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Tattva Shakti Vigyaan


The Shiva is spontaneous force, innocent and all-powerful. Though He sits silently as witness at the core of everything but you should not forget that it is ‘His’ Shakti that creates, sustains and annihilates the infinite cosmic celebrations around us. When Shiva is realized within He is realized through his Shaktis the ‘gyaan’ and ‘ichchaa’. The power of knowing and Power of willing. When He is experienced in the Urja chakra He is seen with Paarvati. Paarvati represents the Shakti of Gross (tangible and material – Energy and condensed energy – matter) world.. Parvati in our being is originating from Muladhara (Prithvi) and residing at ‘her very own place’  the Swa-Adhishthaan’ as kula kundalini.

When it comes to physical manifestation that is in the Aham-Idam frame, the Shakti becomes manifest in the form of Bhairavi, Shiva follows and incarnates as Rudra or Bhairava. Shiva is seldom visible to aspirant…

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Cultivating and Living with Siddhis – All about Psychic Powers (Part II)


Last time we outlines types of siddis or psychic powers. We left our discussion on a point where you would have been speculating whether any such accomplished people really exist or have ever existed. Well.. there are innumerable examples and stories of tantrics, yogis and adepts across religions scattered over the timeline of history. Many incidents of such miracles have been well documented too but we can always challenge those incidents claiming play of trick, mischief and use of technology (magic). It is true because even ‘seeing can not amount to believing’…after all what entertaining magic and magicians are all about? They create the illusion of miracles but with some or the other material trick or technology.

However let me still place some spiritual masters of the ‘widely talked’ miracles. These ‘never-proclaimed-spiritual-magicians’ could manipulate the rules of this world (illusion created by Maya) without using any trick or material technology but only their cultivated power of ‘directed will’ (mind) or through use of their ever-potent Kundalini shakti (energy). I shall also try sharing exact disciplines/methods through which these adepts could display such miraculous powers.

Before dwelling in historical figures I would rather want to discuss about those experiences which we have personally had. Here are those encounters and the secrets about the powers they shared. The first mention I shall make is of my first Guru.

|| परमपूज्य प्रथम गुरु, प्रातःस्मरणीय पं. श्री मुरलीधर जी मिश्र||

Pratham Pujya Gurudev Pandit Shri Murli Dhar ji Mishr

My beloved father and my first Guru Pandit Shri Murli Dhar ji initiated me in the spiritual path through Suryopasana and Yoga. We called him ‘Babuji’, his friends and colleagues respectfully called him Guruji. Now I understand why even his friends called him Guruji. Babuji was practising Yoga from his Gurukul days and had mastered many aspects of it (in late 1960s) in the benign company of a Siddha Yogi (everyone referred to him as Yogiraj. Those days Shri Yogiraj used to live in a kuti (thatched cottage) near Chaupara Mandir in the outskirts of this small township. And as indicated to my father in some conversation that he would now leave for Himalayas… he left his ashram one night without informing anybody. Everybody was sad that day.. people searched and searched but nobody ever came to know of his whereabouts. I have asked the team to pull out Param Pujya Yogiraj ji’s photographs from my personal archives and if possible I shall share some of them for you in future posts) during his prolonged stay at a township called Raath in the district of Hamirpur where he was serving in the Food and Civil supplies department of then undivided Uttar Pradesh. We grew up seeing him spending his morning hours in Yogasana and Dhyan whether it was chilling cold or dreaded summers. We saw him perform Nadi-Shodhan, Nauli, Dhauti, Kunjal, Neti etc. on regular basis and shankh-prakshaalanam twice a year in a disciplined way year after year.

He never claimed to have any siddhis but what everyone around him (including family) knew he had few mysterious powers. I had seen him saying many times “कमरा ठीक कर दो, कोई आने वाला है” (make the room, someone is coming shortly)… such declaration (because sometimes he will tell exactly who is coming) he will make amidst his reading some book leisurely and that came true exactly every time. The surprising thing was that even some guests, upon arriving shall tell during the greetings etc. that they had no plan of visiting him but decided only an hour ago or few minutes ago (I clearly remember the faces of those colleagues and relatives of ours who said such things upon arrival). We wondered how come he comes to know this.  It was those times when there were no mobile phones, pagers, instant messengers even our home did not have a landline phone at our home those days. Of course today it is no surprise and we have all the means for connecting with people around the globe but that wasn’t the case then. In fact all these modern day inventions and technologies are successful endeavours of translating the ‘possibilities and capacities of perfected human mind and managed energies’ available to non-yogis.

