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Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Deeksha

|| Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Deeksha ||

Welcome Beloved Soul,
This space has been created for you and “It is all about you..”Each one of you know that spiritual journey starts with doubts. When life seems incomplete, purposeless or devoid of any meaning we question our very existence. Our outlook changes for the world and in this new paradigm sometimes a very pragmatic change happens. In that heightened logical state of mind we look for answers and solutions to some perennial questions and issues. That is the birth of “Jigyaasu”….A jigyaasu has so many questions, apprehensions, dilemmas, frustrations and even phases of low self-esteem. At such time he/she needs guidance and support so that this wonderful opportunity is not lost. It is sheer luck to be able to get in touch with a Master in such times because that gives us an opportunity to raise ourselves to higher levels. Even after having met a Master and getting engaged in the practices (i.e. becoming a Sadhaka) one is not completely free of doubts and questions, he needs continuous guidance.This place is where you can ask your questions, doubts or queries whether you are a “Sadhaka (engaged in spiritual practices)” and “Jigyaasu (trying to find a path for yourself)”. These questions shall be presented to Acharya ji and based on the merit of question he will give his grace and guidance. So express yourself here..
  • Discuss your issues..
  • Share your experiences..
  • Put your doubts..
  • Ask questions..
  • Reply to others..

It is important to know that many people wish to keep their anonymity while they still want to be answered. I would like to inform that if any questioner has such a concern, he/she can directly mail us at saral.org@gmail.com If the question or the issue are of common interest the reply may be posted on this blog (maintaining complete anonymity and secrecy about the person). This is done so that more and more people are benefited.

Last but not the least – Be responsible. Keep your questions related to your personal growth rather than anything else. Any attempt to jeopardize the purpose and theme of this space is last thing we would like to see.

Salutations to the divine in you,

– Ma Shakti Devpriya

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184 Responses to Have a question? Ask here.

  1. Shalini says:

    Master AD , I had already posted a question and write I wish to listen few words from you to enlighten me…I am posting the question again here..
    Thanks for guiding me always. Master I am not able to completely surrender in love. I feel there is tug of war between my mind and heart. The days are peaceful and loving when my heart chakra is activated and I work through that level. But it is not for long, and there is a block. My mind jumps in and gives me so many reasons not to love and believe. Please help AD I don’t want to loose my love because of these plays as I know our union has greater purpose…..

    • Devpriya says:

      Dear Shalini,
      Your question is converted into a beautiful, love filled and light filled post. Read it and get drenched in the love and wisdom filled words of the Master.

      With much light

    • ranvir says:

      Dear AD. Can pranayam and yoga cure PTSD and chronic fatigue?

      • Beloved Ranvir,

        If you have read me correctly through other posts you would know we don’t recommend pranayama before someone has completed the regime of nadi-shodhana so it is your choice whether to do engage in it or not. Regarding PSTD and chronic fatigue; for the first one counselling, psychotherapy and personalized guided contemplation sessions can help and for the later I suggest connecting with nature and have some higher purpose in life.


  2. Komal says:

    Dear AD,
    I am 27 yrs old lady an Initiate of another spiritual master. My thirst for spiritual satisfaction is increasing day after day. But the hurdle comes in the way is of sexual gratification. Is sex necessary in life? Is sex with one’s spouse different from masturbation? My husband never satisfied me sexually since our marriage since last 6yrs.Everytime we have sex I become frustrated and broken from inside. Every time I think about my ex with whom I was more than satisfied. My husband always satisfy me through masturbating me. I feel very much incomplete.
    I read about your blog on loss of vital fluid and meditation. Since my initiation from my Guru, I face difficulties and irregularity in doing meditation. I am unhappy and broken because neither my physical needs are being satisfied nor my spiritual needs are being satisfied.
    Sometimes I think that I should leave everything and go somewhere where I can at least concentrate on fulfilling my spiritual goals and where I may not think about sex. I feel very much helpless. Please help me.

  3. anirvan says:

    master ad
    i would like to know hot to get rid of the limiting believes that is holding me back to achieve my goals and aspirations ?it is like one self of my self me to do what i want to do and at the same time these questions pop up into my mind like what if ?? what if i fail ?? so i end up leaving the task halfway and this sense of overwhelmed just screws up everything in the halfway stage and i tend to give up eventually…is this how the mind is supposed to work guruji ???if not then how do i get rid of this feeling .how to take control of the mind to get rid of this kind of thoughts ..so that all of me is going forward
    i must admit that i recently had a break up in a relationship and was totally heartbroken and was searching google on how to stop expecting from people and i found your article in there it has helped me in changing my perspective a great deal so i would be very grateful if u would answer my question
    thank u sir in advance

    • Beloved Anirvan,

      Developing courage will help you. You gain access to spiritual realm only after you have transcended and conquered the lowers realms. You much learn to boost your confidence. Try things like this –

      Go to a shop, do some shopping. After putting your purchase on cash counter, pass smile to the clerk, leave those chosen articles on the counter and move away. If he asks why you are not paying and completing the purchase, say “I dont want it”. Shopkeeper may fume/get angry but you need to handle it calmly. No excuses to be given – just keep repeating “i dont want it NOW”. They may argue but you calmly and confidently say that “I needed these things sometime back but now I dont want it.” ….try handling this.

      Go to any star hotel restaurant, ask for simple plain water (they should’nt be charging for it). Sit there for some time, Do not order anything when waiter visits you. Come out. Do not pay any tip for this glass of water.

      I fact try doing harmless but unusual things.. it will help. First gather courage to be yourself and take life as a play,a drama.

      First try these type of things and then share your experience. Post that Ma Devpriya shall give you powerful methods to remove blocks from your life.


      – Ach. Agyaatdarshan

  4. Mayank jain says:

    Dear AD,

    Whats is the origin of words?

  5. Mayank jain says:

    Dear AD,

    What is resource of power?

    • Beloved Mayank, Which type of power you are referring to? In general the resource of energy is external universe and power comes by learning to use this energy – So indirectly your inner self, your intelligence, your knowledge is the source of power.

      – Ach. Agyaatdarshan

  6. ajay says:

    IF we are just conciousness,Then why does some one if hit in the head loses conciousness??Doesnt this suggest that conciousness something physical aspect of brain?and what happens when people go into comma..they are still alive but have no conciousness and sometimes after 10-15 years regain it.can an enlightened person never go into comma?

    • Beloved Ajay,

      The consciousness is that entity which experiences OBE & NDEs. Further – How about considering another state of mind i.e. phase of dreamless sleep? (smiles) Here also you can question – whether enlightened person sleeps or not? The answer is – it is not possible for him to sleep. He can very well sleep and cut himself from outer world but he is always aware – aware within. This awareness is the consciousness.

      In fact English language has no exact/equivalent words for thousands of sanskrit words. Spiritual scientists from Vedic era and orient who are the teachers of this science to the world use very different words. Like Man, Ahankaar, Medha, Chitta, Vritti, Guru, Anand, chit-shakti, argala, deeksha, shaktipaat, purashcharan, viniyog, brahm, nadis, vashikaran, mohan, uchchaatan, pratyay, Tao, Chi, nyaas, samaadhi etc.. to name a few. Western world doesn’t know all this. It is not their subject, not their study..

      The term consciousness is used mostly (mistakenly) as a misnomer for state of being able to respond. In fact in your question word ‘consciousness’ is being used for “chetna” whereas consciousness would mean – the reincarnating ego which is behind all these layers of mind. It is the one which enjoys and suffers. Yes! if you are referring to that entity as consciousness (which you are not i know!) then it is consciousness.

      Another example would clear it a bit – if you treat electricity (flowing in the wire) as consciousness then all exhibitions like light, heat, sound, electromagnetic radiation, vibrations are all due to this. Similarly consciousness is that conscious entity within you which is capable of experiencing, enjoying, feeling pain, pleasure, accessing memory, Till the time it stays in body – its outer experiences are dependent on body and senses. But when it frees itself from body then it becomes capable of experiencing things even without body.

      Your questions shall get answered completely and all your doubts will cease to exist when you advance in your TSV practices but for that you need to take first step. START the journey.

      – Ach. Agyaatdarshan

  7. Komal says:

    Dear AD,
    Can you please tell me what method should I adopt to further my spiritual practice?Please refer to our last conversation through mail.

    In Love and Light

    – Komal

    • thewingedabyss says:

      “its outer experiences are dependent on body and senses.”
      How can something that’s is by nature superior be dependent on something that’s by nature inferior? If I understand correctly shaivism, its’ not a question of dependence on the body and senses – things just are as they have to be and avidya is an integral part of the cosmic saga.

  8. Komal says:

    Dear Devpriya,

    There are a lot of age old spiritual believes and other practices that are carried from one generation to another in a family. They are transferred from one generation to another.Many people likingly or unlikingly pass them on. Although many of them are unscientific, yet they are passed on and on. Following these practices many a times clashes with the intellect of the individual and not following them brings unhappiness to the family. How much essential and important should it be for an individual to follow them so that peace and happiness within the family is not hampered?
    How much is vaastu essential for peace,prosperity and progress?
    My in-laws believe in bhandaar kona which they keep at the back side of the house. And all the pujas in the house are done after establishing the family deity there. To me it was strange as I believe in omnipresence of GOD. Does these things really matter in the eyes of GOD? Does practicing them makes good karmas or bad karmas for us?

    In Love and Light

    – Komal

  9. ajay says:

    beloved AD,
    I cant say i understood completely what u said.But it is bit clearer to me.I want to start my journey. I am tired of tired of reading stuff have understood nothing. i have no idea how.How can i get an initiation from you?

    • Beloved Ajay,

      To begin with you can get into preparation before taking initiation. There is a course in power of elements designed for that. Shakti Ma Devpriya shall be conducting this workshop in Delhi by end of June. You should join this and pick up from there.

      You can contact Ma Devpriya at 07428114386

      Love & Light
      Ach. Agyaatdarshan

  10. ajay says:

    One more thing. I read your articles on dangers of pranayam. luckily I found your articles just a day after i found baba ramdevs videos :).Is is it safe to do sitali pranayama without retention.I have bit high body temperature without any medical reason.I get headache when is go in the sun and it subsides if i do 4-5 rounds of this pranayama .is it safe to continue or should i stop?

