9 Questions on Negative Effects of Pranayama & Shortcut-Yoga practices

|| Yoga works deeper than your body ||

|| Yoga works deeper than your body ||


Stomach pain and gas problems happens,from the time when i started pranayam (kapalbhati, anulom-vilom, bhastrika.. 7 min)…….what should i have to do?

Avantika P. Rajan

Anaswer :

Beloved Avantika, You have to stop your practices only to resume it under the personal guidance of a Yoga Guru from an authentic lineage.



I’m suffering from migraine pain, my age is 26 I’m female and married.

I started doing kapalabathi and anulom vilom paranayamas by seeing it in TV demonstrated by Ramdev Baba ji. Since 2 week I started doing pranayama and also eye exercise my headache has increased and I don’t know how to express my pain actually it is not pain, I mean from my back neck to upper head right side giving jatka in a single line and both eyes started paining.

Please tell me how to cure my problem please understand my problem actually I’m suffering this problem by mental depression not physically. I’m worried of my health please what is the solution to cure my problem reply me soon.

Thank you


Answer :

Beloved Vani, Migraine is mostly caused due to sustained stress and it is a lifestyle disease (though quite painful and frustrating) rather than any serious one. disturbed Vayu Tattva and stagnated energies around your third eye or bindu chakra due to excessive thinking. However someone who is having a tendency to think too much can’t change it just because he is told not to think or worry.. A holistic approach in easing out this condition is required. Tattvic strength profiling along with Aura study shall lead to a personalized therapy for you. I don’t think all that is possible here on mail or blogposts however you can try following:

1. Try getting up early in the morning and see the rising sun in Namaskaar Mudra.

2. Stop Pranayam practices completely.

3. Drink lots of water & take 10 drops of almond oil daily in the morning empty stomach.

4. Make it a habit to stay away from your mobile phone and other socializing applications at least 2 hours a day.

5. I can not give you Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practices here but since you asked you can do this – Take a white feather (preperably of a dove) and revolve (anti-clockwise) around your head 11 times everyday feeling the movement of Vayu on your scalp.. before you sleep.

Write back your progress at saral.org@gmail.com or info@sacredassociation.org


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Namaste. i read your spiritual guidance.it is really good. plz. suggest me the simple mudra/pranayam which will heal me from dizziness,shaking and jerking of body .

B Dash


Beloved Dash, I don’t think you have clearly defined your issues here. Describing just the symptoms is not sufficient. However you can try walking on earth barefooted for 10 minutes everyday. Drop all pranayamas.. that may just worsen your condition. Take up some holistic spiritual discipline and practice that with dedication. Things should change with time.



Dear AD,

In the month of July, I fainted due to exhaustion and low water content. I went through observation for a day and did MRI and EEG to observe any brain related issues – test were normal and nothing wrong in brain!!. To increase my mental strength and immunity, I started asthang pranayam under guidance of a person who learned yoga seeing 5 o’clock channel.

Initially all went well, my old migrane was cured and i started getting so much positive vibes within. But after 2 months of continuous practice (2 min udgit, 3-4 min soft Bhrastika, 10 min of constant Kapalbhati, Tribandh bahya pranayam, Agnisar, Ujjain and 10 min of Anulomvilom) I started getting chest pain (around mid Septemer). Initially I thought it might be a stretch or muscle pain. But then it started paining more day by day. I have consulted doctors for a valid reason, but even they could not find out anything. I even visited cardiologist to check if there is any heart related issue, but scan was normal and had no blockages. After a month of chest pain, in around October end, I started exhaling cough. Cough is thick and mix of light green color. I stopped doing pranayam from November and intensity of chest pain has reduced but its still persist. At this moment, I am having mild upper chest pain on both sides of chest with exhalation of cough.

I started researching for any side effect of wrong doing of Pranayam and found your blog really helpful. I am really in need of this cure as so far had many pain killers or digestion related tablets and there is no end to this chest pain. Kindly provide your valuable guidance.

Thanking you in advance,
Bhavin Modha.
n.b. Started taking Ayurvedic medicines to reduce or nullify this pain.


Beloved Bhavin, It is good you have started taking Ayurvedic Medicines for your ailment. Pranayama should not be attempted without due preparation and that too should be done under the personal supervision of an authentic Yoga Guru. Do report back when your cough and pain problem reduces. Hope your vaidya is able to take care of your issue.

Since it all started with Tattva imbalance (jala tattva in your case) you should take up some precautionary steps for future and search for a wholesome spiritual practice for self.



What is nadi shodhana? how is it done? and i want to do it for an incurable bladder disaese that i have? is it ok?



Beloved Kalyan, I have written ample of posts on what is nadishodhan and how nadi-shodhan is conducted. You are advised to read those with a rider that these are not supposed to be taken up by your own. Get in touch with an authentic Yoga Guru and start your practices under his guidance. Ask him how much time it should be done. If you wish to know my opinion about it all.. better plan a face to face meeting.