How Siddhi of knowing things in advance is developed –

Today kids are so pally with their parents and can not only ask so many questions but even ‘question’ their parents’ actions and decisions.. but in our childhood days we were not so (deliberately avoiding suffixing any adjective for modern kids.. but we happily accept being what we were ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘fearful of our parent’ however let this be clarified this fear was rooted in respect and anticipation of being caught saying something wrong or of crossing out limits in our words or actions. I never asked him about this magical power and he never explained about this with me. But in later years upon perfecting the knowledge given by him I can tell you what makes it possible. Even when I discussed this siddhi with other Gurus they also agreed to me that there’s no specific sadhana about it except to have least possible mental chatter. With the ability of distinguishing subtle energy spandas (surge of vibrations) through advancement in Dhyana, especially with that type of Dhyana that continues even after leaving the meditation seat (asana) such messages can be clearly received. I owe this knowledge and power to my first Guru.

||Guruma (R) with Gurudev Shri Kaleshwaranand ji (C) at Kamakhya||

Second siddhi which was at Babuji’s command was Vaak Siddhi. In fact this particular siddhi we have seen and experienced in many other saints and Guru’s of Gurumandala. To mention a few our Vama Tantra Guru Kaleshwaranand ji, Guruma Mahabhairavi, our Vidya Guru Kaul Shiromani Shri Shivanandnath ji, Kanno Guru ji Maharaj, Naga Baba at Triveni Bund Prayag, Aghori Baba of Hanuman Temple in Prayag (Nana ji), Agyaat Guru Yogi ji… they all displayed Vaak Siddhi. I have never seen any declaration (even things they said in anger) of all these adepts proving wrong in time. Those who don’t know what is ‘Vaak Siddhi’ – It is power of speech so profound that words uttered by such a siddha person always come true.. come what may! It is also mentioned in Ramayana by Tulsidas ji in a doha “व्यरथ न होय देव ऋषि बानी” (words spoken by Devatas or Gods and Rishis or adepts/siddhas never go in vain.. means it comes true!)

How Vaak Siddhi manifests –

Vaak Siddhi is expression of one’s desirelessness and benign intentions for every creature of the world. There are many ways but with my own experience I can tell that this power (Vaak Siddhi) comes with ajapa-jap anushthaanam of minimum 5 years but there are other ways too. I remember once speaking with Guruma Mahabhairavi ji on this topic when she said.. “Once you perform Chakra-Puja for 3 consecutive years this power is ignited and words of such a sadhaka can never fail”. With this conversation I understood that even paaraayan of Durga Saptshati may also gives this power. Another way which was given by Kanno Guruji was that one should not speak untruth. This way he said leads to vaak shuddhi and leads one to vaak siddhi. Fourth method for this power to come is ‘Maun Vrat (vow of silence for willed period)’ and least use of words. This was told to my father by Naga Babaji of Triveni Bund, Prayag.. Another secret ritualistic method for vaak siddhi is given in our Guru lineage and that is based on Saundarya Lahiri sadhana. For that matter even ‘Sabar Mantra Sadhana’ is also there for cultivating this power. I have had no connection with Buddhist monks and therefore do not know if they too have some mantra based spiritual practice for it but in my personal conversations with multiple Jain sanyasis they revealed another mantric way of attaining vaak siddhi. But one thing should be noted all mantric and ritualistic ways of attaining vaak siddhi require one to be initiated by a proficient Guru. A Guru plays the role of protector and guide in every spiritual (yogic or tantric.. here tantric includes mantric and yantric ways of all religious paths) sadhana.

Siddhis are traps when they are used indiscriminately, non-spontaneously, for self-gratification or with planning to rule the world. But despite being a futile venture psychic powers cultivated spiritually is engaging… it is sheer joy to know how many unknown and miraculous powers are hidden within this framework of human mind-body-kundalini.