  11. marcus says:

    Giday AD
    Im just wondering about a post u had made and mentioned positive energy is created by good deeds without any exspection of a return,well as i live my life in feel i guess ud call it,as much as possible but knowing full well its the right thing to do for one and also a knowing that spirit appreciate what ever good deed i do or energy i give,i do it because i always get a return of good energy through mediation another step forward toward enlightenment or even just feeling good about myself rather than a material gifts.So is it trully wrong to calculate by doing good ill create good in my life?or where or who would i be if i discreated that belief,if anything this is a deep honesty between me and my justified self if that makes sense.thank u for your time ur words r of great wisdom to me and many others.

  12. komal says:

    Dear Devpriya
    I did not get any reply from you for my question. I am sorry, I did not get you that my question has been converted into a post..


  13. ajay says:

    beloved AD,,
    U said we have to do selfless service to progress in our spiritual path,But isnt doing service for progressing in spiritual path also a selfish desire.?

  14. mahendhar says:

    Hi AD,
    My guru is sadhguru Jaggi vasudev. My Guru said that the Year 2012 is going to be very condusive for spiritual growth.
    Not Only sadhguru many others also told. And some of them said that many people will be enlightened whose consciousness is high and may people will perish whose consciousness is low. I want to know ur perspective on this perishing and mass awakening Business. Is it true that many people will get enlightened and what can i do to get my share for sure(:P).
    Thank you sir.

  15. KN says:

    Dear AD,

    It has been around a year since I have been posting and asking numerous questions and you have kindly guided me through thick and thin.

    Today, when I was returning by bus, a thought that never came to me struck me. Why not ask the Master to heal my mother who suffers from cancer?

    It sounded preposterous to me, but why should not I ask a Master for healing, I could find no justification.

    We have been doing mahamrityunjaya, pooja, danam and many remedies to help her cross this disease but the condition is slowly worsening.

    Heal her or suggest me remedies to get her cured. If I shirk the advice or some purushartha to get her healed, I ll think I did not deserve her in her present form anymore. There is always a way out, there is always a gleam.

    Do show me that gleam.


    • Beloved Niraj,

      The two aspects of suffering – the unburdening of Karma (of the one who suffers) and purushartha of the people who are around and caring. I will guide you to contemplate on this later however as of now try taking help from Marcus, a healer in Sacred Association (See comments below). Also speak with Dhavvantari Ayurveda at +91 9451614912, they claim to successfully treat any kind of cancer with Sarv-Pishti. Have a word with them, use yr discretion, may be this helps.

      I shall ask every member of Sacred Association to pray for her release from pain. You need to send in details like her name, location, gotra and her current ailment.

      sending you love and light
      – Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

      • nirajmohan says:

        Dear Marcus,

        Calling out for help from you as per Masters direction. Please let me know how to go about it. I am furnishing my mother’s details:

        1) Name: Indu Jha
        2) Location: Pune(Currently)
        3) Gotra: Kashyap
        4) Ailment: Cancer

        Request you to reach out to me so that I can respond accordingly.


      • nirajmohan says:

        Dear Master/Ma,

        I have recently also started doing 108 samputa mahamrityunjaya japam + 1008 Om haum Joom saha mahamrityunjayay namah for my mother. But you very well know I am a confused soul 😦 Lots of question regarding japam have cropped up in my mind. Please answer them if you find time:

        1) While doing japa, should I focus on my breath, God, or my body?

        2) Should I do I round of mantra per breath (inhaling/exhaling) or multiple rounds per breath/thus whether to do japa either slow or with fast pace? (For me, as of now, Samputa takes mutiple breaths and 1008 laghu mantra can be done many per breath)

        3) Which form of japa is best? Manasik, muttering or loud japa?

        4) What causes japa to fail or succeed? Why did kabir quote, “Mala ferat jug bhaya, mita na man ka fer…kar-ka manka dari de, man-ka manka fer”?

        5) Again, what happens while the mind wanders when chanting the japa? Does the efficacy of the japa decrease or the intonations of the japa can alone produce effects?

        6) Is it good to ask for specific wish from Lord Mahamrityunjaya, or should I say, “You know best!”

        I am doing this as a sakaam sadhana and wish to know what I am doing and am I really doing it right.


  16. ravindran says:

    1. Could you please tell me how to correct the shifted navel can it be dine by mantras also.
    2. How to do self inquiry “who am i”

  17. Ratna says:

    I AD,
    I felt started coughing off and on after I started doing Divya Yoga. Since January 2010. I never had cough problem in my life. In 2011 March I had to go to emergency because I had gastro or you can say in Indian language Cholera 3-4 loose motions and 3-4 vomiting and I fainted. I mentioned to the doctor I am coughing since last one year off and one .He ordered an X. ray. That X-Ray was sent to lung specialist and he ordered an ct-Scan which shows I have Pulmonary fibrosis.

    I have big belly too. I don’t know what I did wrong. Can any of the pranayam which I am doing has causing this pulmonary fibrosis.? If it is has what shall I do and what wrong I have done which caused this?

    • Beloved Ratna,

      Once any complications trigger, getting suspicious about the things which you engaged in just before the symptoms surfaced, is quite obvious however I would want you to speak with your Divya Yoga trainers/Guru, they may shed some light on it.

      Nevertheless the pulmonary fibrosis is definitely related to prolonged breathing exposure to an unhygienic, dusty environment. Not sure whether you were subjected to such conditions during your practices or not. You will have to give me a clear idea on what steps you performed while you were formally given the practices, Also it will be helpful if you can throw some light on what exact is the process/daily routine of a Divya Yoga practitioner and what Divya Yoga Master has to say about precautions/aftermaths.

      As of now, I would ask you to refrain from all sort of breathing practices except deep breathing (if possible and permitted by your doctor) and seek some remedy in Ayurveda from a Vaidya of repute.

      Sending love and light your way,
      – Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

  18. ajay says:

    Beloved AD,
    Around 2-3 months back when i was struggling to overcome my addictions i started vipassana meditation,I did it for 2-3 hours in a day (not continuously) whenever craving would arise i would just watch my breath and watch the cravings, desires. it helped a lot i and i haven’t smoked or masturbated in the last couple of months.
    Problem is that i am aware of my breath all day and while sleeping in fact i find it hard to sleep sometimes because of this.also i feel i might go crazy.please suggest something .
    I am extremely grateful to u for taking out time to answer all my doubts.

  19. Naveen Kumar Kaushal says:

    Guru Ji,
    last 1 year i m facing lot of Problem. I am trying to do my best. but everything is against me. Even my health is not Good. Doctor says there is no prob but my body says just sleep, do not do any work. When i am trying to Concentrate myself then i could not do this. after some day this will automatically stream line and again same process start after 3-4days.
    i am trying to write but my mind said no leave this. My Fingers have been slipped off the Key board. Not able to concentrate on My question also. Sorry if any mistake or wrong wording.
    Please guide me.

  20. papu says:

    Dear sir,
    pls explain me the difference between nadi shodhan pranayam and anulom vilom pranayam. should one take the breath very slow or medium fast during these pranayams.

    • Beloved Papu,

      The difference in Nadi-Shodhan and anulom-vilom are many including the fact that Nadi-shidhana is done with kumbhaka. I am not sure if you are taking guidance from any learned yog-guru or not.. you are not! it seems to me from your question so i advise you to not try Nadi-Shodhana without having proper guidance because it involves Bandhas (such as Mool Bandha, jalandhar bandha) as well. If you are around Delhi, you can attend “Tattva Shakti Vigyaan” sadhna camp at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi road. Link for the same is given here.

      Golden rule – The breathing in every pranayama (unless it falls in the category of fast-breathing pranayama) should be slow and noise-free.

      – Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

  21. papu says:

    thank u sir,
    for u r reply.it would be a great help if u give a simple answer to my long pending question. how to balance the life means being doing spiritual practices along with enjoying the worldly things like drinking , eating nonveg foods, sexual funs , outing , going pubs . i mean not to totally involved in these worldly matters but i always feel that i cant avoid these things totally, so i make it to minimum.but i keep them going just not to cutoff from my society and friends.
    so pls sir give some suggestion how to involve in these things ,but not attached to these things for higher living. if u will say to stop these things now, it will very difficult to do this now.

  22. Pheonix says:

    I was wondering why masturbation was negative to my spiritual development becausr I felt it somehow was deep down and after reading your article by “chance” I was very enlightened by your words of blinding simplicity thank you very much. I have a few questions that if you may are on my mind and I would love if you could help guide me. First one, I’ve been looking for a spiritual teacher, how do I go about this? I’ve been interested in numerology as certain numbers have extreme importance in my life, for example the numbers 29 and 13 and some others but those mainly, my question is what does numerology come into play spiritually, what do those numbers mean to you, and what do you think they mean to me? Final question for now, I’ve noticed a lot of very negative girls get attracted into my life with interests only of sex it seems though I by some way resist, what does this mean? I already know they are bad for my and to avoid but what is causing this to happen do you think? And how do I go about finding my true spiritual connection in this realm, or is it not possible or something into which effort shouldn’t be placed? I already have general ideas about these questions, I just wish you shed light from the wisdom I see in your words.
    With love, best wishes and regards

  23. Kaka says:

    Can anybody provide me a digital copy of SriVidya by Karpatri ji or tell me about a link from where I can download it.

    • Beloved Kaka,

      Not sure what is your objective here..

      First thing to note is that Srividya, the rarest of rare sadhana can not be practiced without proper initiation. I hope you have gotten it. If yes – can you please specify whether you got Dandi Kram, Kali-Kram or any other? Further no digitized copy of Srividya varivasya of Swami Hariharananda or popularly known as Karpatriji Maharaj is available here with us but just to mention this book (Srividya Varivasya) is in extremely tough sanskrit (language) and would require highest of language pandits to demystify that. Share further details about yourself and the Guru-lineage you have been initiated in.. may be some help can be provided in this regard after considering that.

      – Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

  24. Sukant Saxena says:

    is there any kind of prnayam,yoga,yogasn or something that can help me to remove masturbation from my life?

    • Beloved Sukant,

      Such tendencies are picked up from outside and once a habit is formed your elemental energies develop certain patters within which when gets ANY stimulation prompts you in the act.

      Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation helps in making you understand your energy dynamics. There is an Initiation camp being held in Pune, India on 25th of November, Sunday. You may like to attend this if you are nearby. If you are on Facebook you may indicate your participation at following link –


      For the time being until you are not getting face to face help you should ensure you take resolve for one day not to indulge in it and then reward yourself for that on success. Many other people have asked about such things and I have given out suggestions too. You can take help from previous discussions.

      Love & Light
      – Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

  25. Sukant saxena says:

    Where i can read previous discussions about this topic? and i am not nearby pune it’s too far away from my house…..
    Acharya ji please suggest me something…. i need help tell me what to do guide me … i will be very thankfull to you..

    • Beloved Sukant,

      While speaking with a Master, Doctor or your Secretary/Adviser you have to be honest, detailed and transparent. You must explain in detail about the problem at hand and also your own analysis of things what you feel could be leading a solution. Hope you understand what is expected out of you here.

      Your eagerness on getting rid of your compulsive habit is well understood but you will have to give details about your background. How did you learn it? How was your childhood? Age, profession, relationships you have had with your parents, friends, other habits, daily routine, hobbies, interests, friends, thoughts you have in your mind about sex and opposite sex, what tempts you most etc.

      This is needed! Its not only the pleasure attached with the act which controls the urge there are many hidden drivers behind. If you feel all this can not be revealed over here you can choose to write a mail on agyaatdarshan@gmail.com.

      Once I get details, would definitely suggest you something.

      – Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

  26. Vitish Pendharkar says:

    Hello Master,

    I am Vitish from Pune. I started feeling emptiness in life since 2007 and I did many things and I guess finally it has led me here. I have been meditating for about 11 months now and have done art of living courses. I have also done couple of sessions of Past and Present life regression as there have been pretty serious problems in my life since childhood. I came across your site through internet search. I want to know how TSV will help me more than what I am doing now. I am new to this and would like if you would explain me in detail. Hoping to receive your reply soon.


  27. sukant saxena says:

    Waht is “vipassana meditation” can anybody tell me how i can do it will it help me to break my masturbation habit? and Ach. Agyaatdarshan ji i will mail you my detail on your email id thanks for the help…:)

  28. sukant saxena says:

    Ach. Agyaatdarshan@Waht is “vipassana meditation” and how i can do it? will it help me to break my masturbation Addiction?

    • Beloved Sukant,

      Your details are still awaited. Once the history, your profile and trending etc. is received then only proper suggestions can be given about it.

      – Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

  29. vitish says:

    Hello Master, I am waiting for your reply

  30. sukant saxena says:

    Ach. Agyaatdarshan@ master i sent you the detail of mine on agyaatdarshan@gmail.com check them and help me

  31. Beloved Sukant,

    Patience is a virtue. must Have it.. but while I ask you to wait for few days it doesn’t mean you go back to your routine, start watching TV etc. Spend some time in working out in the field. Pick up an outdoor hobby like gardening, cycling etc.

    Step 1 – For 10 days resolve to stay away from TV and movies.

    Rest after you report your progress on step 1.

    Love & Light
    – Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

  32. Dishan Mohesowa says:

    jay Gurudev..my salute to all the loving souls over the planet.Sir i had bronchitis in the past 5 months.now it is ok and i am doing 7 pranayams,7 asanas and 7 exercise.i am feeling like my body is detoxyfying and quite often am getting dirreah and fever.now i am feeling like my body is quite weak.my immune system is weak also.I have done many tests including blood test.my cholesterol level was high and after practising pranayam it has reduced to 4.3 with better results.still then am feeling weak.can you help me sir?thank you.i have stopped all the medcines prescribed by the doctor.i am not gainin results from it..

    From Dishan Mohesowa

  33. Sukant saxena says:

    Ach. Agyaatdarshan@ It’s got one month i am waiting for my solution. is there any need now for more patience?

  34. Amit says:

    Hello Master AD

    I am a sufferer of non obstructive azoospermia for which i have been operated on twice. My wife and i have consulted the doctors to no avail. It appears that my hormone levels are not in balance. This was the impression i got from speaking with the doctors. For the last few days my wife and i have been performing Baba Ramdev’s Childless couples video on Pranayam including Kapalbhati. I must say it has awakened my energy, however, it has made me very hot after completion. I am normally very warm and sweaty all over my body and this has been the case since childhood. The 7 Pranayam’s from Baba Ramdev’s video, however, increased my body heat. Can you advise any Pranayam and Aasan i can do to help my condition? Also my wife’s hormone levels are not in balance and she frequently has late ovulations. Is there anything you can advise that we can do together to bring everything into balance?

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  35. pradnya says:

    hi, i am a hypothyroid patient taking medicine thyrofit 100mg. doing kapalbhati almost for 15 min. i am watching that my stomach is increasing like anything.I follow the diet also .I learnt pranayam by master only. what is wrong i don’t know . please suggest me.

    • Beloved Pradnya,

      Not sure how kapalbhati would help in hypothyroid issue. I suggest you do only Nadi-Shodhana pranayama. To learn it you can consult your Master or any Yoga teacher. If you have time, please do it for 64 Kumbhakas. Ujjai breathing should also be done for 1-2 mins.

      Consult your physician first for the increasing size of your tummy and get the preliminary tests done. Once he gives a clean-chit come back.

      Love & Light
      – Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

  36. restlessmind says:

    Guruji, I have been suffering from bad breath right form my childhood . I am 24 years old. What can be done? I am having no confidence in speaking with others. Even after using mouthwash, this problem is not subsiding. Is there any pranayama to cure this disease?

  37. Pranam Guruji,

    Is there any difference between mann & chitt, how can we differentiate budhhi and Mann.

    -Puneet Vashistha

  38. Rakesh says:

    Paranam Guruji,

    I’m suffering from a serious illness,how can I get cure.And I want to know about Sanjeevani Vidya and if This Powerful vidya can heal me,



    • Beloved Rakesh,

      Serious illness must be having a name and a physical condition associated with it. If you could elaborate on what is it there might be a possibility of a solution. As far as Sanjeevani Vidya is concerned, it requires you to get initiated in preparation techniques which are part of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan (TSV) program. Look out for next initiation camp nearby your location.


  39. Łukasz says:

    What was first: egg, or hen? Why chicken crosses the road?
    How it’s possible that people can lay still for about eight hours while sleeping, but they just can’t sit still even for a second? Does sleep in the essence is natural meditative state of mind, and by term of sleeping it’s just automatically changing the attention from outside, from a daily life, into a regenerative state of sleep in which mind and body is cured? Does this means that animals also meditate while sleeping? Is there even difference between awake state and sleep state assuming that going into sleep is body-mind autonomic and automatic process of entering into deep meditative state?
    Very interesting blog! Greetings from Poland.

  40. Pranam Guruji,

    As I am studying Vedanta , I have many doubts in my mind.

    Brahm satya jagat mithhya–>Is Jagat is illusion? if Jagat is illusion then we are also illusions.Is that true?

    –Waiting for Light
    Puneet Vashistha

  41. Jogeshwar says:

    Pranam guruji,

    I was doing Kapalbhati for the last 5 days for two 2-3 Min. after doing it i am having constant chest pain.now for the last two days i am not doing it.But pain is still there.Guruji how to cure it.I am not having any other problem.

    • mukta says:

      I am having the same problem . my blood pressure increased after doing kapalbhati and now after stopping kapalbhati for a day it has not come to normal . Acharya ji pls tell me what do I do?


      • Sacred Association says:

        Dear Mukta ji,

        Please respond to the mail which has been sent to you giving further details. Masters shall try responding to you ASAP.


  42. Shobana says:

    Respected Master,

    I read the dangers of doing certain Pranayamas incorrectly. I have Cervical spondylitis and have severe pain in the neck. Could you please tell me what pranayamas can be done, to help this condition. I am suffering from so much stiffness in the shoulders and neck

    Currently i am doing Brahmari (10 rounds), Ohm chanting (10 rounds), 3 stage breathing, Right nostril breathing (10 rounds), left nostril breathing (10 rounds), Anulom Vilom (15 – 20 rounds). This gives some relaxation. I was planning to increase Anulom-Vilom to 10 – 15 minutes. I dont do Kabhalabhati. [I learnt the pranayamas in a Pranayama class few years back ]

    1) Could you please clarify if the above practice is correct. If it is incorrect, could you please provide corrections to handle the pain?

    2) Can Pranayama be practiced 2 times in a day (morning and evening) for better relief?

    3) During pain, can i practice Anulom vilom, slowly multiple times?

    Your kind advice will help me a so much.

  43. George says:

    Dear Master,

    I have been watching and Following this famous youtube video Spiritual Reality; The power of meditation. Will u plz plz tell me it that a right way to awareness n spirituality. I really dont know. And i dont want to end up a blind seeker wasting time.
    Religiously i meditate the same way mentioned in the video. Plz answer!!


  44. Maarten says:

    Blessings, I’ve just discovered your blog and must say I enjoy it very much but I have a conflict which I hope you might be able to help me with.

    As a child when making a beautifull sandcastle in the childrens playground, the next day it is destroyed and replaced by another beautifull sandstructure from another child which also gets replaced the day after that. And finally after 10 years of creating and destroying the childrens playground is gone and replaced by a swimming pool. After a 100 years the swimming pool gets destroyed and replaced with a new childrens playground where you can build sandcastles again. If these cycles keep continuing over and over regardless of our efforts why then should these children keep building their beautifull sandcastles?

    If you start to understand the cycles of the universe then there seems no point anymore in doing anything at all.
    16 billion years ago we were all stardust and there will be a time we all return to being stardust again and then the cycle starts again from the beginning. It is a mathematical pattern or script that will continue to repeat itself regardless of what we do so why do or be anything at all?

