Acharya Agyaatadarshan’s reply to a confused youth..

|| You seek and help will be there ||

|| You seek and help will be there ||

Acharya ji pranam,

first of all thanks for your reply….i am a 21 years old boy and i have been doing masturbation for the last 10 years continuously…of course i have tried to leave it many times but failed…now i am surrounded by all sorts of problems…i m losing my hair, i have become very skinny, no energy , feeling tired and fatigue all the time , my mental health has also gone down considerably…i feel tensions, anxiety and headaches all the time…cant concentrate, become very nervous for no reason at all …avoid people and all sorts of things.

sir , in these last 10 years i have had literally no one to share my feelings, i have lived more of a lonely life…and thats why a tremendous amount of negative emotions thoughts and feelings have set inside me…i feel no way out of this

i was an extra ordinary student (because of my memory, my understanding) upto my school level but then everything fell apart….

respected sir …i seek ur help and look forward to u reply to this….i am really in a lot of pain and unhappiness .thank you.   

 – Amit
Beloved Amit,

Although 11 years of age is too early to get into the habit but still understand that all your issues are not related to ONLY masturbation. There are many more things which you should contemplate on changing in your life –

1. Lack of energy, weakness and untimely hair-loss may have to do more than on your routine and eating habits.

Suggestion : In fact you need no authority to tell you that you should get up early in the morning and sleep on time, Exercise regularly without fail (10 rounds of Suryanamaskar after little warm up would be ok). I suggest you consult a physician also to be assessed for any specific deficiency or unknown ailment and adjust your diet & medication (if needed) and food supplements accordingly. It is better to take vitamins and nutrients from natural sources.. (sprouts with milk with added dry-fruits is best morning breakfast).

2. Your lack of concentration and loss of memory is also impacted due to loneliness and feeling of continuous guilt & love-deprivation.

Suggestion : You should start socializing a bit. If not possible to get in to friend circles due to prolonged loner attitude its better to engage yourself in some kind of social activities. Join a social group and engage yourself in service of people. Open communication channels with your parents and siblings.. they would definitely have consideration for you. Spend less time on computer & phone.. better reach out to people and interact.

3. I can see you are seeking help to come out of this habit of Masturbation.

Suggestion : Any habit is formed by repetitive behavior and only way to come out of that is to become aware of the aftermath (future) and choices before you engage yourself in any action. Any time you get an urge for that.. go out, take a walk.. read something good. Make sure you do not expose yourself to erotic materials and keep yourself alone for long duration because both would aggravate your desire.

Lastly, if you have time and resources get initiated in “Tattva Shakti Vigyaan”. The next program is in Delhi on 13th of October’2012 at India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road. Tattva Shakti Vigyaan  has helped many students and young people in harnessing their energies in constructive way. Do not think you are different.. every one has some or the other issue in life to deal with. Earlier we recognize the problem we would get access to solution.

To increase your will power.. in the first place decide your days of fasting and abstinence and adhere to that. Remember – a promise broken would weaken your will-power further. So decide yourself what you can promise and fulfill.

Baby steps please..


– Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

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Experiencing Tattvas in daily life – A new perspective!

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How to stay motivated

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Inaccessible Guru – The Biggest Pain of a Modern Seeker!


Dear Agyaatdarshan Ji,

I was practicing Isha Yoga’s Shakti Chalana Kriya and Shambhavi Mahamudra for the past 1.7 years and stopped over 6 months back. I have been getting this intense forehead pressure and buzzing in ears, extreme states of panic and anxiety when the pressure moves to my head, altered states of reality and hupoventilated slow breathing. Initially the kriyas opened up a completely different world for me, but the last 6 months or so i have been to countless doctors and tests without finding a cause and ridiculing it to anxiety. The pressure increases after eating and reduces after supta vajrasana, it brings the pressure to my throat area, yet leaving me hypoventialted. I have difficulty travelling, walking and even watching TV. Travelling increases the pressure to a great extent, even physical activity makes my breathing and mind go a bit awry. The teachers at ISHA foundation have told me to continue my practices and one even suggested to go to a psychiatrist. I am honestly helpless and disgusted from this. I am bright 24 year old with both spiritual and worldly aspirations and this has ruined mine and my family’s life since the last 6 months. I live in Canada and have no help whatsoever. Please suggest me how can i get rid of this. If you think my case is very serious i am ready to come down to your centre in India to get this fixed. Yogi Ji please help me as i want my life back and my parents want their son back. The Ayurvedic doctor told me its a VATA disorder and its gas moving in an upward direction but couldn’t correct it with his medication.