In the next part I shall discuss about other siddhis… other personalities.. their personally cultivated methods, experiences of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners on psychic powers and what secrets Masters share about cultivating particular psychic powers through various spiritual (yogic & tantric) practices.

Blessings from Masters,

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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Igniting and Living with Siddhis – All about Psychic Powers (Part I)


We keep receiving many SOS messages from many Tantra amateurs. There was heavy influx of requests for guidance in Yakshini Sadhana after the post on that subject from me. Honestly speaking, considerable number of mails from the DYI type practitioners who were pathetically struggling for even their day to day survival after engaging in the unholy task of taming the Yakshinis was an unpleasant surprise that forced me to think the obvious ‘WHY PEOPLE ENGAGE IN SUCH THINGS THAT THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND?’.

I also got few comments full of ‘education’ and ‘hallucinating experiences’ claiming to be already enjoy the company and love of some gorgeous, voluptuous Yakshinis. I know those were people who, probably had read about Yakshinis in different books and freely sharing ‘their’ perspective trying to claim their share of fame and pride. As a rule I have given instruction to the ‘Blog Management Team’ to not publish/allow any comments without my approval therefore all these remarks came to me for my perusal. Upon which, I simply instructed the team to ‘mail’ those ‘educators’ asking them to provide their background of real, hands on experience in the field, their Guru Lineage and current master etc. so that we know ‘where they are coming from’. And no surprise… not a single mail received a reply! It was kind of a litmus test which proved that most of online resources and ‘Gyan-factories’ on the subject of ‘Tantra Sadhana’ are being run by ‘copy-edit-paste’ or ‘read-re-write’ type people having NIL experience of this esoteric and ritualistic process.

                                                 || Siddhis – Boon or curse? ||

It is no surprise to see uninitiated people entrapped in cyclones of many ill-tempered shaktis and negative energies just because they are not able to control their urge to know the unknown and gain powers (siddhis) but I feel really sad when even initiated people ‘Fall’ and destroy themselves. I am sure their teachers and Masters would have given them proper brief of the subject but alas!… Few days back I was presented with a message from my Team. This message was left for us on our Facebook Page. I thought of picking a thread of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Sadhana from this message and educate all my beloved disciples. Before I discuss the subject of Siddhis see the message for yourself (The names have been withheld to keep the identity secret) –

 Dear Sir /Madam, I would like to get advice on the below matter concerning Telepathy. This is regarding my uncle Raxxsh Nxxr. He was practicing Sri Vidya tantra for decades and with that he used to practice telepathy. With practice he use to test and read other people’s mind and also sometimes he use to make them irritate. But it was just a kind of childish behavior for which he is guilty. But he had very good capacity to do such things, One day doesn’t know and how it happened, his thought started broadcasting. This was something unusual for him also. All his secrets started revealing outside. In his own native place it was difficult to live. It was the age he should earn for his secured life. But all turned around for him. All the neighbors started getting irritated of him. All wanted him to die or him to go away anywhere. But this is what I call destiny. He got job in gulf country, but he was not able to work because of thought broadcasting. It was a problem for his colleague. He had to leave the earning and the place .Which was very difficult and put him a big problem. Many people experienced it, His entire relative thinks it is illusion, but I don’t think it is illusion. Because I have read about this kind of mind powers. As this person condition is very dull, he don’t need financial help now, he need to get his problem solved and get rid of it He know only Malayalam, he can tell more clearly , if you give help him or if you don’t want to do it then please give me any contact person who solves his problem and give him remaining better life I appreciate in advance your kind gesture to guide me on the same. 

Can you please help to get him out of this? – V. M.  

Siddhis : Real of Fig of Hyper-Imagination?

Siddhis or Psychic Powers should be simply understood as cultivation/enhancement /perfection of human capacities sometimes to unimaginable levels. Those who are students of Yoga and have read Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra they would know, in Vibhuti Pada there are many psychic abilities and siddhis that are gifted/achieved upon perfection of mind-control i.e. upon attaining Samadhi.