  45. ehsan says:

    I’m 28 years old and didnt sex with someone yet . ., I can feel the energy in my body and this is wondering me., For example, when I have to work all hours with one of my colleagues.I think he can get through my mind and I feel a burning sensation in the second chakra., I have tried to be like him. But I think he’s not interested.What can i do for my issue. in your opinion is a sexual partner is a solution to my problem

  46. Ryan says:

    Master AD, I have been on a spiritual journey this past year. I have been planting my feet into mother earth, eating only natural fruits and vegetables. I have detached from my lower self on some parts when it comes to masturbation and other urges. I feel as if I am not making enough progress though, my main concern is opening and balancing my chakras and especially my 3rd eye, also going within to find guidance. During meditation i can not seem to have a profound experience, although i meditate every night I feel as though I am stagnant in my growth. Can you offer any information on how I would know if I am growing. 13love 13knowledge 13wisdom

  47. I am following Bhastraika pranayama before I do my kriya. Since few days I am now continously having a very odd sensation in my entire left arm starting from fingers till top portion of the chest and the left parts of my face from neck till head. Its not a shivering but a kind of vibration sensation which I find it very very uncomfortable and it prevails almost all the time. I had this problem earlier also but now is even worser. I never feel complete doing meditation. I feel like suddenly awake of a deep sleep, where you feel uncomfortable. Can this also be due to change in season or is it the stress thats geting relieved ?

  48. Hello,

    In fact for the moment I have just a very simple question: there are any meditation technique specific to dualism (Dvaita)?

    Thank you

  49. savita says:

    My mother is 59 years old and is suffering from vertigo (BPPV – postural vertigo). Due to this she sleeps only on one side and does not turn towards her left side (this is her affected side).

    She did try Anulom vilom a few days but that triggered her dizziness / vertigo problem. So can you please advise any pranayama, mudras or medidation techniques that will not trigger her problem but cure it.


  50. savita says:

    Thank you so much Guruji – so will Anulom Vilom intensify the symptoms first ? Is there a method of breathing she can adopt that will not aggravate her symptoms but will gradually cure it. Just that she is very petrified of her dizziness episodes and if any technique aggravates her symptoms she would avoid the same. However I am keen on her taking up pranayama.

    Also can you kindly advise on the correct method of doing brahmari and ujayi pranayama. Also Guruji are there any diet (do’s and don’ts which will help manage her vertigo and associated anxiety).

    lastly on the mantra am not sure of the pronunciation hence is there a site wherein I can hear the same so I can teach it to my mother.

    Also Guruji, can I practice Tattva Shakti Vigyaan – what is the procedure for the same.

    Thank you so much for your guidance. Warm regards, savita

    • Beloved Savita,

      This ailment has peculiar problem of unpredictability. There is no guarantee whether even Bhramari will not increase it in the beginning because the particles within the ear need to get settled in a position where their movement is restricted and in the process of relocation symptoms may aggravate as well. That is physical aspect of it – The Mantra works on energy levels thought and is bound to bring about healing only.

      Regarding the pronunciation of mantra you can drop a mail on saral.org@gmail.com leaving your contact number. One of Sacred Volunteer will call you to give correct way of it.

      Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation can not be done remotely i.e. over emails or phone. This is a discipline which requires complete understanding of your own mind-body complex and role of elements in overall scheme of things in this universe. Hence it requires one whole day’s time for the practitioner to attend a workshop/camp. More details shall be shared with you on your mail.


  51. JB says:

    Dear Master,

    I started getting foggy and fuzzy brain 2 years ago. Whenever this foggy and fuzzy feeling is at its peak, the whole world looks different and I don’t feel anything normal around me. I start asking weird questions to myself like, why is this happening, why is that happening, why does this exist, why does that exist and all sorts of stupid things. I don’t feel normal.
    Such kind of fogginess comes and goes.

    Other medical issues that I have are: gas problems in stomach. My stomach produces a lot of gas. I have to pass gas, on an average, once every 10 minutes. One of my nostrils is always blocked, Most of the times, I breath from one nostril only.

    Currently, I am also suffering from heavyness in my head, which is always there. Sometimes, more sometimes less.

    I practiced 7 pranayams, total half hour everyday, as suggested by baba ramdev ji. That actually helped me in getting rid of my head aches. Unfortunately, I still feel heavy headed even after practicing pranayam.

    I got all medical tests done: stomach, brain, heart etc. and every report is normal.

    Kindly help me to get rid of this foggy brain and heaviness in my head. I want to feel normal as I used to be 2 years ago. Please please please help me.

  52. JB says:

    Dear Master AD

    Kindly take a look at my question/problem and please help me out

  53. Rohit Agarwal says:

    Dear AD

    I am living in Bangalore and have problem with Sinus. I sneeze quite often (especially during monsoon and colder months). Which Asana can help me with this? Should I do pranayama when one of my nose is blocked because of Sinus?


  54. vignesh says:

    I practice Nadi shodana 25 cycles without retention.i am doing this for last 25 days. I am sometimes getting a drunk feel not when doing pranayama but at the other times.can you pls advise what cud have gone wrong?

    – Vignesh

  55. Anubhav says:

    which is the most peaceful job conducive to practices !! ??

    • Beloved Anubhav,

      If jobs are not taken up for feeding our ego, control over others then they are surely for meeting the needs of food and shelter.. If someone is really interested in Sadhana and nothing else matters then one can choose to join a missionary, an ashram or even live a life of a wandering monk. With the first two options basic need of food and shelter gets fulfilled without much of trouble and additional benefits would be having lots of time for practices, peace of mind and opportunity to service people.


  56. Niraj says:

    Dear AD,

    I have a question on the eating habits of people across geographies, religions and economic classes. It can be subdivided into the following sub questions. Request you to enlighten me and all for universal benefit.

    1) What impact does dietary intake have on the psycho-spiritual makeup and development of a soul? Why is animal food allowed in certain geographies and religions while it is shunned in certain other geographies. Indeed some of the prophets are seen as adhering to the popular dietary patter in certain regions. Also, certain geographies where the climate is adverse and cold, is eating meat ok?

    2) The virtually never ending debate between Non veg, Veg and Vegan. Is milk an atrocity inflicted on a milch animal which is the rightful property of its child. Again, is not every blade of grass living and it also amounts to killing? Also, what about poultry eggs – some say it has no foetus and so is vegetarian.

    3) What is the impact of wine and such intoxicating drinks on spirit (i mean soul here) which to a certain extent form a part of food since they nourish the body to a certain extent and harm it to another extent. Were not even god’s depicted as taking soma-rasa, bhaang etc for intoxication?

    4) Fast foods have been universally condemned for their many demerits. But given the current world that we inhabit, are not grains and fruits carcinogenic due to the laden pesticides/insecticides/fertilizers. Organic food is far too costly to buy for common class(Shashi Tharoor’s Cattle Class). What should a common sadhaka do? And it is said that diseases like cancer etc are karma driven, then why is it linked to food?

    5) What is an ideal diet for good spiritual sustenance, in terms of type of food, amount/servings, and the capability of prevention of diseases?

    i think many sadhakas would have similar questions. Request you to answer them with your insights for benefit of all.


  57. Jhankhna Varma says:

    Namaste Acharyaji, I read your article on Navratri. I am very interested in learning more about it. I would very much like to speak with you and hopefully this Navratri I will find the inner strength and help to turn around the challenges of life.


  58. nancy says:

    Can we do pranayam in morning…and gym in evening?


    • Beloved Nancy,

      There is no harm in adopting this routine i.e. morning with Yoga discipline and evening in physical training. On the cost of being repetitive a warning “Pranayama should be done only after completing regime of Nadishodhana”.


  59. Ruplina Bhowmik says:

    Hi Acharya,

    I have been practicing pranayam for 10 days now and have developed a lower back pain. I am also experiencing difficulty in sitting up straight on a chair while working or sitting up straight on the ground while practicing pranayam. Could you help me get rid of this pain?

    – Ruplina Bhowmik

  60. gknayar says:

    Acharya AD, Please advise me the negative effects of bhastrika pranayama especially on the emotional content of the person practising. How to get over these bad effects? – GK Nayar

  61. Samrat says:

    Dear AD,

    I am suffering from anxiety neurosis and feel heaviness in head and chest very often.All the tests for heart and body are done and reports are normal. I feel afraid , anxious, negative and worry about small small things. head feels like a bag full of emotions. kindly guide me how to start pranayams and other things to prevent this condition. Also, where can i find good instructors in Delhi. please refer if you know someone. .

  62. after doing pranayama and yoga for 8 month I am suffering from ocd= obsessive compulsive disorder i used to be completely okay both mentally and physically and one more thing i have also done shat-karma’s before starting parnayama so why this Problems happened?

  63. And how i can get rid of them ?

  64. Ahmed says:

    Dear AD
    i started practicing kapalbhuti yesterday … i have seen good results so far .. you talk about preprotery steps before kapalbhuti .. what are those perp steps .. . And do you avise me to do any kind of pranayama without a guru ??

    • Beloved Ahmed,

      There is nothing more dangerous than short-cuts in Yoga practices. Kapalbhati and Bhastrika pranayamas are advanced pranayamas and these should NOT be practiced without preparation. I am stating the fact on the cost of being repetitive yet I must.

      Regarding the need of Guru, it would be truly good for your holistic growth with the path and health that you have a guru.


  65. AB says:

    Earlier I used to do anulom-viloum and feels very positive , relax , enlightened , improved logical reasoning and I can concentrate which was very fruitful for me during my studies. But after approximately 6 years I am suffering from adverse affects of anulom-viloum after doing it , I cant concentrate , I feel pain in my head while doing it , my mind gets clouded and i feel detached from reality. I cant understand a situation as a result of which I have become very irritable. Pls help me out as I want to regain my original state.

  66. Prateek Kumar says:

    Master AD,

    I have a question master . I love my life but my problem is i have a fear in spiritual path . i have no marriage and sex. Mostly many master have no interest in women, love and sex. But i love attract women, respect any women felling but my doubt is sex is against spiritual and god way .
    Sex is natural ya unnatural ..?

  67. Vani says:

    Namaste Guruji,

    I am a 28 yr old woman, doing surya namaskaras (2 rounds every day) followed by asanas(sarvangasana, bhujangasana, halasana ) and kapalbhati(<=5 mins) and anulom vilom(10-20mins), if I have time. The asanas were taught by a guru who used to come to my house.It has been around 6 months, since am doing it regularly. The kapalbhati pranayam has improved my digestion and hunger considerably, and helped me get rid of the gastric nature of my stomach. So i started doing it regularly with the surya namaskar.

