Srimad Bhagvatgita

||ऊं श्री हनुमते नमः ऊं||
वसुदेवसुतंदेवं कंसचाणूरमर्दनम्
देवकी परमानंदम् कृष्णम वन्देजगद्गुरुम|
Beloved Soul,
On advise of Babuji, my father Pandit Shri Muridhar ji Mishr I am taking up this journey through Srimadbhagwadgita for and with you all. May his blessings and guidance give me strength to complete it for the benefit of everyone who are willing to prepare themselves, strengthen themselves to be able to reach to a level where from one can take refuge in the lotus feet of Param Guru.
First of all.. take a note that to be able to appreciate and assimilate the learning’s presented in any spiritual scripture you need to begin with complete faith and surrender. Faith is indispensable to be able to see beyond words. Faith opens your heart. And opening of heart is so much important because mind is not capable of understanding some very subtle and most beautiful things of life. Love, beauty, devotion, compassion, poetry, music.. many.. many such important feelings and experiences are not of mind. Mind analyses.. it dissects. Mind is not able to grasp and synthesize the presented concepts meaningfully..  If you don’t ask the mind to take a seat below the heart you will miss the point being made by the Guru.. the devout seer for he is speaking to you from his heart. He knows whatever he is speaking is beyond the intellect thus he becomes poetic at times.. not in the sense that it makes no sense to mind but that it transcends mind. And transcending mind is always beautiful… blissful experience whether it be through your love towards your beloved or the divine. So when you open your heart you are able to be in communion with the Guru.. the seer, his heart for he is speaking to you through these mortal meaningless words but only through his heart.
The rememberance of our Baba Shri Hanumaan ji is not just another ritual here.. it is representation of that state in which you should begin to see Srimad Bhagwadgita. Just like for Sri Hanumaan every word of his lord Shri Ram was an order.. a dictum.. without any doubt whatsoever you should hold the words herein. With complete faith..
The nomenclature adopted with a prefix “Srimad” is to declare yet again that you are not reading a book.. you are in satsang with the Guru.. a personality instead. Remember! if you wish to understand your Guru, of better if you want your Guru to make you understand.. if you wish to have an intense, meaningful heart to heart dialogue with Him through these verses, if you wish to enable yourself to be able to feel the continuum of deep currents of transforming energies in these verses to come… treat not this merely a book, a collection of words.. it is The Guru who is going to speak to you through this… you must bow down to him for his unconditional love for you.. for he is speaking only for you. There is no need for him to speak but he does so.. he did so for Arjuna, breaking all his previous perceptions held by Arjuna.. Arjuna thought he was with his charioteer, cousin Krishna.. may be he thought he was with his best friend but Shri Krishna does not think twice before he, out of his mercy assumes the seat of a Guru and speaks for Arjuna… his unconditional love is unbound. He is now going to be speaking for you.. be ready, be welcoming.. be humble and feel grateful to Him.. Out of your devotion and happiness you praise him.. and that purifies the seat for Him, your hear.
The times have changed.. people wish name, fame and titles for themselves now, in earlier days people felt the sense of achievement if they could do something to be able to make their parents proud. And if you see this Vandana.. devotionally loaded the praise of Guru.. He is being hailed.. first of all.. as the Son of Vasudev! Out of many names Shri Krishna has Vaasudeva is very dear to Him.. The most potent mantra which pleases Him is also “Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya”.. what, do you feel would be reason for this?  It has only one reason as I see.. it has his father’s name in it.. A true son is one who feels proud to be called the son of his father.. irrespective of anything. Srimadbhagwatam describes Vasudev as an ordinary person.. someone who could not oppose even his illegitimate confinement by his brother-in-law Kans. The one who helplessly witnessed cruel murder of newly borns.. He seems to be powerless but Shri Krishna despite being born as avatar.. in his complete glory does not shy from being called the son of Vasudev but feels ecstatic on hearing him being called so.. A modern son, who has become an engineer.. a doctor or MBA may try to hide the identity of his father, parents and family if in his opinion they don’t match their status. Do you see a learning here?
Sri Krishna’s heroic deeds are sandwiched between the adjectives linked to his father and mother.. and truly so. Krishna’s whole life has been for others; His parents, his brother, his beloved, admirers, villagers, friends… and this whole world at last for there he assumes the position of “jagadguru”. The greatness of a person is reflected in the way he leads his life.. and Krishna shows us the way.. he is not preaching, he prefers to lead by example.
My beloved father, who we all lovingly call Babuji shared one secret with me. He told that Gita has been locked by two keys.. and unless one is able to unlock it one can not gain from it. The first key can be shared in the beginning and that is “To be able to assimilate Gita’s teaching you will have to engage in service of others.. this is the first prerequisite for understanding Gita’s essence.”   Those who shall take this advice and practice “seva” or service, they will find that they are making quicker progress in their spiritual ascension… I myself have personally experienced it.
Those who are wondering about the Second key, it is shared only when Guru understands that the disciple has become capable of handling it…
May Jagadguru, Sri Krishna be with us for his potent, silent but evident guidance and love..
हे नाथ! मेरी यह प्रार्थना है.. भूलूँ न मै नाम कभी तुम्हारा|
निष्काम हो कर दिन रात गाऊँ.. गोविन्द दामोदर माधवेति||
गोविन्द दामोदर माधवेति.. हे कृष्ण! हे यादव !! हे सखेति !!!
– आचार्य अज्ञातदर्शन

3 Responses to Srimad Bhagvatgita

  1. Vyankatesh says:

    Pranaam Acharya Ji,

    Such a beautiful introduction to the discourse on Shrimad BhagvatGeeta. Started going through this today and already fascinated with the deeper meaning of the first shloka that starts with Dhritaashtra. Really excited to read further.

    Shivoham !

  2. Bina Patel says:

    Guruji Pranaam 🙏🙇‍♀️
    So beautifully explained and taught by you to take pride in being called ones father’s son or daughter regardless of who your father is, whether powerless man or helpless, he still taught you some truths of life that nobody would teach.. I take pride in being called my simple fathers daughter.
    Thank you guruji for undertaking this journey of bringing Shrimad Bhagwat Gita to all of us in this modern age. So excited to read each verse and chapter as translated by you and imbibe the teachings in my life..

    Bina Patel
    Edison NJ

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