In our Tantric texts, like in Shiva Sutra Siddhis have been hinted (without giving complete account of it) through the mention of words like ‘Bhuta-Prathakatva’, ‘Bhuta-Sandhaana’, ‘Vismay’, ‘Visha-Samghatta’ etc. that is attained in ‘Bhairava’ state. Some of these siddhis are said to be within 24 Tattwas and some are achieved after penetrating the coverings of maya ‘the Kanchukas’.

In fact there are innumerable number of Siddhis. Someone who attains siddhi is called ‘Siddha’ and each one of us is Siddha in our own right because another meaning of word ‘Siddhi’ is perfection. We can debate on this word ‘perfection’ saying.. nothing can ever be perfect so.. what is perfection? However there’s another word which we can use here… that is called Kushalata ‘Excellence’. So even a daily wager, a mason, a surgeon, actor, truck-driver.. everyone… is siddha (has perfection) in many things.. Why? Because they do many things ‘excellently’ and achieve perfection in action (Yogah Karmashu Kaushalam : The BhagwadGita) within their capacity.

Today’s ‘Excellent’ is tomorrow’s ‘shoddy job’. As we evolve.. We look back at our own past works and wonder.. “Was THIS the BEST of me? Can’t believe!”. So siddhi is a dynamic preposition and can not be defined in a static framework of human capacities. Things which one could only dream about 100 years ago are within the reach of common masses (albeit through use of external technologies). There are many people born with extra-ordinary capacities and talents and for that they are referred to as superhumans. Scientists would probably link all these ‘beyond normal’ capacities to either the genetic material DNA or capacity of something intangible by senses (mind or thought). Therefore we may still debate on whether all the siddhis or powers (psychic or otherwise) which find mention in ancient texts are for real or not but there’s no denying in fact that if a human being trains his mind he can definitely display miraculous powers. Just to add every age (time period) has its own charter of Siddhis – so not all kind of siddhis can generally be attained by everyone in a particular age.

Still there are and would be some powers every human would want to possess because having those gives a sense of being ‘different from herd’, ‘more capable than others’ and therefore being worthy of ‘respect and admiration’ and these are listed below –

Ashta-Siddhis : The Eight Great Psychic powers

  1. Animaa : One becomes able to be smaller than the smallest. Such a person can assume the body size even lesser than the subatomic particle therefore capable of penetrating every ‘matter’ in this cosmos
  2. Mahimaa : One can become as large and big as the universe
  3. Laghimaa and Garima : Ability to attain any frequency in the entire spectrum thereby ability to alter one’s weight and to be able to travel with the speeds greater than light
  4. Praapti : Ability to manifest any object from void (what we call appearance of things out of thin air)
  5. Praakaamya : The Bhairava/Bhairavi/Yogi/Yogini equipped with such psychic power can fulfill any desire he/she has
  6. Ishitva : Seemingly such a Yogi appears to defy or withhold the set laws of nature such as walking on water or fire, breathing fire etc.
  7. Vashitva : Such a Siddha/Yogini can control other being’s (humans and animals included) actions if he/she desires so
  8. Kaama-vasayitava : It a sense it is culmination of all the siddhis one can have such a Yogi can do ANYTHING! Virtually nothing is impossible for such a Yogi. This is THE highest of all Siddhis any Siddha can acquire. In tantra it is referred to as Vishwa-sanghatta.

It is documented and believed that only a select few Tantra/Yoga practitioners with high spiritual calibre can attain such Siddhis but this is also to be noted that such Yogis seldom reveal their capacities and it is extremely rare to see them use these.