    Recently, I have started observing, that if I do yoga(kapalbhati) or jogging(I sometimes do this too) my hair fall is increasing. I suspect it is due to the heat produced by these activities. Should I leave doing kapalbhati pranayam and continue doing the asanas?In that case, what asana or pranayam should I do to keep my stomach healthy? Should I leave jogging?

    I have now moved to the US, so I cannot meet or talk to my yoga guru. I found you as my solace. Please advise and forgive me, if I have done anything wrong.

  68. yash says:

    i am 24 years old. i am very much stressed since 7 to 8 years. had a lot of problems with my education family and other relationships.my mind is very unstable and i have a lot of mood swings and also lots of anxiety and depression. i started having diarrhoea 5 years back. it has increased a lot since 3yrs. i consulted various gastro doctors, ayurvedic and allopathic doctors . they diagnosed me of ibs irritable bowel syndrome diarrhoea type, but could not treat me. later i consulted a few physiatrist. one of them said that i have ocd obsessive compulsive disorder and mainly bi polar disorder. he treated me treated with mood stabilizers and heavy sedatives. diarrhoea worsened with mood stabilizers and it was under control with sedatives. but the doasage was so heavy that i had problems with the medication itself. later i shifted to another physiatrist who said i mainly have anxiety and depression, he started me on antidepressants and also asked me to consult a gastro doctor. in the mean while i had lost a lot of weight and i had severe body and thigh pain due to weakness and excessive time in the toilet. i was fed up of doctor hopping and was very depressed and felt like dying. later somebody suggested me of starting pranayam for stress related problem, i started with it. attended baba ramdev camps. i felt much better immediately after doing pranayam and my diarrhoea almost vanished the very next day. i was amazed.i used to do bhaktisar anulom vinolom kapalbhati for 5 and 10 10 minutes each. and later prouduced the humming noise after taking a deep breath for 10 minutes each. but the evening i missed it i used to have the problem with diarrhoea the very next day. i am also addicted to smoking which has increased a lot coz i dont know what to do. i am almost home stuck. i quit smoking and did pranayam twice daily for 5 days. now i have severe headache mental clouding and diarrhoea has also increased. i used to feel very light headed and fresh and calm immediately after pranayam. now the effect is opposite. i also underwent taildhara treatment for 7 days.my friend told me that it could be because of wrongly doing pranayam or doing it without preparation. i also read your article and i am very much convinced. please help me and guide me as to what i should do. i have stopped pranayam but still no use. even after a jog my mind gets clouded. i need your blessings and advise. please guide me. and is it possibile for me to consult you in personal. waiting for your reply..

  69. Vikram says:

    Dear AD,
    I have been to few of your blogs and you stand apart from the crowd, I must say. I have a question. Just not able to get clarifications from anywhere. Why 108? what is the reasoning behind the number 108? Why do I need to chant any mantra for 108 times. Why any Mala has 108 numbers? it discomforts me. Remembering to God and be with God is very private and personal issue. It all depends when do I want to be with them. But when ever, i think of spending some moments with God, I stuck with numbers. Why cant I chant any mantra just for 20 times or 120 times or as many time I want. Why some Godmen has fixed it with 108?
    Pl help. For God sake, please dont confuse me with old books.

  70. kalyan says:

    what is nadi shodhana? how is it done? and i want to do it for an incurable bladder disaese that i have? is it ok?

  71. Bhavin Modha says:

    Dear AD,

    In the month of July, I fainted due to exhaustion and low water content. I went through observation for a day and did MRI and EEG to observe any brain related issues – test were normal and nothing wrong in brain!!. To increase my mental strength and immunity, I started asthang pranayam under guidance of a person who learned yoga seeing 5 o’clock channel.

    Initially all went well, my old migrane was cured and i started getting so much positive vibes within. But after 2 months of continuous practice (2 min udgit, 3-4 min soft Bhrastika, 10 min of constant Kapalbhati, Tribandh bahya pranayam, Agnisar, Ujjain and 10 min of Anulomvilom) I started getting chest pain (around mid Septemer). Initially I thought it might be a stretch or muscle pain. But then it started paining more day by day. I have consulted doctors for a valid reason, but even they could not find out anything. I even visited cardiologist to check if there is any heart related issue, but scan was normal and had no blockages. After a month of chest pain, in around October end, I started exhaling cough. Cough is thick and mix of light green color. I stopped doing pranayam from November and intensity of chest pain has reduced but its still persist. At this moment, I am having mild upper chest pain on both sides of chest with exhalation of cough.

    I started researching for any side effect of wrong doing of Pranayam and found your blog really helpful. I am really in need of this cure as so far had many pain killers or digestion related tablets and there is no end to this chest pain. Kindly provide your valuable guidance.

    Thanking you in advance,
    Bhavin Modha.
    n.b. Started taking Ayurvedic medicines to reduce or nullify this pain.

  72. bdash says:

    namaste.i read your spiritual guidance.it is really good.plz.suggest me the simple mudra/pranayam which will heal me from dizziness,shaking and jerking of body .

  73. Mallika says:

    Dear Guruji,

    I am in Dubai. If I want to do tatva shakthi vigyaan, what will be the procedure. Awaiting for your reply


  74. mayank says:

    Respected acharya Ji
    Pranam in your feet’s .

    Acharyaji I have strong faith in ancient Hindu knowledge and its vast ocean . but unfortunately we do not have easy access to that great knowledge and we often lured by TV chhap /park chhap babas . in today’s time when we are surrounded by so much of pressure tension pollution and adulteration we can’t stay healthy at all without adopting yoga and ayurveda .

    Acharyaji I want to know for how much days/months/ years I need to practice nadi shodhan and for what duration so that I can start doing kapalbhati and bhastrika pranayam ?

    It will be a great help for me and people like me if u put some light over diet during nadi shodhan period too .

    Waiting eagerly for your priceless advice …

  75. i am doing pranayama (anuloma viloma for 12 turns) and OM chanting for 3 times..i do surya namaskara (6 times) also.. i work in shifts.(6am-2pm,2pm-10pm,10pm-6am every two days) suggest me to keep up my health…

  76. shreya Anamika says:

    Maa Shakti Pranam,

    Nice explanation..Need ur guidance always at my path.


  77. Ran Veer says:

    Master AD,

    I heard about your programs of Tattva Shakti Vigyan in PAN India from my friends & I think I have to join you. Being a spiritual person & read your all bogs , I have to say you are pure soul & ocean of Gyana.I had done yoga kriyas & Sudarshan kriya also but you are correct that all these things needs preliminary exercises which are taught by you in your programs. Waiting for next program.

    Ran Veer

  78. Sarath says:

    Acharya ji,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for helping and bringing awareness to many people on the negative effects, if Yoga is not practiced as how it was taught or prescribed by our masters.

    Yes, we (including myself) don’t listen to good preachings until life teaches us badly (of course, results of our actions).

    I like to do Yoga and I’ve first started 10 years back (on my own) and have been trying to practice asanas, pranamaya and meditation with proper discipline – however, to be frank, I couldn’t do it religiously over the years because of our so called busy schedules (I own all the blame).

    And now, I am 29 years old and having tasted the bitterness of bad Yoga practices that I followed and I’ve almost come to the final conclusion to stop doing Yoga. (which I really don’t want, but I am giving up to my life schedule since I am not able to take control of it for various reasons such as sleeping more: though not by choice, but my body needs it (I am a vegetarian and fortunately, I don’t have any bad habits, but still I sleep 10 hours or more) and chronic constipation ( even after consulting many doctors, I couldn’t come out of it)).

    Finally, I want to ask one question: can we do Vipassana (To watch our breath with awareness: just naturally and use no control) or even this will have negative effects? Please advise.

    Thank you again!


  79. P. Rajan says:

    Stomach pain and gas problems happens,from the time when i started pranayam (kapalbhati, anulom-vilom, bhastrika.. 7 min)…….what should i have to do?

    Avantika P. Rajan

  80. shreya says:


    As per you joy & pain are within our body & Dopamine & serotonin released by our nerves when we feel happiness.so Is there any method from which we can feel happiness in our body within by ourself without touching outer world? Or we depend on outer world for happiness.

    pl. guide..

  81. Sachin says:

    sir, I did pranayam kapal bhati and anulom-vilom for about 8-10 months. Initially I lost 8-10 kg of weight but now I noticed that I have developed loose skin over my body and my chest has become very heavy therefore I stopped doing it. I noticed on tv that many yog practitioner have loose skin and heavy chest including swami ramdev. please tell that loose skin and heavy chest are side effects of kapalbhati and if these conditions can be reversed or not?

  82. vani mandla says:

    Namaste guruji,
    since many years im confused about gods.from childhood im connected to lord Shiva,he is the KULA DHIVAM off my parents,I mean my mothers and fathers.i like to share my problems,my happiness and everything.heart fully I pray to lord lord Shiva,whatever I ask him,whatever I beg him he fulfils all my requests.but after my marriage my husband’s KULA DHIVAM is lord Venkateshwara.so I’m worshiping lord venkateshwara. But not heart fully.even though im trying myself that there is only one god but his parts are different I’m not able to satisfy myself,so tell me guruji what should I do..im sorry guruji that im talking about god in this way,but im expressing my feelings.guruji can u tell me something about god?

  83. srikanth789 says:

    namaste guruji
    from past 3 years im practing kaplabati and anulomum vinulomum pranayam in middle i was discontinued pranayam, again istarted doing pranayam now im suffering from legs pains,thort pain,headache,discomfortable and skin dieases also guru ji what i must do guruji? Honey also making the situation worst.

    – Srikanth

  84. R says:

    Namaste guruji,

    I am a 25 year old girl. I was a very active and fit girl throughout my school days. As college started and i got more into studies, i started piling up kilos. At present, with a 9-5 deskjob and 23 kgs overweight, i have PCOS, vulval eczema, hemorrhoids, bad hair, bad skin, hair loss, no energy etc. Allopathic medicines are not helping me either, as they are just temporary solutions. I am tired of these problems and feel as if i am losing the battle. I want to get rid of these problems. Please guide me through it.

