Am I Ready for Vigyan Bhairav Meditations?

Acharya I am working on few techniques from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra in my daily life. One of the techniques I am working on is being aware in the dreams and transcending dreaming. I tried this method and Few months back I was able to be aware in dreams for some time. But after that I am not able to progress and transcend dreaming. Please guide and help me to deepen my meditation. Your guidance is much needed for me right now.

-Prithviraj Patil

Beloved Prithviraj,

Vigyaan Bhairava Tantra is one of the masterpiece in the Tantric Scriptures, a cookbook of Tantric Dharanas wherein a ‘ready practitioner‘ is being presented with countless opportunities (not 112 methods as you may think) to enter the Source or Reality in one’s daily routine. The uniqueness of Tantra is in embracing life with enlightened spirit. Thus when a practitioner is ready, virtually every activity of life is impregnated with the sacredness of shining spirit within- Breathing, Walking, Desiring, Imagining, Feeling, Touching, Listening, Watching, Sneezing, Sex, Dreaming or any other ordinary looking activity then serves as the bidirectional Gateway for the consciousness though which it expresses itself as infinite and absorbs the ‘infinite’ back into the focal point of inner light.

I am not sure if you have any teacher to guide you which is the necessary evil in the path of Tantra (Guru Upaaya – Refer Shiva Sutra 2:6). It is clearly told that without the grace of Guru the veil of Maya isn’t lifted.. but surrendering, bowing down to a living person in blood and flesh who looks, walks, talks, lives a life like we do is extremely painful task for the ego. Thus people decide to do it all by themselves or choose to worship a Guru who is not in the body forfeiting the essence of Teacher-Student relationship. The fact is, without a living teacher we would not have had even the capacity to read and write..

That is not the point you are concerned with. The reality is you have picked up a Tantric book to apply an advanced Tantric Methods without checking your readiness.


With clouded vision, contaminated energies, accumulated traumas, dormant tendencies of fear, anger, jealousy, and greed, Taattvic imbalances in the very composition in our physicality, clogged subtle channels that don’t allow free, unhindered expression of ever-luminous Consciousness one can never approach meditation. What most people feel meditation is the beginning of search the absolute but the bitter truth is – Meditation does need preparation.

Further, Tantra has the concept of Malas (Impurities). Mala literally means some undesired, malefic presence in any form – gross matter, energy or thought. As per Tantric system there are three categories in which Malas are divided-

  1. Kaarma Mala (Gross – connected with Kriyaa Shakti)
  2. Maayeeya Mala (Subtle – connected with Gyaana Shakti)
  3. Aaanava Mala (Subtlest – connected with Ichhaa Shakti)

The presence of Malas limit the experience of union – The experience of the continuum that you really are rather than an island of individuality.

Kaarma Mala – takes birth in the belief that doing or action is needed to achieve some fruits. Maayeeya Mala – is about differentiated knowledge, associations, projections, mental constructs that deludes us to firmly associate with the multiplicity of existence and Aaanava Mala – is the feeling of a self-identity separate from the existence, all that is.


Actually Malas become important because based on the quantity, intensity and variety of Malas the categorization of practitioners is made. The practitioners are called Pramaataa and are divided into the following 7 categories –

  1. Sakala Pramaataa 
  2. Pralayakal Pramaataa
  3. Vigyaanaakal Pramaataa
  4. Mantra Pramaataa
  5. Mantreshwara Pramaataa
  6. Mantra Maheshwara Pramaataa
  7. Akala Pramaata

Most of the mankind stays in the first two categories i.e. Sakala and Pralayaakala and therefore they need to work on themselves. Working on self means freeing the Mind-Body complex with the help of suitable studies and conduct, cleanse and tone up the Naadi System using the power of breath, attaining Tattvic Balance using Tattva-Shuddhi Kriyas and capacity to deal with the three types of energies (Aghora, Ghora, Ghoratar) by way of connecting with the mantras given by Guru.


Don’t feel that I am discouraging you but the fact is that Vigyaana Bhairava Tantra practices are applicable to people who have lifted themselves minimum to the Vigyaanaakala level and beyond and they need not be picked up by self because if you try a method yourself without knowing the intricacies being explained forehand by your teacher you shall render that technique ineffective for future. That particular technique gets corrupted and won’t work in your mind-body framework even when you get ready!

Beloved Prithviraj, your name says, you are the King of Prithvi, the Earth. Kings do rule this earth but surely not while they are asleep or dreaming but only when they are wide awake, aware of the physicality of their body, this world and their own ego identity. If you want to master an activity.. you have to first practice it while you are experiencing the wakeful state.

Wake up to your ignorance and drop your ego. Surrender to a teacher and follow a system do what your teacher says. Let your teacher choose the suitable Upaaya for you.


-Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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