Not all yogis & Tantric practitioners (even the realized ones) stay in the Major Siddhi zone (being nearer to the primal source of creation) as they are pushed towards kaivalya state or Shiva-Shakti consciousness (as that is the actual goal of all the arduous sadhana/ practice) abruptly. Albeit most of the practitioners, during their sadhana do experience few other siddhis or psychic powers occasionally or even persistently. For example

  1. A Yogi/Tantra sadhaka may not be bothered by thirst, hunger and may overcome any other physical appetites/needs
  2. Sadhaka can perceive and hear far sounds and even conversations among people
  3. Whatever one says comes true – it is called Vaak Siddhi
  4. Such a Yogi/Tantric has capacity to produce any fragrance (good and bad both)
  5. A Sadhaka is capable of seeing distant events and this sometimes happens even involuntarily
  6. In deepest state of trance/meditation/Shiva-Shakti Saamyujya a Sadhaka’s body lifts above the ground – Called Levitation
  7. An accomplished Tantric/Yogi can travel to any location merely by thinking of that location. This is in fact piercing of Niyati Kanchuka in Tantra’s terminology.
  8. Such a Tantric/Yogi can acquire the shape of any being he/she wants. Just as we read in many great epics such as Ramayana we have story of Rakshasas taking shape of Animals or different looking person
  9. Entering into someone else’s body at your will – It is also known as Parakaya Pravesh.
  10. Yogi can choose when he wants to leave this mortal body – Ichchaa Mrityu is another name for it
  11. Having access to other lokas and witness the activities of beings in those realms
  12. Such is the power of Sadhaka that if he desires for any event to happen.. it will happen
  13. A sadhaka many times gets baffled to see other’s thoughts in his mind. This may happen as will or even involuntarily
  14. Sadhaka is endowed with the power to nullify the effects of poison in his own body or even others
  15. If a Tantric practitioner stumbles upon this power or siddhi he/she becomes invincible (mostly this is displayed in the debates or Shastrarthas)

Early Mistakes in the company of Masters : Blessings in Disguise

Lot many people tend to adopt spiritual practices only to gain some sort of exceptional capacities or psychic powers.. referred to as siddhis in yogic/tantric/religious texts. In fact it is quite natural and human to seek power, position, capacity and knowledge.. psychic powers are definitely included in the list of one’s to-achieve list. As a beginner what else one can seek? Many times people think what is the harm in freely using a power gained through Tantric rituals and Tattva Shakti Vigyaan sadhana. Our Gurus have told us hundreds of stories where siddhis became not only hurdles and roadblocks in spiritual progress but totally destroyed the sadhakas.

I must confess to have used the ‘power of teleportation and telepathy’ very early in life (but only once in 1985) because very soon (within 7 days of influencing someone) a horrible life-threatening situation struck me. I had no option than to narrate the whole story to my Guru, my father Pandit Shri Murli Dhar Mishr ji and I can tell you it was real embarrassment to tell him what I had done. To cut the long story short what followed was Guru’s refusal to share more on the subject. He made me to wait for long 2 years to ensure I was mature enough to receive further teachings! A similar teleportation experience baffled Shakti Devpriya ji during her stay in Banasthali, Rajasthan in late 90s while trying to do something miraculous with the use of Prateek Vigyaan. She partially lost her ability to distinguish between the dream and reality for almost a month, upon knowing which Gurudev had to first heal her to normalcy and then took a promise for not using Prachya Prateek Vigyaan methods for trying to change or break the rules of visible reality. Thankfully we learnt our lessons early and stuck to our grounds thereafter…

Now as a teacher of the subject, we too come across many such people (mostly seeking help in saving them from drowning due to willful engagement in siddhis or psychic powers). It is also a fact that if one’s Guru is in body one should approach him/her. In the absence of Guru one should look forward to solution within the Gurumandala as first choice and if that’s not possible then only you should seek help from others. Unfortunately not all cases can be brought to normalcy.

To make a mistake is human.. repeating is Foolish!

Taking up Sadhanas and practices only for developing siddhis or psychic powers is a common beginner’s mistake. Such an approach is rooted in one’s ignorance about the actual chemistry of spiritual practices. Everyone can be called a beginner at some point therefore to accept the fact that we can be ignorant should not be difficult. And to do away with the darkness of ignorance you need a guide, a Guru, a teacher.