    Thank you

  85. Whitney says:

    I was pressured into aborting my 5 month old child. I was so attached. I begged and pleaded w my ex boyfriend who suddenly wanted me back and who also was aware he was not the father. I was developing a union w my boyfriend in Cameroon where I frequently visit. The pro choice clinic saw that I wasn’t emotionally stable to make the decision after I had already been sent home once and in the beginning I went 3x and couldn’t do it. I had no emotional support whatsoever and the father was so many miles away. It’s so much to type.

    Society shames being a mother if you aren’t married, hold a degree, have a top paying career. There is nvr the perfect time to have a child.

    I experienced a nightmare of how my son felt when they tore him apart shortly after. I woke up yelling. I whole for his spirit to come to me once I provide another vessel. I feel his energy. And I long to grasp my BBY boy. On top of all this His father is so angry with me, right now. I was supposed to persevere. His family was going to embrace and welcome my bby boy with all the ritual & love. I did not listen to him but rather my tribe of unsupportive individuals. I was so scared, I understand they thought it was best for me but it wasn’t. Motherhood is scary & sacred at the same time. But it’s wonderful. All the endless wisdom.

    It was my duty. I don’t want a band aid I want to heal. I started pumping milk to donate to human banks and others in need. I was going to have a natural birth and take things a day at a time. Love my Moses and let him b whomever he wanted. He was my gift. My blessing. My creation. He was saving me.

    I knew better than this. I was longing to dive in nature but I didn’t. I was weak.

    This is just an unorganized glimpse. I wish I had known a community of mothers of all types like me existed for support.Pls help with whatever healing advice you may have.



  86. Whitney says:

    With all that I’ve been thru in these dark yet sacred human experiences, I want to learn when there is a time to act. A time to b at rest and a time to b in motion. I want to learn how to trust my instinct & see things as they are in there most purest form. I wish to learn how to love all my wounds & not b consumed by my fears & temporary circumstances. I want to feel every fruit so deeply that I feel both light & darkness. I want to let go yet remain in the center. I want true freedom!

  87. Vinay says:

    Pranam Guruji,

    I started practicing Kapalabhathi and Pranayam (Anulom-vinulom) since last 15 days. I am experiencing various stomach problems and constipation is one among them. I just read from internet on how to do it and started practicing. Is it normal to get such problems initially during practice? Or does it mean my body doesn’t support these practices and I should never do them? What should I do so that i can safely practice these? Kindly advise.

    Vinay Naikwad

    • Shivoham!

      Beloved Vinay, there are many other posts on the blog which you can read and you shall understand that pranayama can be done after preparatory steps have been completed. Its not that you can not do these pranayamas however you will have to allow yourself to heal physically (naturally or even with medication as the case may be). The extent of damages caused by your practices at the pranamaya koshas can be assessed only when you are face to face however most likely you shall be able to resume your practices but first decide “What for you are practicing Pranayama? If this is purely for health reasons then asanas and even gym would be better option rather than playing with prana- the fire.

      Blessings from Masters
      – Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

  88. astropearls says:

    Dear AD,

    I have started an experiment of fasting one day every week. I am not sure what is the procedure, whether to eat fruits or not, what benefits it brings spiritually and physically, with what frequency one should fast, how does it relate to ashtanga yoga and the Yama/Niyama portions, and what is the significance of fasting in Tantra?

    I have seen people, especially ladies fasting at the drop of a hat, on festivals, certain lunar calendar days, certain week days etc. Some even eschew the use of water during fasting while some fast on milk and fruits. In certain portions of India like Maharashtra, I have seen people fasting with eating everything made in rock salt instead of sea salt. I have seen people fasting because they think it will detoxify their body.

    So many differences in ways, procedures, occasions of fasting baffles me. For my benefit, and also the benefit of other – please let us know the secrets of fasting and its inherent need, if any.


  89. Josh says:

    Hello my name is Josh and i’m 18 and trying to practice yoga. i’m currently reading “Chakras energy centers of transformation” by Harish Johari and I’m currently trying to practice Pranayama but i’m having some trouble holding my breath for 64 seconds is it ok if I start with lower times for inhalation, holding my breath, exhalation, holding my my breath with no air in my lungs, but still follow the relative measures of 1-4-2? thank you.

    I started doing pranayama using the seconds of 3-12-6. The inhalation being 3 seconds, the holding of the breath being 12 seconds, and the exhale being 6 seconds. During this after about 10-20min of meditation i started to see this purple eye is this normal? My eyes were closed when i started to see this purple eye.

    – Josh

  90. ram vinay says:

    आदरणीय गुरूजी प्रणाम
    मै 25 वर्ष का लड़का हु और मै पिछले कई सालों से कब्ज और गैस से परेशान हूँ।मैंने कपालभत्ती,अनुलोम विलोम, पद्मासन और हलाशन जैसे कई योगा किया लगभग कई सालों तक ताकि मेरा कब्ज और गैस ठीक हो जाये पर आजतक जस का तस ही है और हालत पहले से भी बुरा हो चूका है।ऐसा कोई दिन नहीं होता है जिस दिन सर दर्द न करे और पेट में गैस और आँतों में ऐठन व् बहुत ज्यादा होता है।बहुत ज्यादा नेगेटिविटी के साथ साथ छत विछत की स्थिती बानी रहती है।कभी ऐसा लगता है की अब कभी ठीक नही होगा।
    मैंने कई डॉक्टर के भी संपर्क किया पेट का clonoscopy,aur sir ka v scanning aur mapping karwaya लेकिन कोई फायदा नहीं हुआ।गैस बनान कभी बंद ही नहीं होता है।कई बार मुझे लगता है ऐसा स्थिति मेरा योग के वजह से ही है क्योंकि जब भी मई कभी अनुलोम विलोम या अन्य योग करने क8 कोसिस करता हूँ आँतों में और ज्यादा ऐंठन होने लगता है और गैस बनाना बढ़ जाता है।

    अब न मुझे कोई दावा में भरोसा रहा न ही योग पे।कृपया मार्गदर्शन करे की मै क्या करू ताकि मई ठीक होउ और आगे पढ़ पाउ क्योंकि सिरदर्द असहनीय होता है और 24×7 दिन होता है।

    कृपया मार्गदर्शन करे।

  91. j sharma says:

    Due to unsupervised past pranayama practices for example kapal bhaati, i have come across some unhealthy changes in my body,especially those related to symmetry, which in severe is hernia. Is there a way to fix this? should i start with nadi sodhan pranayama?

  92. Shailesh kumar says:

    dear ad
    first bow to your feet. you are true guru and true aacharya.
    guru should always be there to guide disciple. as you do
    sorry for poor english hope you understand.
    i am shailesh.
    i used to meditation on flame (tratak)
    but unfortunately i came across one article on internet.after reading that article i stopped meditation.this article changed my mind towards meditation and enlightenment.

    i came across article immediately after enlightenment of osho rajnish.
    he claimed that after enlightenment body become weak and vulnerable to disease
    i want to ask a simple question that
    is this true that body become so weak and vulnerable to disease after enlightenment.

    he also gave example of ramkrishan paramhans and raman mharshi both died of cancer due to them body become so weak and vulnerable to disease.

    osho claimed raman maharshi and ramkrishanparmahans both lost them resistance to disease. so that they got cancer and died of cancer. is this true?

    dear ad i want to know the truth. and want to bring my confidence back toward meditation.
    please help me ad

  93. Jeevan says:

    Dear Master,

    I am getting married soon. And I want to have kids who bring happiness to us & the world. I know that the nurturing period do a great deal of things in the development of child’s habits. In addition to that I want to do things which cause the conception of a good offspring if there are any.

    I heard that there are several rituals as per our tradition for getting an offspring who is physically healthy & pleasing to his parents as well as to the world through his deeds.

    Recently I went through the book ‘Thirumanthiram moovayiram’, the treatise of Shaiva Siddhantha sect. In that book, they mention about the relationship between breath of couples during copulation & the physical-mental-spiritual aspects of the progeny. In some other books, I read about time also influences the conceived offspring.

    Unfortunately the descriptions from the said sources are not clear & are incomplete. So kindly give knowledge for fulfilling my wish.


  94. Siddharth says:

    Namaste Guriji,

    I have been learning yoga for the past 6 years . Initially in 2010 i started learning the basics , seeing my progress my guru took me towards advanced yogic practices (asanas and pranayamas,kriyas). My progress in yoga and spirituality was really heartening , as a result i complted my teachers training course in 2012 from a reputed yoga organisation. Then after i started falling , my energy levels and looks were very good that it got to my head . I even left my regular yoga practice , started indulging in bad habbit like masturbation , as a result slowly my energy levels went down. I was operated for fistula in ano in 2014. Then too i did not realise my mistake i continued masturbation , junk food , non veg (at this time most of my yoga practice was stopped ,except a few like Kayakalpa yoga of SKY).As a result in May 2015 I was diagnosed with Psoriasis. I was taking steroids initially without knowing its side effects ,after knowing the side effects i stopped it by November 2015. December 2015 and January 2016 were the most horrible times of my life. The Psoriatic rashes were so severe that i could not even venture out of my house , it was then i realised all my mistake (The trouble with Psoriasis was accompanied by little bit of discomfort inside my anus ) . Then i started my yoga practice right from the beginning like 2010 , little bit of Kapalabhati and anuloma viloma without holding my breath. By Bhagwans grace induced determination i have now cleared all the Psoriatic rashes .

    Docters are saying it is a miracle that i have recovered so much. I have also defeated all my bad habits . My diet in now changed to yogic diet . My questions are like this

    1) Will i be able to cure this skin condition permanently ?
    2) Will i be able to get gods grace back , i desperately need it , will he forgive me for ma sins ?
    3) How could i clear the disturbance inside my anus ? (Doctors after examining say everything is normal, at time i suffer from constipation )
    4) Iam 28 now my parents want me to get married after i cure this disorder , should i get married ? wont i ruin another girls life if i marry her (Wont sexual activity create further problems to my health) ?

    Thanks for your reply Guruji for such a mean person like me.

