Effects of Watching Pornography During Pregnancy

I am carrying and may be due to this my sexual drive has become very high. Sadly my husband is out of city and plus since it’s our first child we are little scared too to indulge in sex act but my hormones are acting crazy. I have been watching porn and masturbating. I feel if it’s going to have bad effect on my baby? Scientifically it says I can masturbate during pregnancy, no harm. But spiritually and for my baby spiritually is it OK . I am now in my 6th month . please advise.        – T. Nandini


Beloved Nandini,

If you ask such a question to spiritual mind like me I shall say “Not only your actions but thoughts and feelings also affect the fetus for good or bad as the content/intent of it may be.”

A mother shouldn’t ever forget that she is carrying a ‘life’ within her womb and not just a piece of flesh. Your sacred temple of womb is providing an atmosphere of security, nourishment and learning to a unborn ‘soul’ – the monad of consciousness. Keep in mind a soul (packet of consciousness) has three qualities inherent in it – Power of desiring, Power of Cognition and Power of Action (Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners can read ‘Ichcha Shakti, Gyaan Shakti & Kriya Shakti here). It would be not just unfair but foolish to presume your actions, thoughts and words are not being echoed in your inner sacred temple. And that this soul wouldn’t be affected by it all.

Proof in the words of Indian Masters –

In our great Epic-scripture called Mahabharata written by Maharshi VedaVyaasa there is this story –

Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna, missed to learn the complete technique of destroy and undo the Chakra-Vyuha.  Chakra-Vyuha is a special strategic arrangement of troops and warriors in the battlefield to entrap and defeat the chosen person from enemy’s side.  This boy, Abhimanyu as a fetus in the womb of her mother Subhadra listened to and learnt this technique. It is said Subhadra was pregnant while Krishna was narrating this technique to his sister Subhadra but unfortunately Subhadra fell asleep midway and thus this fetus missed out and could not receive full knowledge.

This example suggests that whatever a mother listens, watches, learns and does during pregnancy it gets transmitted to the fetus without any distortion or attenuation. That when you fall asleep his learning also stops. But who cares? (smiles)

Let me give you another example from our ancient wisdom.

Rishi Uddaalaka was a great ascetic and learned man. Uddaalaka had an able disciple in the name of Kahod. Generally in olden days Rishis were householders too and Uddaalaka was was no exception and had a daughter. The Rishi Uddaalaka gave his daughter, Sujata in marriage to his disciple Kahod. It is of that time when Sujata was pregnant as Kahod was reciting some shlokas. The baby in the womb realized the recitation was incorrect and therefore asked him (his father) to correct it. Kahod got furious with rage upon being interrupted and judged by his own son (still in the mother’s womb). Out of his anger, Kahod Rishi threw a curse on his son that he would be born bent in eight places. Thus the child, Ashtavakra was born bent in eight places. The father’s angry thoughts affected the baby.

This story goes even further suggesting few more things –

  1. A fetus is in possession of power of discretion
  2. Fetus is capable of communicating his/her thoughts
  3. The malevolent or benevolent energies of people around affect the health of fetus
  4. If mother is not trained or powerful enough to ward off the negative/destructive energies/thoughts of people around the chances of fetus being affected are more.

But who cares? After all we are citizen of modern scientific world and believe only that which science has validated. You shall find people around you mostly ridiculing the ancient scriptures as pure imagination rather than representing facts in the stories they tell. Is this any intelligent thing to do?

Scientific Evidences to Peruse-

A study conducted some 30 years ago in 1988 suggested that newborns fairly recognize the theme song from their mother’s favorite soap opera. Scientists in their recent researches have further expanded on the idea of fetal learning, indicating that newborns already familiarized themselves with sounds of their parent’s native language. Such studies have shown that even fetus is capable of recognizing the words spoken by her mother and people around!

A team of researchers led by a Japanese scientist has gone even further to asses the impact of watching different types of films (movies) on unborn babies. And findings were astonishingly pointing to the stories depicted in Indian scriptures. They clearly established that when moms-to-be watched happy movies that made their unborn babies move their limbs more frequently and rhythmically as compared to the sad teary movies when the unborn babies just became almost motionless. Similar tests have been done by many teams across the globe and every time something more astonishing comes to light. The day is not far when scientists will fully validate mystic’s words about in-vivo learning.

About masturbating during pregnancy – Even till today most of medical professionals suggest what is good for you and your child and things like that… I have given the spiritual perspective on Masturbation in separate replies so won’t repeat myself however if an unborn child is capable of picking up mother’s voices and responds to the movies being watched then why that fetus will not pick up/get affected by the mental imagery, sexual thoughts, actions and fantasies of mother.. If we go by Indian tradition any parent as soon as they recognize the need of a child in their life, Garbhadhaana samskaara should be performed. It means parents are to get ready and purify themselves physically, mentally and spiritually before conception and for the benefit of self and the child they maintain nonsexual relationship after conception till the child is born. You should not be surprised to know that there are two more samskaaras namely Punsavan and Seemaantonnayana  that are performed while the mother is still carrying the child in her womb. Why?

It is my conviction that all these systems have been in place to ensure that a fetus which is ready to learn anything and everything should be given congenial and saatvic environment by the mother-father and even other family members. I am not a preacher just a teacher so educating is my goal. Though you are not my student but since you have asked I must tell the truth to you. And that is – Think before you engage in any act, watch a movie, read a book, say a thing or just fantasize. (Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners, you can relate this not only to Shiva Sutra ‘Gyaanaadhishthaanam Maatrikaa’ but many others)

Nandini, science is on the right path but may take another 50-100 years to validate all the ancient wisdom. Till then you have two choices follow the Masters’ wisdom or go by what you feel is convenient and pleasurable to you.. (smiles)

Enough on this..

-Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath is a Tantra master in the kaula tradition of SriVidya. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya offer practical tantric wisdom and initiations to sincere seekers. If you are interested in learning from them you can write to shakti.multiversity@gmail.com or saral.org@gmail.com
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6 Responses to Effects of Watching Pornography During Pregnancy

  1. Aishwarya says:

    I just want a simple reply will it effect the babies emotions at their early age regarding sex if we watch blue films during pregnancy

    • Dear Aishwaya,
      What i elaborated in as many words wasn’t impossible to interpret or inscrutable that you need to replicate the aforementioned query. The uncomplicated rejoinder to the post that would equally serve your cause is ‘by all means’ with a commonsensical rider ‘babies don’t have bodily capacity to express their deeper sexual disfigurations in their tender age’. You would see the retarding impact at appropriate time.

  2. Aishwarya says:

    I just want a simple reply will it effect the babies emotions at their early age regarding sex if we watch blue films during pregnancy

  3. Minha says:

    Im addicted to watching porn videos.. but im not doing sex or masturbating.. but i watching videos this is harmful for my babby?. im 5th month pregnant now

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