Every spiritual practice has associated dangers. You may ask “What kind of danger?” but your asking itself is rooted in your ignorance. Only answer possible to this question would be ‘You are not aware of the larger chunk of reality and there are so many unknown forces and processes of universal energies which are not perceptible to human sense organs and lot many most advanced-fuzzy-logics beyond comprehension for even most powerful computers we can ever develop. Frankly speaking the dangers are enormous and sometimes ever-irreversible – Imagine a giant planet or star being swallowed by a ‘black hole’.. It’s gone, there’s no explanation to why that happens. Ask any scientist and he will tell you that nothing can be done about it once the event has started happening. All tantric and Yogic literature is full of warnings against chasing siddhis. They are not advised for a sadhaka for their ability to “suck us in and destroy us completely”.

A true Guru shall always tell you in the first place that the sadhana/practice is NOT aimed at any positive effect in material world and if at all anything positive happens it is just the grace of mother Universe upon us to only ease our way of self-exploration by reducing the external roadblocks and enhancing attention in seekers. Secondly if any of the disciple is found to be in the attainment of some psychic powers the Guru shall discourage his/her disciples from misadventure of all kinds. More or less if one examines carefully he will surely find that –

  1. Cultivation of Siddhis is pure wastage of time.
  2. Digression from your goal of self-realization
  3. It only promotes your ego and exacerbates your lower tendencies
  4. Temptations are high and ultimately if you have not purified in your intellect and prakriti you shall start deriving sadistic pleasure very soon
  5. Ultimate issue with siddhis and their show is that it sucks your potential out leaving you an ordinary man (scared of death and entangled in the cobweb of passions) at the end. A golden opportunity that is gifted with the blessings of Guru and grace of Divine gets lost.

Can I ever get Psychic Powers?

You can definitely get Psychic Powers but there’s a lot of difference in getting Psychic Powers and wanting psychic powers. If you are in right place the Guru shall tell you what to do and what not to do in your spiritual practices. You just need to continue doing your practices as advised and slowly dormant powers start unfolding. Actually most of the people who run after siddhis are trapped by negative forces as they are in hurry and hungry for powers. Such people are taken over by negative forces very easily because they are not purified in their intentions and energies.

One must understand that there are multiple ways of exhibiting miracles and magic. Depending on which way you gain these powers your fate especially ‘Life After’ is decided. Among many there are ways which can be referred to as ‘The Higher ways’..

Well.. I wish to discuss it all here for the clarity and guidance of DYI ‘Power Seekers’ and all Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners but it is in the light of Gurumandala’s wisdom, Sacred Tantric Texts and of course personal experiences I wish to warn all Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners to stay neutral to all sorts of miracles manifested around them and attribute those events ONLY to the grace of Gurumandala and divine Mother rather than their own. We owe all our psychic powers to them. And in such a case if we commit a mistake they play saviour. But if you don’t pay heed to these words of Masters then you are doomed.

 More on Siddhis such as how these are acquired? What are principles at work? And also I am sure you would want to know if you can ever see/meet any living person who is capable of displaying any of these siddhis. I shall talk about these things and also show you that all the mysterious powers (siddhis) attained through the practices of Tantra Yoga result from a mastery of the elemental.

That shall come in my next session..

Till then enjoy your Sadhana and stay blessed.

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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Saundarya Lahiri – The Tantric Way of invoking Divine Beauty in Life!

For those who are not hooked on to Tattva Shakti Blog.. Shivoham!

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan


Gururbrahma Gururvishun Gururdevo Maheshwara

Guruh: saakshaat Para-Brahm Tasmayi Sri Gurave Namah:

I request the Gurumandala to accept  my humble salutations… Namaste!

I have been taking up Shiva Sutras for US based Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners & all of you here in India felt deprived of ongoing learning with Gurumandala.  So, that’s one of the reasons for taking up this new series for you. Also we see, some of you have truly grown with your Sadhana and we feel that you can be given more to experiment with and deepen your experiences before anointing you with Higher Deeksha.

The last but the most ‘mattering’ reason is that – in all these years of our public interaction Ma Shakti Devpriya ji and I have received innumerable requests from people to speak on some tantric text that not only helps one in raising one’s consciousness but also saves them from the hardships…

View original post 1,307 more words

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Effects of Watching Pornography During Pregnancy

I am carrying and may be due to this my sexual drive has become very high. Sadly my husband is out of city and plus since it’s our first child we are little scared too to indulge in sex act but my hormones are acting crazy. I have been watching porn and masturbating. I feel if it’s going to have bad effect on my baby? Scientifically it says I can masturbate during pregnancy, no harm. But spiritually and for my baby spiritually is it OK . I am now in my 6th month . please advise.        – T. Nandini


Beloved Nandini,

If you ask such a question to spiritual mind like me I shall say “Not only your actions but thoughts and feelings also affect the fetus for good or bad as the content/intent of it may be.”