    – Siddharth Vignesh

  95. Nischal says:

    Namakaram Guruji.
    I am Nischal from Bangalore. I am really interested in your initiation programs. I’ve been doing some 7 pranayama practices and a guided meditation called “isha Kriya” for the past month now. But I’m not doing it under any guidance. I understand that you recommend not doing any pranayamas without nadi shuddhi as it may cause more damage than being helpfull. I understand the importance of have energy pathways cleared before stsrting Pranayama practices. But I feel very energetic and fresh after doing pranayamas like anulom vilom, Kapalbhati, bhastrika and other. I have never had any problems so far. But reading your posts on the dangers of pranayama without guidance especially when the nadi’s are obstructed I feel like stopping them.
    I now understand the importance of proper guidance.I understand that importance of cultivating the body, mind, emotion and energy to a certain level for things to happen. I’m 27 years old and there are so many teachers out there and I’m really overwhelmed with the choices and I don’t know what to do and where to start. I’m interested in your initiation programs. But you have so many of them. Can you please recommend me where to start. And are you programs held in Bangalore?
    Can you please guide me…

    • Shivoham!

      Beloved Nischal,

      Being informed is key. Its good to see you showing courage to standout from the herd and taking charge of your life and spiritual growth. Though there are many programmes but as you understand spiritual progress is a step by step sequential but individualized process, the initiation in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan is what I personally recommend to you. Next initiation camp shall be conducted in Haridwar and dates shall be announced soon. In case you wish to receive an intimation you can drop a mail to the team at info@sacredassociation.org


      – Acharya Agyaatadarshan

  96. lalit says:

    Dear sir
    I am practicing the baba ramdev yoga bhastrika for 5 minutes,kaplabhati for-5minutes anulom vilom -60 repetition and bharamri and udgeet but getting the adverse effect of these which i learned from tv after watching ramdev tv channel.

    Can you please help in getting the Good health i have a background of sinus problem but now recovered.

    Motive- want to get good health bcz past sinus problem is cured and i dont wnt to stuck by it again and i want to remove my spectles which is only +.5.

    Thanks in advance i hope you will reply soon.

  97. ajaycs says:

    Dear AD,

    I feel completely aimless and ambition less these days. I used to be extremely driven while young.I have completed masters in physics from a well reputed college and now I am sitting at home jobless(not even trying to get one). I know I need money to survive but I dont feel any urgency. I try to understand why others do whatever they do and to me it seems like people are comfortable going with the flow without any introspection. I am a total loser by the standards set by the society. People my age(24) are getting married and earning 6 figure salaries and for some reason it doesnt bother me. I have started to think there is something wrong with me, maybe some kind of philosophical dissonance. I think we human beings want our actions and life to mean something and little introspections tells me that everything is essentially meaningless and pointless and that sort of kills all the drive and will to do anything even starting spiritual sadhana. It doesnt really matter if I die this moment as I can anyway never experience everything and I have to arbitrarily choose a subset of those. I feel really lost .

  98. ajay says:

    Dear AD,

    I feel completely aimless and ambition less these days. I used to be extremely driven while young.I have completed masters in physics from a well reputed college and now I am sitting at home jobless(not even trying to get one). I know I need money to survive but I don’t feel any urgency. I try to understand why others do whatever they do and to me it seems like people are comfortable going with the flow without any introspection. I am a total loser by the standards set by the society. People my age(24) are getting married and earning 6 figure salaries and for some reason it doesn’t bother me. I have started to think there is something wrong with me, maybe some kind of philosophical dissonance. I think we human beings want our actions and life to mean something and little introspection tells me that everything is essentially meaningless and pointless and that sort of kills all the drive and will to do anything even starting spiritual sadhana. It doesn’t really matter if I die this moment as I can anyway never experience everything and I have to arbitrarily choose a subset of those. I feel really lost .

    Dear AD, In continuation to the previous question. Ultimately we all just want to be happy. If we can take substances that can give us that is there anything wrong with that? Sure its bad for health and all that but what difference does it make .

    Thanking you
    Ajay CS

  99. Mihan deep says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from anxiety,stress and depression and taking allopathic medicine last one and half year. I feel better only when I take medicine and when I quit it the situation worse again. I am totally depend on medicine.
    From last month I am taking a Ayurvedic product, which is mixture of Giloe, Kalmegha, draksha and punarnava . I feel now better. but my question is can I take this medicine bcoze I read that Giloe and Kalmegha has hypoglycemic. though I am not a diabetic but is it safe to take this. can a healthy person take it everyday? I mean , after taking this can a healthy person develop hypoglycemia. it is my doubt kindly clear it.

  100. sumit k says:

    namastay guru ji …
    my name is sumit & I’m 20 years old .. I’m suffering from hairfall thinning hair and baldness ..few month ago i heard about a yoga its called balayam yoga …so, i want to if i do more thn my hair will come faster …
    plz replay me …i almost losing my hope

    • Beloved Sumit,

      I haven’t personally seen anyone who has regained hair by rubbing nails so I can not comment on it. Secondly if you have pattern of baldness running in your family (parent’s side – paternal and maternal) then try to accept this or else get ready to spend lakhs in hair implant surgery.

      Always remember your personality is not about looks but words you speak and actions you do. So focus on that..


  101. Aradhana says:

    Hi i wanted to ask dat the book written of sukhmani sahib g is having hindi meaning as i m having a book in hindi language but i also want meanings of those lines for understanding this great book deeply ..so plz tell me the name of such book which is having hindi meanings..

  102. Shailesh says:

    Pranam guruji,

    I tried to attend haridwar camp. But unfortunately i applied last day. the registration was already closed.

    Guruji i am too much confused.
    I know that spiritual practice calm down agitated state and reduce sexual urge.
    But how any person(like me) who is not doing any spiritual practice can maintain ‘bramcharya’ as one student must keep ‘bramcharya’ and should obey yam, niyam.

    I know difference between sex and sexuality. I drop sexuality and it worked. But now i am also confused with your article of prostate cancer when you wrote ”Mind you! Retention is not always forceful or conscious.. in fact there is constant tug of war going on between the two layers of your mind – the subconscious mind keeps telling the body that it is not right to express sexuality here wherein the conscious mind continues to desire the object of sex. Whatever way you understand it.. this forceful retention of sexual energies affect every chakra in the body however most damage is caused to the root chakra. The physical response of prostate gland is ‘enlargement’ and in extreme conditions some tissues give up and say ‘Can’t take more!’ thus pathological changes take place. ”

    Please guruji give reply, How student can maintain ‘brahmchary’ without causing any harm to root chakara’

  103. ajay says:

    dear AD

    What are your views on Buddhism as a spiritual path? To me that seems like the only thing a logical person can appreciate. My second question is lack of faith and skepticism and inability to be a devotee a hindrance in the spiritual path? as when I read about elements and energies and other concepts in scriptures I am filled with doubt as these things are not a part of my experience and lack of faith prevents me from initiating any practice that deals with such concepts.


  104. Akash Sinha says:

    Dear AD,

    I have come to know all about the negative effects of pranayama!!!!!

    I am a guy of 26 yrs of age…..and you know that at our age masturbation is quite common. Lately since 3 months I have noticed that I am having Frequent urination after masturbation. Everytime I urinate , i feel an urge to go again after 10 mins…Also I have night fall about 2-3 times a weak which makes me quiet weaker. After nightfall and leakage of the semen I find the urge to urinate increases. I suppose it is result of a weak nerve .Although I have had alot of antibiotics, but I never got cured and the urination problem is making my life hell. I suppose this problem is due to a weak nerve perineal region that is causing the frequent urination.Its driving me mad…..i want to get cure completely.Sir, I have read that you know a lot of home remedies and yoga exercises that can make me complete normal.I beg u to kindly help me……..The doctor says that i have a weaker bladder and penis muscles and also my perineal nerves are also weaker…..Sir….it would be a great help if u suggest me some home remedies and asanas to improve my bladder function and get rid of the problem completely to lead a normal life…………PLS HELP….

  105. Sam Xi says:

    In deep ignorance I took anti depressants that have left me with a number of ailments. I have completely lost interest in women and theres almost no libido as well as erectile dysfunction. I have also lost sensitivity to other people and my brain has become numb. The medical profession has no cure for either. Is there anything in Yog that can help me be me earlier self ? I feel empty and helpless. I have stopped taking the anti depressants, its been 6 months. Iv stopped alcohol, smoking and I now eat healthy.

  106. naveen says:

    Respected Guruji,

    I wish to know more about Yakshini Sadhana and wish to connect with in a way that i do not fall for evil and fulfil the purpose of doing good with the divine guidance. Please advice me.

    Pranam Guruji.

    – Naveen

  107. Pranam Guruji,

    This is Mohan, 34 from New Jersey, USA. I have been practicing Nadishodhana Prnayama(Puraka, Kumbaka, Rechaka – 12:12:12 count) for a week. I was trained in Pranayama from Ramkrishna Mutt when I was in India, but not doing it for a long time.

    After a week of Nadishodana Pranayama Practice this month, below symptoms appeared from no where. 1) Feeling Mild to Moderate Fatigue 24 hrs a day 2) Feeling clear headed, no mind chatter etc. 3) Feeling hungry. Eating 30% more on average and still lost 2 lbs of weight 4) Feeling sensations/pain near mooladhara on and off. I stopped doing pranayama after reading your site and still sysmptoms persists(This is after stopping Paranayam for a week).

    I wanted to become normal again. Can you please advise what needs to be done to become normal and feel normal ? Thank you very much

    Mohan Raju

  108. Raj says:

    Namaste ji

    Is there a way to counter heart palpitations? All medical tests are negative.
    What causes heart palpitations anyway ? It has lead to anxiety also
    Please advise

  109. Swati Sharma says:

    Dear Ad,
    Its my first visit to your website, and i think i landed in the right place. I have a vefy drastic situation going on these days. I began to doubt my better half for no reason. There is war going on inside my mind whether to leave him or leave my family, as my family is not ready to marry me to him. Also there are numerous doubts that starts sprouting in mind for no reason. I always blame him, doubt him for no reason. I have a fear that he will leave me, or cheat on me. Also i am not bale to concentrate on my career . I always found myself stuck in a web of confusion, my decision making is almost gone, i always feel lonely and crave for love. I am very confused, don’t know where i am heading my life. Please help me .