Best Regards,  S G


Beloved S G,

First things first – I am not a Yogi but a Tantrik. The path of Tantra does use many aspects of Yoga in it and that’s what gives me some authority to guide and help people who are into Yoga. Nonetheless lets talk..

One day Mulla Nasiruddin went to a watch-repair shop. He placed his watch in front of the watch-maker over the counter, which was just the pile of screws, wheels, springs and pieces. Shocked watchmaker looked at the w-a-t-c-h and then at Mulla with big question marks in his eyes.

Mulla immediately said “It fell out of my hands.”

“Why did you bother to pick it up.. all this?” said the watch-maker “Now, nothing can be done. But I have a feeling it has not come to this fate just because it fell off your hands.”

Mulla said almost murmuring “I just tried to repair it a little.”


Watchmaker said “Mulla ji, take it away and throw in the dustbin. Now after your efforts this watch has become completely irreparable”

Whether there are any damages (if at all there are any) or not, whether they are repairable or not, you MUST give ample opportunity to the those from whom you learnt this process. In my opinion it will be unfair to the ‘creator and propagators’ of Shakti Chalana Kriya if I jump into your case without you getting a FINAL reply from them showing their inability to help. You are an educated, intelligent young man and I am sure you would like to approach for the solution in a logical way.

Your approach should be straight and practical. If you gave your watch for servicing in a showroom and later discover that a snag got developed in that ‘healthy-running-time telling’ watch after the ‘service’ which was supposed to give your watch a longer life and smoother functioning. What shall you do? You shall go back to the showroom and demand to meet the Owner to register your unhappiness and take action to resolve your problem. And it would be even more appropriate if you already knew that the Owner himself is the Chief Trainer of all the technicians there. My first and foremost suggestion to you would be to get in touch with the hierarchy of teachers even if that means leading to the Master Trainer. Narrate your issues, work on the suggested regimes and then take a call.

I can understand your panicky situation and I know how terrible it would be to struggle with it everyday but honestly every practitioner of a spiritual-awakening system needs personal guidance.. some more. One out of every ten learners (in any discipline) might need special treatment and high degree of personal supervision and involvement of Master himself because these are truly complicated processes [though might look extremely simple like breathing, making some funny looking hand gestures (mudras) and chanting of some meaningless words (mantras) and bowing down to the void in front of you] which work through the invisible-intangible energy matrix of your body (pranamaya Kosha). Primafacie yours is the case of energies hitting blocked chakras and vayus become irritable. How much damage has been caused can not be ascertained without interacting with you and knowing more details.

So SG, please try few more times to get in touch with the Master, breaking through the hierarchy of the organization you rested your faith on. However if don’t succeed and aren’t able to get to the desired help from your school, I can definitely interact with you and assess what can be done. For further information you can write to the team at our coordinator from New Jersey, USA shall get in touch with you.

In the service of divinity in you,

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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Tantra- The path less travelled

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan

tantraTantra is known as the most mysterious, intense and sensual practice arising from Indian Continent, the land with plentiful, lavish and deep rooted spiritual principles. A practice that just cannot be ignored as it presents the magic, excitement and bizarreness that a modern mind is probably seeking. The word Tantra rings many bells in the mind and one thing is for sure for anybody who aspires to walk the path, that this is a secret and should not be discussed about.  The reason for this basic fear arises from a question that was posed to me to many a times “You learning Tantra???, who is misguiding you?” It is a suggestion that there is something gravely wrong in the understanding about Tantra.

