get rid of this. If you think my case is very serious i am ready to come down to your centre in India to get this fixed. Yogi Ji please help me as i want my life back and my parents want their son back. The Ayurvedic doctor told me its a VATA disorder and its gas moving in an upward direction but couldn’t correct it with his medication.

Best Regards,  S G


Beloved S G,

First things first – I am not a Yogi but a Tantrik. The path of Tantra does use many aspects of Yoga in it and that’s what gives me some authority to guide and help people who are into Yoga. Nonetheless lets talk..

One day Mulla Nasiruddin went to a watch-repair shop. He placed his watch in front of the watch-maker over the counter, which was just the pile of screws, wheels, springs and pieces. Shocked watchmaker looked at the w-a-t-c-h and then at Mulla with big question marks in his eyes.

Mulla immediately said “It fell out of my hands.”

“Why did you bother to pick it up.. all this?” said the watch-maker “Now, nothing can be done. But I have a feeling it has not come to this fate just because it fell off your hands.”

Mulla said almost murmuring “I just tried to repair it a little.”


Watchmaker said “Mulla ji, take it away and throw in the dustbin. Now after your efforts this watch has become completely irreparable”

Whether there are any damages (if at all there are any) or not, whether they are repairable or not, you MUST give ample opportunity to the those from whom you learnt this process. In my opinion it will be unfair to the ‘creator and propagators’ of Shakti Chalana Kriya if I jump into your case without you getting a FINAL reply from them showing their inability to help. You are an educated, intelligent young man and I am sure you would like to approach for the solution in a logical way.

Your approach should be straight and practical. If you gave your watch for servicing in a showroom and later discover that a snag got developed in that ‘healthy-running-time telling’ watch after the ‘service’ which was supposed to give your watch a longer life and smoother functioning. What shall you do? You shall go back to the showroom and demand to meet the Owner to register your unhappiness and take action to resolve your problem. And it would be even more appropriate if you already knew that the Owner himself is the Chief Trainer of all the technicians there. My first and foremost suggestion to you would be to get in touch with the hierarchy of teachers even if that means leading to the Master Trainer. Narrate your issues, work on the suggested regimes and then take a call.

I can understand your panicky situation and I know how terrible it would be to struggle with it everyday but honestly every practitioner of a spiritual-awakening system needs personal guidance.. some more. One out of every ten learners (in any discipline) might need special treatment and high degree of personal supervision and involvement of Master himself because these are truly complicated processes [though might look extremely simple like breathing, making some funny looking hand gestures (mudras) and chanting of some meaningless words (mantras) and bowing down to the void in front of you] which work through the invisible-intangible energy matrix of your body (Pranamaya Kosha). Primafacie yours is the case of energies hitting blocked chakras and vayus become irritable. How much damage has been caused can not be ascertained without interacting with you and knowing more details.

So SG, please try few more times to get in touch with the Master, breaking through the hierarchy of the organization you rested your faith on. However if don’t succeed and aren’t able to get to the desired help from your school, I can definitely interact with you and assess what can be done. For further information you can write to the team at or and our volunteer coordinators from New Jersey, USA shall get in touch with you.

In the service of divinity in you,

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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8 Responses to Inaccessible Guru – The Biggest Pain of a Modern Seeker!

  1. dev arora says:

    How are you feeling now I am going through similar problems

  2. dev arora says:

    How are you feeling now I am going through similar problems???

  3. Kerrn Kapoor says:

    Love the watchmaker analogy you used. I wish you all the best on your journey. I personally have been doing Shakti Chalna for over a year now and the practice is growing deeper and more beautiful despite the little bit of resistance I have doing it in the morning.

  4. Satyendra says:

    Me too please have you find any solution yet

  5. Dr RADHA RAGHAVAN says:

    This post is such an important post.Simply selecting enmasse procedures/yogic processes/therapies just becuse a Guru appears enthralling is becoming a dangerous thing now-a-days.The main criteria to select a Guru should,be how approacheable he/she is in times of distress.As AD rightly pointed such practises need personal supervision and cannot be taughtn online.

  6. Ram says:

    One size fits all kind of meditation and yogic programs being sold in Ashrams often harm gullible honest people. I’ve met many such people who did such courses.

    One easy solution is to go live in Kashi for few days or visit any ancient Mandir (jyotirlinga is best) that still hasn’t been corrupted.

    If you can’t access or live such places then simply take care of a pet dog, cow, goat (not cat). Don’t go for loving Labradors kind of breeds. Any color.

    Volunteer few hours every week in Old age home or an orphanage that has kids 0 to 8 yrs old.

    Living in forest, farms and working on parks and plantation fields helps too. At least grow plants at home. If you’ve a backward then grow a kitchen garden at least. Soil and fresh air will you find that balance again within few weeks.

    Dolphins and few other loving creatures, certain gem stones also help fix this imbalance created by same size guts all shoonya program you did at IYC Coimbatore.

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