  110. sree malakar says:

    Dear Guruji,

    I have been doing kapalbhati for the last 6 weeks – it was amazing until couple of days back. Since then I started having mild buzzing in the top of my head. I haven’t done any pranayama today but the buzzing still exists. What should I do? My pranayama regime was as follows:

    Vastrika – 20
    Kapalbhati – 600 – 1 per sec
    Anulom bilom – 80

    Please help.

    Sree Malakar

    • Beloved Sree,

      There’s apparently no remedy for trigger of such symptoms after pranayama. This could be a condition of tinnitus which is mostly irreversible except in few cases. The only thing you can do is to refrain from Bhastrika and Kapalbhati to stop it from worsening and wait to return to normalcy. Don’t panic there are chances of this getting reduced over time.

      Also I would recommend you to visit an Audiometrist/ENT specialist to get tested for onset of tinnitus. Once you get the result of test write back, I may have some suggestions to make.


      – Acharya Agyaatdarshan

  111. Om says:

    Respected Guruji,
    I’m 22 , I’ve been doing kapalbhati 5-10 min a day . It feels great after a session of kapalbhati,but I’ve also been going through anxiety ,lack of focus, shallow sleep etc. I just stopped doing kapalbhati thinking it could be the side effects of it.
    Can you suggest some pranayama which are safer and have only physical benefits and little or no spiritual benefits?
    And can I reverse the damage due to kapalbhati?
    And can I do omkar meditation to calm my mind?

    Thank you
    Eagerly waiting for your replay

  112. Om says:

    Respected Guruji,
    I’m 22 , I’ve been doing kapalbhati 5-10 min a day . It feels great after a session of kapalbhati,but I’ve also been going through anxiety ,lack of focus, shallow sleep etc. I just stopped doing kapalbhati thinking it could be the side effects of it.
    Can you suggest some pranayama which are safer and have only physical benefits and little or no spiritual benefits?
    And can I reverse the damage due to kapalbhati?
    And can I do omkar meditation to calm my mind?

    Thank you
    Eagerly waiting for your replay

  113. Franck G. says:

    Dear Master,

    I have read vividly your wisdom input about masturbation (all the 4 parts) and truly I am quite surprised how well the issues were addressed. All that you have said are true about my own experience. This is something that really messed up my life for so long until now that I realized. I practiced yoga for a while while much younger and then with life events I left it there.. I grew up in western culture.. But recently I just realized how hard it is after being steady in meditation, my sexual thoughts, fantasies become so strong in the morning while waking up to the point that my meditation is not quite focused and to the point that I cannot focus most of the times. I completely stop masturbating 3 months ago.. WITH GOD HELP THERE IS NO WAY I WILL GO BACK TO IT AGAIN. AS I REALIZED THAT MY LIFE CONSEQUENCES ARE JUST DUE TO JUST THAT. MY QUESTION IS SIMPLE WHAT CAN I DO TO TAME UP THAT ANGER (As you explained that after stopping masturbating, the anger becomes stronger and looks for something else in you with your frustrations).. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP?

  114. Dear AD
    I am feeling chest pain while breathing.I am a boy of 19 year old. At the time of walking, eating or getting busy in something the pain dissaper. When I sit quietly for study, meditation or something else it again start. I have previously practised pranayam for 2-3 month. I have quit this since 20 days .I think I have done pranayam in some wrong way. There is pain in my chest with everything inhale & exhale, it feels like center of chest become warm. I am also feeling short breathing,nasal congestion and cough. I am feeling so helpless.
    Please kindly help me..

  115. Pranam guruji,

    There’s a problem while browsing ”
    Yakshini Sadhana part III & IV.” Please, fix that. I have read the part I &II but couldn’t able to read those parts as mentioned above.

    Thank you

  116. Raghuvansh says:

    Dear AD sir,
    I have a sedentary lifestyle . I did Kapalbhati for 3-4 days and now I’m feeling shortness of breath, trouble sleeping too. I had stopped doing it since. Will I recover from it on my own or I have to do something else to recover?

  117. Hi,

    I have started doing 4-7-8 breathing exercise taught by MD Andrew Weils,I have chronic anxiety + IBS issues from last 7 years. I started this practice just before 6 days and feeling some great changes in my body.

    I am doing it 4 times a day, mor, eve and 2 random times when feel panic. Doing it 8 times in one session.

    My question is that what is your opinion and review on this breathing exercise? IS it safe? any long term side effects like people get from doing nadi shuddhi sometimes?

    Please I will highly appreciate your answer in this regard as I could not find any side effects content related to this specific breathing exercise on internet including your website.

    Best Regards.

  118. Nirmal Raj says:

    Respected Guru,
    I would like to know if it is good to continue shambavi mahamudra of inner engineering exercise of ISHA yoga,along with my Sri vidya sadhana. I am not a regular practitioner of shambavi. I took the program in 2013 due to chronic back ache (which I had been having for around six months due to a muscle strain, not slipped disc ) .
    on practicing for 2 weeks my back pain disappeared, I also felt lighter with more energy. but I did not practice it regularly for some reason. I practiced it off and on, whenever I felt very low on energy or I started my back muscles aching. Till date I haven’t had any problems while doing the shambavi Maha mudra.
    I started Sri vidya last guru poornima (July 2018). My guru told me to not do any other yoga techniques and just follow my sadhana. At the most, I can do surya NAMASKAR if I wanted to, he said.
    I just wanted to know if there is any harm in doing shambavi of Isha yoga because once a while my back starts aching and that’s when I do Shambavi for a week or two.
    I have read the articles on this site about pranayam and its dangers and also readers experiences of Sudarshan Kriya. Couldn’t find anything about Isha yoga practices specifically though it does contain breathing exercises. I just wanted to do the shambavi for a few days till my back ache goes away . is it harmful for me and my sadhana? Please let me know.
    Yours Sincerely,

  119. Snadeep sardesai says:

    I attended the panchamahabhoota shakti kriya course on the 4th of aug 2019 in pune.
    I hv been doing the kriya daily since the 6th of august, but need further guidance… can u pls help me?

  120. Sandeep sardesai says:

    Acharyaji and ma,
    Wishing u a very happy teacher’s day.
    Im taking this as an opportunity to express my gratitude for accepting me as ur student .
    Thank u so very much and regards.

  121. Sandeep sardesai says:

    Shivoham acharyaji,
    Thank u for ur guidance reg kampa breathing…i am now able to do the panchamahabhut shakti kriya well….
    But my mind keeps wandering around useless things w fantasies during kriya as well as throughout the day, taking away focus from important things.
    Can u pls. Suggest a meditation to stablise my mind?
    I wud b very grateful.

  122. Sandeep sardesai says:

    Shivoham acharyaji and ma,
    Wish u a very happy vijay dashami.

  123. vbrege says:

    Pranaam Acharya ji and Maa,

    Shivoham !

    I had a question regarding the PanchMahabhuta Shakti kriya specific to a current situation in my life….


    Your guidance will be extremely valuable for me.

  124. Prithviraj patil says:

    Respected Acharya,
    I am working on the few techniques from vigyan bhairav tantra. One of the techniques I am working on is being aware in the dreams and transcending dreaming. Few months back I was able to be aware in dreams for some time. But after that I am not able to progress. Please guide and help me to deepen my meditation.

  125. P Cz says:

    Hello AD
    I have been thinking about sex for very very long , up until two years back I have tried my best to suppress my urges , at times even avoiding welcoming girls as I deemed it wrong (I am from a conservative background or thats how people around me would like me to believe) , I was exposed to porn when I was younger and had tried to control myself since then (back of my mind I knew I was watching something wrong) , now you see their is contradiction first I said I avoided welcoming girls and after that I said I have been watching porn . I have been listening to OSHO’s lecture on “Sambhog se Samadhi” . I have been feeling this before watching his lectures and after listening my belief has been solidified , suppression leads to perversion . To some extent I have accepted I am a sexual being and what I thought was love for someone is only desire for sex in its simplicity , it has helped me avoid pornography , but now my dreams are getting more extreme and in sleep I get wet , dreams like a hostel roomate touching me in bathroom (just touching) , another dream , I am in Muslim country, two babies one baby girl , one baby boy just playing like all babies do , i get wet . I need sex (that what I think) . You must be thinking “then go and have sex” . No I can’t there are some issues , I won’t like to date someone just for sex and play with their emotions for my own gratification and then marriage is obviously not an option (I won’t like to destroy anyones life) , casual sex I avoid or fear because of my experience with porn addiction (you can just get lost in it never to return) .

    I also believe that the other side should also be satisfied , but because men lack knowledge of their body the female desire never gets fulfilled , if female desire in this world is fullfilled we would be able to avoid some wars and have some world peace . (World would truly be peaceful if we have some Krishna like people)

    Osho said we can transform this sexual energy into something higher , is that possible please tell me .

    Now my dilemma in most simple terms “I would like to have sex but I don’t like my energy being lost”

    Please guide me (And sorry for chaotic writing)

  126. rajanbhardwajsahal says:

    Sir how can we manage irregular heart palpitations?

    • Shivoham!
      Beloved Rajan,
      You must try anulom vilom pranayama. Four times a day. No other pranayama should be done except this and bhramari.
      If problem is severe you should consult a doctor – preferably a homeopath who can solve this issue by some simple medicines like ‘Digitalis’ in proper potency.
      Love & Light

  127. Anuvansh says:

    Dear Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath ji,
    I am a 18 years old boy who lives in punjab,india and pursuing his bachelor’s in engineering.But from some past months i am feeling inclined towards Maa lalitha Mahatripura Sundari and i feel very deep love towards mahamaata Lalitha and towards Tantra worship of maa.I tried to reach many persons for the guidance in the path of Tantra and how to love maa lalitha or how to do upasana of maa but i never got any answer from anyone but i hope that you can guide me as i cane to know that there is a Sri vidya tradition to worship maa lalitha. My main question is that how should i start my journey to Maa lalitha or on sri vidya i am uninitiated and have no guru and if you can help me please help sir.

    • Shivoham!
      Beloved Anuvansh,
      Glad to see your inclination towards Mother Divine. In our Guru lineage, there are rules for inducting someone in the discipline of Sri Vidya. If you are sure to have it from our holy lineage you have to begin your journey in Tantra first. Prepare yourself through few years of Sadhana in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan. Suggest you visit http://www.shaktimultiversity.com and find out more about it.
      Love and light

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