Taming and worshipping the Yakshinis? Beware! (Part -I)



Many novice and part time enthusiasts of Tantra are often attracted to this stream thinking some rituals shall grant them material wishes and fulfill their other hidden desires. Nine out of ten people who get interested in Tantra want to try it for quick success, disproportionate wealth, control over others, fulfillment of their sexual lust and cruel remorse. Such people due to their ignorance become definitely easy prey to those self-proclaimed typical roadside tantriks , who keep advertising about their skills of getting things done within 24 Hours! Though most of these self-styled tantriks are nowhere near to being called tantrik yet rarest of rare one, who possesses some paranormal powers is either a sorcerers, a medium channelizing some spirit(s), worshiper of any powerful passionate spirit or just a Yakshini or Pishachini slave.

Acharyaji talks below about this subject.. and here is the day -1’s excerpts.

– Ma Shakti Devpriya


|| Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anandanath ||

Lovely Souls..

While I shall try to make few things clear about these extra-terrestrial entities here, in particular about Yakshinis and also establish how someone using or pleasing these entities is doomed ultimately. It can be said beyond doubt that even seeking help from or using these powers in solving material issues is also risky. Not only it is detrimental to one’s spiritual evolution but their signature energies and fatal attraction leads to a strong bond between ‘the user and the used’ sealing the practitioner’s fate in the dark realms for thousands of years to come!

First of all I should clarify that in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan, which is based on Tantra (Kashmir Shaivism) any such practices or rituals are never suggested or performed however it is also a fact that there exists a stream of usable tantra (without caring for spiritual evolution of self) in the realm of material world which one should refrain from by all means if one wishes to remain free as a human in this life and wants to continue to work for one’s conscious spiritual ascension.

Yakshinis do exist and they are the female counterpart of the male yaksha. Yaksha and Yakshinis are deputed guardian of earth’s wealth and also look after treasures hidden below the surface of earth. Most of Yakshinis are extremely beautiful and femininely voluptuous with well shaped spherical breasts, narrow waist and wide hips, emanating hypnotic aroma capable of seducing anyone in this mortal world. About the powers of Yakshinis… Yakshinis have special powers and with their help, it is said in many tantric texts e.g. Tantraraja Tantra that these Yakshinis are givers of whatever is desired! 

There are many tantric texts where Yakshinis have been described in detail for example in Uddamareshvara Tantra, thirty-six yakshinis are described. The text also provides their mantras and rituals. However we should not confuse with it that only 36 entities are there.. in fact these Yakshinis fall in 36 categories, each type capable of (having power) doing or giving something or some supernatural abilities to the appeaser.

Through they can and do give whatever desired but you should remember there is always a price for it and you pay it almost at the end! There have been several discussions on this topic with my revered Tantra Guru Paramhamsa Shri AntDev ji*.  Guruji always maintains that (though is frequently uses these powers for service of people, for example he can tell you exactly where in earth any negative source of energy/article or treasure is buried and what was the story behind it) for ordinary human beings (here ordinary means the one who is not in the shelter of higher deities or Mother divine) it is almost impossible to curb one’s lust and thus they fall prey to plays of extra-territorial these beings. only in extraordinary situations we can use the special powers of Yakshinis however the method he suggests are such that these entities are directed in action by Mother Divine in her service only. He emphasizes that in all circumstances a direct communication should NEVER be done with these entities unless you have been granted permission from your Guru because Guru,when permits such rituals also takes care of the disciple so that his/her sanity is not hijacked.

Apart from what I have received through my revered Gurumandala I am pleased to quote one of memoir of revered Dr. Jayshankar Tripathi**, who was highly regarded Hindi & Sanskrit laureate from city of Prayag.  Dr. Jayshankar Tripathi wrote about his visit to Ujjain for darshan of Mahakaal where he stays in a temple in the outskirts of Ujjain. This temple was of a devi known as “रोडेश्वरी देवी” (Rodeshwari Devi) and was being looked after by a  resident brahmachariji. Looking at the vermilion clad idol of devi when Dr. Saheb asked brahmchariji “why this name रोडेश्वरी? He replied because devi is situated alongside the road and saved people commuting on it – hence this name, Goddess of Road!

