Acharya Agyaatadarshan on Shiva Sutras – Gyaanam Bandhah (Hindi)

‘शिव सूत्र’ तंत्र के सर्वोच्च ग्रंथों में से एक होने के साथ-साथ एक साधक के लिए गुरुगम्य साधनात्मक प्रक्रियाओं की भूमिका तैयार करने में अत्यंत सहायक है। ‘शक्ति मल्टीवर्सिटी’ के इस चैनल के माध्यम से हम तंत्र के गूढ़ रहस्यों के सम्बन्ध में कौल एवं वाम मार्ग श्रीविद्या के पूर्णाभिषिक्त आचार्य श्री अज्ञातदर्शन आनंदनाथ एवं माँ शक्ति देवप्रिया जी के द्वारा दिए गए प्रवचनों व कार्यक्रमों के अंशों को जन-सामान्य व जिज्ञासु साधकों के लिए प्रस्तुत करने का प्रयास कर रहे हैं।
प्रस्तुत विडिओ प्रवासी भारतीयों एवं अन्यान्य मूल के अमेरिका में बसे हुए तत्त्व शक्ति विज्ञान साधकों के लिए आचार्य अज्ञातदर्शन जी के ‘शिव-सूत्र’ के प्रथमोन्मेष, ज्ञानम् बन्धः (शाम्भवोपाय : २) के अंशों पर आधारित है।
आशा है आप सभी सुधीजन इनमे अपने कल्याण के सूत्र अवश्य ही खोज लेंगे।
‘Shiva Sutra’ is regarded as the original teachings of Tantra by Lord Shiva himself. A practitioner receives the actual method and practices from one’s Guru however understanding these sutras prepares a fertile ground for making the most from those methods. We have come up with a new Youtube channel by the name of ‘The Shakti Multiversity’. Through this medium we shall be sharing the excerpts and teachings of Ma Shakti Devpriya ji and Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath for the benefit of common people and sincere seekers of spiritual guidance.
This video presents the excerpts of a ‘Shiva Sutra’ discourse which was taken by Acharya ji for the US based Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners. The sutra being discussed in there is ‘Gyaanam Bandhah:’ which is second sutra in the first awakening of the scripture classified as ‘Shambhavopaya – The method of self-realization in Tantra for the seekers of highest caliber’. We know, as an intelligent seeker you shall definitely be able to extract the relevant lessons for your personal spiritual growth from this.
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Acharya Speaks on Shiva Sutras – Gyaanam Bandhah (excerpts)

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The Gita: Srimad Bhagwadgita: श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता : Chapter 2:02

|| परमपूज्य, प्रातःस्मरणीय पं. श्री मुरलीधर जी मिश्र||

|| परमपूज्य, प्रातःस्मरणीय पं. श्री मुरलीधर जी मिश्र||

I bow down to lotus feet of my first Guru, my revered father Pandit Shri Murli Dhar ji Mishr,  Vidya Guru Kaul Shiromani Shri Shivanand Nath ji, Yoga Guru Paramhamsa Shri Balendu Giri ji Maharaj, Tantra Guru Shri Shri Anta Devji Maharaj, Vama Guru Shri Kaleshwaranand Ji Maharaj and all the compassionate Masters, divine souls of Gurumandala..  I pray for their love, support and guidance..


अथ द्वितीयोऽध्यायः ।   साङ्ख्ययोगः

श्रीभगवानुवाच ।

कुतस्त्वा कश्मलमिदं विषमे समुपस्थितम् ।

अनार्यजुष्टमस्वर्ग्यमकीर्तिकरमर्जुन ॥ २-२॥

The Lord says:

“How, in such critical odd moment comes upon you this despondency – a behaviour improper for an Arya, disgraceful and detrimental to the attainment of Swarga (heaven), Arjuna?”

Few things to understand – Lord Krishna has used two words which require special mention the first one is Anaarya (Unlike Arya) and second is ASwargya (Not leading to heaven). These words coming from Yogeshwara, Jagadguru Shri Krishna need to absorbed without using any prism of philosophy, faith, religious belief or mysticism here. As I said this commentary is being taken up by me fundamentally on the premise that all these words were spoken by Krishna & Arjuna (if not in real time then through telepathy). Therefore every word coming from Lord Krishna, the Master of Masters of Yoga, the God incarnate has to be accepted in its truer sense without giving it color of philosophy. At least for this commentary I am refraining from philosophising for the sake of simplifying the subject and make it less complicated for the ordinary, so called practical, scientific temperament-oriented, sense trusting intelligent modern man.

And for the sense-trusting men Swarga is ‘non-existent’ as neither Swarga or Heaven is direct experience of his senses nor it is written in modern books or even testified by scientists in the laboratories. So, this must be explained before we proceed because if you miss the real meaning of the first piece of advice coming from a Master in all probabilities you shall miss the whole Gita. If you are not able to understand, accept and internalize these words or if you outrightly reject the concepts being propounded by Master here then you can still read Gita merely for the sake of reading, memorizing and singing it’s verses to impress yourself and others however you have already missed the point.

Krishna had been listening to Arjuna’s lamenting and confusions so far patiently but is bit perturbed upon his decision..

Arjuna in the state of confusion and shock had said this before dropping his bow..