Tantra is the only practice that is guided by an all accepting principle. There is no thought, desire or practice that should be rejected. It is offering success…

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IBS – Hidden Causes and Cures!

|| Curing Constipation||

|| Many reasons even doctors won’t tell you ||

I am suffering from stomach/digestion related issues from last 3 years. chronic digestive issues gave me anxiety and panic attacks last year which in result gave me head pressure, tingling sensations and slight tremors also. i have gonna through all test including blood test, stool test, diabetes test, thyroid checkup, endoscopy etc. all normal accept slight gastritis. I tried kapalbhati it is giving me stomach cramps. i tried turmeric supplements but it gave me very heavy menstrual peirods. i am 32 years female from Gujarat. Having 4.5 year old boy (normal delivery). Allopathy doctors said it is IBS and stress related.

I have made dietary changes and taking medicines from patanjali (1 chitrakadi vati + 2 udramrit vati from 2 months) it is helping with condition but have not cured it. they gave mulethi kawath also but it doesn’t work and gave me some weird symptoms like nausea. pls suggest be best and natural way to come out from this condition. Waiting or your reply.   – J. George

Beloved J,

There are normally two angles for any chronic issue like the one you are reporting. The first one is physical wherein you have developed a physical defect in your system which is causing this condition. The defects can also be under two categories 1. caused by certain skeletal-muscular disorientation/deformity 2. due to certain bacterial infection or something similar to it.  Let me try presenting you my readings (though there are not much of the facts available in your mail) in your case

One thing which I would like to bring your attention to, since you have gone through the whole period of 9 months carrying a child and then delivering it normally. You should know that both these phases take toll on vertebral column especially the sacral, sacrum and pelvis. Yet again, during the normal delivery procedure there is considerable movement in the bones forming the ‘pelvic girdle’.

There are some joints in the pelvic girdle (even other joints too, see image) and If during the delivery you have developed some strain in the deepest tissues that may cause inflammation. Such mild inflammation in long term can cause you back pain (though you have not mentioned any back-pain however I suspect you would be having some heaviness in the lower tummy (below navel and around your hips). Such a pain is caused by structural misalignment or injury to any of these joints in the pelvic girdle. Pelvic problems can be the root cause of all such symptoms which you are reporting. I am not a qualified doctor or orthopedic surgeon yet I am saying all this with my own understanding of human body from the perspective of Yoga and Tantra (well seasoned Tantrics can prove to be the best therapists I bet.. laughs). In fact it is my observation that most of the people (males or females) who suffer from IBS have root cause in either lower back or SI joint. It is generally caused due to injury, strain caused by excessive driving, rash dancing, extra long sitting hours in offices, lack of exercises for strengthening the muscles of pelvic and lower back region. Doctors may take clues if they like (smiles).

Now about my suggestions if above is root cause of your issue – (I will suggest you do these exercises even if you doubt that such is the case and report back your progress). The management is based on primarily calming the inflammation and developing muscular strength in pelvic, hips and lower back region. Following is suggested –

  • If you have gained weight (around your tummy) during your pregnancy, find out your own ways to reduce it. Some fat-melting belts or wears can be used for the purpose.
  • Lie down on your back. Bring both your knees to the chest curving the spine and try lifting your buttocks off the mat. This should create strain in your abdominal muscles. Count to 20 (not too slow nor too fast) and come back in normal position. Begin by doing 3 rounds each time i.e. morning and evening (empty stomach) only to increase gradually to 10 rounds over next 6-8 weeks. Refer to the figure below –

Knee lift2








  • Second exercise suggested is as below (in blue). It can be called a pelvic lift along with rotation. The feet placing should be done so as to make lift comfortable however one thing you should try here that is putting least weight/pressure on your feet. You should try lifting your the pelvic region using the strength of abdominal muscles (as much possible). Here also you should apply the count of 20. Start with 5 lifts gradually increasing it to 10 over 6-8 weeks.
  • Third thing is – Learn Kegel exercise and do it at least twice daily. You may couple Kegel with the above suggested pelvic lift. The best way to couple it with mentioned exercise is by inducing and maintained contractions while butts lifted.