A mother shouldn’t ever forget that she is carrying a ‘life’ within her womb and not just a piece of flesh. Your sacred temple of womb is providing an atmosphere of security, nourishment and learning to a unborn ‘soul’ – the monad of consciousness. Keep in mind a soul (packet of consciousness) has three qualities inherent in it – Power of desiring, Power of Cognition and Power of Action (Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners can read ‘Ichcha Shakti, Gyaan Shakti & Kriya Shakti here). It would be not just unfair but foolish to presume your actions, thoughts and words are not being echoed in your inner sacred temple. And that this soul wouldn’t be affected by it all.

Proof in the words of Indian Masters –

In our great Epic-scripture called Mahabharata written by Maharshi VedaVyaasa there is this story –

Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna, missed to learn the complete technique of destroy and undo the Chakra-Vyuha.  Chakra-Vyuha is a special strategic arrangement of troops and warriors in the battlefield to entrap and defeat the chosen person from enemy’s side.  This boy, Abhimanyu as a fetus in the womb of her mother Subhadra listened to and learnt this technique. It is said Subhadra was pregnant while Krishna was narrating this technique to his sister Subhadra but unfortunately Subhadra fell asleep midway and thus this fetus missed out and could not receive full knowledge.

This example suggests that whatever a mother listens, watches, learns and does during pregnancy it gets transmitted to the fetus without any distortion or attenuation. That when you fall asleep his learning also stops. But who cares? (smiles)

Let me give you another example from our ancient wisdom.

Rishi Uddaalaka was a great ascetic and learned man. Uddaalaka had an able disciple in the name of Kahod. Generally in olden days Rishis were householders too and Uddaalaka was was no exception and had a daughter. The Rishi Uddaalaka gave his daughter, Sujata in marriage to his disciple Kahod. It is of that time when Sujata was pregnant as Kahod was reciting some shlokas. The baby in the womb realized the recitation was incorrect and therefore asked him (his father) to correct it. Kahod got furious with rage upon being interrupted and judged by his own son (still in the mother’s womb). Out of his anger, Kahod Rishi threw a curse on his son that he would be born bent in eight places. Thus the child, Ashtavakra was born bent in eight places. The father’s angry thoughts affected the baby.

This story goes even further suggesting few more things –

  1. A fetus is in possession of power of discretion
  2. Fetus is capable of communicating his/her thoughts
  3. The malevolent or benevolent energies of people around affect the health of fetus
  4. If mother is not trained or powerful enough to ward off the negative/destructive energies/thoughts of people around the chances of fetus being affected are more.

But who cares? After all we are citizen of modern scientific world and believe only that which science has validated. You shall find people around you mostly ridiculing the ancient scriptures as pure imagination rather than representing facts in the stories they tell. Is this any intelligent thing to do?

Scientific Evidences to Peruse-

A study conducted some 30 years ago in 1988 suggested that newborns fairly recognize the theme song from their mother’s favorite soap opera. Scientists in their recent researches have further expanded on the idea of fetal learning, indicating that newborns already familiarized themselves with sounds of their parent’s native language. Such studies have shown that even fetus is capable of recognizing the words spoken by her mother and people around!

A team of researchers led by a Japanese scientist has gone even further to asses the impact of watching different types of films (movies) on unborn babies. And findings were astonishingly pointing to the stories depicted in Indian scriptures. They clearly established that when moms-to-be watched happy movies that made their unborn babies move their limbs more frequently and rhythmically as compared to the sad teary movies when the unborn babies just became almost motionless. Similar tests have been done by many teams across the globe and every time something more astonishing comes to light. The day is not far when scientists will fully validate mystic’s words about in-vivo learning.