Now, Goddess of Road! Looks weird but that’s what it is there. People, especially drivers and regular commuters worship Rodeshwari Devi and offer her whatever little they have wishing she will care to keep them safe on the road. She is seemingly no ordinary devi as Rodeswari Devi temple has a huge marble plate at the entrance where with following verse (written by some learned scholar and her devotee) praising her might :

यस्याः प्रकीर्णकरुणा-कण-सन्निकर्षात्  , संगं तनोति विगुणोऽपि पुमान् पुराणः |
तां सन्ततं सकलसिद्धिविधायिनीं नो , रोडेश्वरीं भगवतीं शिरसा नमामि ||

Meaning… It is only with the might of scattered fragments grace of Goddess of the Road, the nirgun bhram (the supreme God which has no form) becomes capable of creating this srishti (universe). I bow down my head to that Goddess who is the bestower of all siddhis (exceptional powers & fulfillment of wishes).

In fact there are many people who, are unknowingly worshiping Yakshas or Yakshinis for kuladevi or kuladevta. And what happens when due to any unforeseen reason or circumstance change and their worship and offerings are stopped? They start creating hell around. I shall discuss these things in next part of this article.

Enough for today!

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anandanath


adya guruji* Gurudev Shri Ant Devji, currently (Year 2015 AD) at the age of 98 years, is the youngest living disciple in the lineage of Shri Aatm Dev ji Maharaj, who was Guru to King of Baroda Estate, pre-independence India. Incidentally Shri Aatm Dev ji had given blessings to King Baroda (after his wholehearted support in a Yajna which Atmdev ji conducted nearby Baroda) that his banking initiative (now popularly known as “Bank of Baroda” ) shall flourish not only in India but around the world. We all know that his blessings have come to fruition!


Dr Tripathi**While everyone in Dr. Tripathi’s contact and neighborhood knew him as the Professor of Language & Literature at Ishwar Sharan Degree College, Allahabad; and he was regarded as an outstanding scholar and living legend in the field of literature and grammar, hardly anyone knew of his spiritual side. In personal life he was a great sage, a devout shakta and a practicing tantra Master. It is sheer grace of Mother Divine that Shri Shashidharanand Nath ji and I had his affection and love during our growing years. As a family friend… other’s Doctor Saheb or Professor Saheb was respected, lovable ‘chacha ji’ to us. It was only in later years of our youth when we could link the dots… the things he would tell us, stories and experiences he shared and things we learnt from others about his special powers etc. that we sought his guidance and clarity on sadhana.. Although he never made any disciples formally but Shashi and I have regards for him just as Guru for he gave us several mantras and disclosed some very secret and intricate sadhanas to us. Today, we know him not as a Professor or chachaji but an outstanding Tantra Master of his times and our opinion gets vindicated every time we meet those select few who also witnessed his prowess and powerful connection with Mother divine.

About Shakti Devpriya

An initiate of Kaula Tantra tradition. The sole purpose of my beloved consort AD and me is to spread the pure divine knowledge to the masses through Tattva Shakti Vigyaan and try to make every life more beautiful and blissful.
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2 Responses to Taming and worshipping the Yakshinis? Beware! (Part -I)

  1. Praveen Bahuguna says:

    From Long time i know Someone with me, but after Year 2011-12 I saw her presence , when I am in jungle near Buddha Temple, in nature made Circle in Silver moon light i felt her presence(by accident I’m there that time),

    I don’t know , If she is Devi, Yakshini or anything else, she saved me from Death that time, she never harm me or my family, she told me Pray for Devi Kamakhya & Devi Bhuvaneswari (My Kuldevi) , that time i lost hope but she helps me and change my life, As of her power she didn’t afraid of sunlight, Mahakal or any other our Deva and Devis. when she always came with Lots of Silver Flash lights (sometime corner of eyes or sometime all around me , another blue,orange,rainbow lights near me too )


    I want to know Who is She? I know she is different, she is not Regular simple Entity, DEVI OR OTHER.

    I am thankful for your help.

  2. Kishan kumar says:

    My skin deasease has been completed 6year no medicine cathing for this deasease the i was approached astrology then they told this yakshini problem. What could do?

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