Pelvic lift






  • Always check your posture while you are standing. Slight forward strain (as if you are thrusting upward in sexual intercourse) should be maintained along with vertical alignment of chest region with it.
  • To calm down inflammation (if you have heaviness in abdominal region or back) use ice-packs at least once a day.
  • Taking herbal supplements for reduction of inflammation like one TSP ground turmeric with one glass of milk everyday.
  • Sunbath for 50 mins (uninterrupted) along with good calcium intake is must.
  • I suspect you would be having problem of UDF (un-digested food in excreta) because that is the case mostly when people suffer from IBS. Yes so, I suggest taking 2-3 gms of Bel Chruna or half a cup Bel syrup every night.
  • If nothing is available take some amount of Gur (jaggery) after every major meal.

If all my previous observations about dislocated joints or traumatised inner tissues are not correct then there is second possibility of having some infection etc. You say tests are all normal and nothing is wrong in there. Then…

When nothing seems to be wrong with the pathology it ought to be psychology!

Although you have not mentioned what keeps you busy, what is your routine, what are your own assessment about the stress-creating factors in your life but one thing seems to be quite clear – your problems started when your child was about 1.5 years old. Although if there were reasons for you to be stressed those were most present when you were bringing up your child but I think during those times you were truly engaged and occupied with the blissful feeling and company of your newly born baby without any thoughts of anything else. And when your child became little independent, not needing you much… you became aware of the fact that the amount of love and care ‘You’ used to receive from your partner and others has reduced. Though quite normal and natural is this phase of life yet that’s scary a feeling which most of women aren’t able to cope with.

You need to re-think and find out the exact reasons of stress in your life because just ‘excess of work’ and ‘busyness’ has never been able to stress anyone in this world! Reasons can be many… such as  lack of motivation, no goals in sight, no sense of achievement, lack of appreciation, reduced energies affecting sex-drive, reduced physical attractiveness, lack of attention from your loved ones especially your partner and insecurities arising out of such things. I just gave random examples.. in fact only you can point out the exact reasons in your case. Once the list is ready then only you can work on those. I leave resolution of these conflicts to you. In case you find any help you can consult a counselor or write to me again. Even now I can suggest how to bust the stress. The mantra is – Love, Laugh and Share!

Beloved J, I am neither a doctor, physiotherapist nor a psychologist but a Tantra-Yoga Master. So, when I put that cap on.. only thing I wish to say to you is that ‘once you are able to recognize that you are not the body but the keeper of your body. After you realize that you have come here alone and have to leave alone and no one is going to share your pain and agony. When you understand that life has a bigger purpose than growing old and collecting people and things around… you shall become peaceful.’

But that happens only to sincere people.. who are ready to stand out and question the obvious rather than spend their whole life in fixing the problems of body… The problems of body can be cured while walking the path of self-discovery too but I know hardly anyone’s interested in that these days. (laughs)

Get well soon..


– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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Opportunity to Support a Girl Child’s Education!


Dear Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners,

After losing our volunteer Sumit in a fatal road accident we approached his family and pledged our support for the education both of his daughters. In line of the same we have asked a moderately good residential school in the district of Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh to support us and they have readily given a INR 30,000/- waiver on the overall fee for the child (Baby Priyanshi Trivedi, aged 8 years). Letter attached.

SPS letter of discount approval

We need to deposit INR 63,000/- ASAP to ensure her admission in the school with hostel facility.

Looking forward to your support to make this happen!

For making donations please write to us on or

N.B. – Sacred Association for Rejoice and Love is not entitled to receive any foreign donations as our case is still under processing at FCRA department of Home Ministry of India.



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