There is no method to cure the incurable except your own conviction and capacity. The incurable gets curable when you develop your inner strength, your mind gets free of duality, are able to deplete the karmic baggage, restore Tattvic balance in your physical and energy body.. Above all it happens when ‘The supreme Goddess’.. Shakti bestows her blessings upon you. Take up a spiritual discipline I suggest.


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Please answer my question –

i am doing this kapalbhati by seeing it on TV as demonstrated by baba ramdev, but i am confused that whether am i doing it correct or not?

i am not able to concentrate in my studies,,and if i stop doing this kapalbhati then i am fully able to concentrate in my studies,

please can u fully explain me the procedure of kapalbahti, as baba ramdev just says to throw the air out.. but after doing this i am sure that this pranayam is not at all easy as it looks.

i have noticed that after doing it , the co relation between eye movement and brain functioning if we read some thing gets mismatch, and we are unable to study properly, Please help me out, i had called patanjali yog peet as well , there yogachara are also saying that, just throw the air out and the stomach will move of its own,,if this much simple it is then why i am not able to it? why i started lacking in my studies? please answer shall i continue with this or shall i leave it permanently?



Beloved Surya, I don’t think you have read me completely and if you did you haven’t got me completely. I am not going to explain the procedure of Kapalbhati here for you.. better ask Baba Ramdev ji. On one hand you say when you don’t do kapalbhati you are able to concentrate and simultaneously you wish to do it. Not very logical approach. Either leave it going by your own observations or else if you wish to continue and for that you are getting answers from Patanjali Yog Peeth; Just follow those. Don’t wander here and there and mess up your life.



Guru Ji,

I am doing practice of prayanam in morning after bath. Below are details –

Kapalbhati – 3 min
Anulom Vilom – 3 min
Ujjai – 6
Om chanting – 5
rubbing the hand and putting on eyes

I am doing Ujjai as I am suffering from hypothyroid.

This schedule is suggested by Baba Ram dev ji!

After practice for a month I am getting tingling sensation at back on my head and its increasing day by day, seems like going on top of head.Sometime in day my concentration goes towards it and I get worried.

Please guide me if I am doing anything wrong.



Beloved Himanshu, I have already answered you however just to bring more clarity on why personalized guidance is needed I have a question “Did Baba Ram Dev ji suggest this schedule to you in person after looking at you or he suggested it looking at the camera lens?” With my own experience I can say that no one can suggest correct practices without seeing and assessing you personally. So if you are so great a Yoga freak.. learn more about it. Follow Yoga fully rather than Short-cut Yoga.


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May i do anolom vilom pranayam while walking in the morning?

S K Borah

Beloved Borah, Pardon me for I am putting this question here again. I do it because I find it quite interesting. It gives us sense of how busy people can get that they wish to brush their teeth and have breakfast both at the same time. Or to put the analogy closer to what you asked I would say its like “Have you breakfast while you walk.”

Some people may smile at the crudity of this joke but its serious. Anulom Vilom is a balanced diet to your being.. food for your energy body because it is conscious breathing. Only conscious breathing brings in high quality prana thus it is definitely like having food. And how does one have food ideally? Barring those times of buffets (where the host doesn’t care about your hernia…drinking water and eating heavy meals standing causes it!) you will prefer to sit comfortably, relaxed and eat and chew every morsel of food rhythmically and with ease. The same way Anulom Vilom or Nadishodhan should not be done except while being seated and relaxed by all means.



Dear AD,
i started practicing kapalbhuti yesterday … i have seen good results so far .. you talk about preprotery steps before kapalbhuti .. what are those perp steps .. . And do you avise me to do any kind of pranayama without a guru ??


Beloved Ahmed, I would just like to reiterate on the cost of being repetitive. Don’t engage in high-end pranayama practices without having gone through Nadi-Shodhan. Nadi Shodhana is the preparatory practice. And if you are serious about going beyond the health benefits (although Asanas with breath synchronization should be the first things to conduct yourself through even for health benefits!) Tattva-Shudhhi, Ahaar Shuddhi and Indriya-Shuddhi are the things to consider.


– Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

About Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Master AD, as Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath is lovingly called by his disciples, friends is a true Tantra Master. You can either love him or hate him but for sure you can NOT ignore him. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath are engaged in spreading scientific spirituality in masses through their Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camps. Master AD, a poornabhishikta in Srividya (Krama System) has equal command on Yoga, Pranayama, Tantra and Kriya Yoga techniques and guides seekers worldwide through 'The Shakti Multiversity' platform. The Shakti Multiversity residential facility (Ashram) has come up in the foothills of Himalayas near Dehradun. To attend residential courses you may contact at : shakti.multiversity@gmail.com
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  1. Riti Sharma says:

    Can I cure migraine by practising anulom vilom ? If yes, kindly guide me with the right procedure to do it.
    Also, is there any remedy to cure severe migraine ?

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