About masturbating during pregnancy – Even till today most of medical professionals suggest what is good for you and your child and things like that… I have given the spiritual perspective on Masturbation in separate replies so won’t repeat myself however if an unborn child is capable of picking up mother’s voices and responds to the movies being watched then why that fetus will not pick up/get affected by the mental imagery, sexual thoughts, actions and fantasies of mother.. If we go by Indian tradition any parent as soon as they recognize the need of a child in their life, Garbhadhaana samskaara should be performed. It means parents are to get ready and purify themselves physically, mentally and spiritually before conception and for the benefit of self and the child they maintain nonsexual relationship after conception till the child is born. You should not be surprised to know that there are two more samskaaras namely Punsavan and Seemaantonnayana  that are performed while the mother is still carrying the child in her womb. Why?

It is my conviction that all these systems have been in place to ensure that a fetus which is ready to learn anything and everything should be given congenial and saatvic environment by the mother-father and even other family members. I am not a preacher just a teacher so educating is my goal. Though you are not my student but since you have asked I must tell the truth to you. And that is – Think before you engage in any act, watch a movie, read a book, say a thing or just fantasize. (Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners, you can relate this not only to Shiva Sutra ‘Gyaanaadhishthaanam Maatrikaa’ but many others)

Nandini, science is on the right path but may take another 50-100 years to validate all the ancient wisdom. Till then you have two choices follow the Masters’ wisdom or go by what you feel is convenient and pleasurable to you.. (smiles)

Enough on this..

-Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath is a Tantra master in the kaula tradition of SriVidya. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya offer practical tantric wisdom and initiations to sincere seekers. If you are interested in learning from them you can write to or
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Acharya Agyaatadarshan on Shiva Sutras – Gyaanam Bandhah (Hindi)

‘शिव सूत्र’ तंत्र के सर्वोच्च ग्रंथों में से एक होने के साथ-साथ एक साधक के लिए गुरुगम्य साधनात्मक प्रक्रियाओं की भूमिका तैयार करने में अत्यंत सहायक है। ‘शक्ति मल्टीवर्सिटी’ के इस चैनल के माध्यम से हम तंत्र के गूढ़ रहस्यों के सम्बन्ध में कौल एवं वाम मार्ग श्रीविद्या के पूर्णाभिषिक्त आचार्य श्री अज्ञातदर्शन आनंदनाथ एवं माँ शक्ति देवप्रिया जी के द्वारा दिए गए प्रवचनों व कार्यक्रमों के अंशों को जन-सामान्य व जिज्ञासु साधकों के लिए प्रस्तुत करने का प्रयास कर रहे हैं।
प्रस्तुत विडिओ प्रवासी भारतीयों एवं अन्यान्य मूल के अमेरिका में बसे हुए तत्त्व शक्ति विज्ञान साधकों के लिए आचार्य अज्ञातदर्शन जी के ‘शिव-सूत्र’ के प्रथमोन्मेष, ज्ञानम् बन्धः (शाम्भवोपाय : २) के अंशों पर आधारित है।
आशा है आप सभी सुधीजन इनमे अपने कल्याण के सूत्र अवश्य ही खोज लेंगे।
‘Shiva Sutra’ is regarded as the original teachings of Tantra by Lord Shiva himself. A practitioner receives the actual method and practices from one’s Guru however understanding these sutras prepares a fertile ground for making the most from those methods. We have come up with a new Youtube channel by the name of ‘The Shakti Multiversity’. Through this medium we shall be sharing the excerpts and teachings of Ma Shakti Devpriya ji and Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath for the benefit of common people and sincere seekers of spiritual guidance.
This video presents the excerpts of a ‘Shiva Sutra’ discourse which was taken by Acharya ji for the US based Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners. The sutra being discussed in there is ‘Gyaanam Bandhah:’ which is second sutra in the first awakening of the scripture classified as ‘Shambhavopaya – The method of self-realization in Tantra for the seekers of highest caliber’. We know, as an intelligent seeker you shall definitely be able to extract the relevant lessons for your personal spiritual growth from this.
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Acharya Speaks on Shiva Sutras – Gyaanam Bandhah (excerpts)

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