यदि मामप्रतीकारमशस्त्रं शस्त्रपाणयः ।

धार्तराष्ट्रा रणे हन्युस्तन्मे क्षेमतरं भवेत् ॥ १-४६॥

“.. even if sons of Dhritarashtra kill me (unarmed) It would be better.”

And listen to Krishna now.. He expresses his dismay in the first sentence (question) he speaks. “How, in such critical odd moment comes upon you this despondency – a behaviour improper for an Arya, disgraceful and detrimental to the attainment of Swarga (heaven), Arjuna?” It is clear that Krishna is surprised to see such a behaviour of Arjuna that’s why He first fires the question then adds Arjuna’s name at the end  of the question.

Though Krishna may have seemingly got surprised and blasted with a question but his expressions in such an spontaneous eruption are still impregnated with a higher vision and broader understanding of how a human life should be spent gracefully – Keeping one eye on the physical and another on the spiritual or Ethereal plane.

The first thing Krishna indicates to Arjuna belongs to material, worldly, physical and social realm – अनार्यजुष्टम )‘Unlike Arya’. This is the first word in this verse which needs explanation. Most people, even in India think Aryans as descendants of a race. Even people have misplaced understanding that Aryans were invaders who came from North. Some people are so blinded that they say the fair color of skin is not the characteristic of Indian race and only South Indian Dravidians are true Indians. For the clarity on the subject we must know that ‘Aryaavart’ is another ancient name of the original undivided India also known as Bharatvarsh (only later to be called Hindusthan {relating to river Sindhu or Indus} and its English version India). In fact Arya is a sanskrit word meaning ‘Noble, Worthy, Holy, Civilized’ and Aryaavart literally means ‘abode or home of the Aryans – the holy, noble, excellent ones. The Arya therefore is a collective qualitative adjective conferred upon the humans of this holy land rather than their racial or featural distinctions. The Aryan are supposed to be following an evolved truth-serving social and justice system rooted in spiritual values to save the positive human values on this earth from the ill-oriented ones.  Arya is the word which defines the willingness to adopt positive, rightful behaviour to help goodness prevail on this earth (matter) and peace in personal life (mental). The Aryan way of action is that creates an atmosphere of goodness, freedom and love – all the positive attributes coming to life on earth. Aryan way is to create goodness or Heaven on earth even if that comes at the cost of fighting a battle with ill-minded, unrighteous one’s. Arjuna seems to be forgetting this fundamental principle in his decision.

But human life in the view of a realized Master like Krishna is not limited to this material world. He is capable of seeing the continuity in the journey of individualized consciousness (atma) through various stopovers in Ethereal planes before re-entering this material realm again hence he is using another word (अस्वर्ग्यम) not leading to Heaven (meaning thereby a dissatisfied composure of soul in the ethereal realms beyond the material realm). Another meaning of sanskrit word swarga is ‘creation’. If we take this meaning the intention of usage of ‘aswargyam‘ would mean ‘something which does not create any opportunity’.. and this meaning shall be acceptable to most of logical minds I am sure. Human life is a continuous circulatory movement around three states of consciousness – waking, dreaming and sleeping. Apart from the waking state no other state deals with the worlds connected to outer sense organs.. but the experience of dream and sleep is a reality.  I do not see any reason.. whatsoever, to discount the experience of dreaming and sleeping because even dreams are ‘experiences’. And tantra says the perceived idea is as real and tangible as any physically manifested object therefore swarga as a state of experiencing between two lives (incarnations) has to be a reality. Matching it with the words of other spiritual masters we know that for a Yogi or Tantric practitioner this Heaven (swarga) may indicate to the unbound possibilities and even freedom (swatantrya) of divine consciousness. Such an experience and actions therein would be in non-matter or in the ethereal plane only BUT as real as this waking reality.

In particular, these two words  Arya (denoting behavioural attributes contributing to Kirti in material plane) and Swarga (denoting actions aimed at Kirti in the ethereal plane) of Krishna’s first sentence need to be understood, pondered upon and investigated personally by each one of you. As your empowerment (attainment of Kirti), evolution and enlightenment happens during your repeated travel between the matter and ether. Kirti (कीर्ति) is accumulated positive vibrations/energies as the outcome of any good (rightful duties) karma (actions performed).

As already stated the name of the Arjuna appears at the end of question showing that this question from Krishna in itself was more important than the person whom this was directed to. In place of Arjuna whole humanity can be placed. Only if you could become more aware you would see that…this is ‘The Question’ which your inner voice definitely asks at all those times when you take a decision in a hurry, or blinded by selfish motives or deluded by wrong interpretation of truths.

Being aware of this inner voice in all situations is what shall lead you to a divine balance in your choices.. such that your actions (or even inaction as in case of Arjuna’s decision to not fight the war) arising out of your decisions such taken shall serve you good in both the planes of existence. Only such action shall creates and adds to the amount of goodness (Kirti) in material experience (society) and otherwise (in your personal inner space).

“Why are you foolishly giving up?” asks Krishna to each one of us.

Blessings from Masters..

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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Lanes of love have always been too narrow!

|| Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath ||

Dear AD,

It’s my first visit to your website, and i think i landed in the right place. I have a very drastic situation going on these days. I began to doubt my better half for no reason. There is war going on inside my mind whether to leave him or leave my family, as my family is not ready to marry me to him. Also there are numerous doubts that starts sprouting in mind for no reason. I always blame him, doubt him for no reason. I have a fear that he will leave me, or cheat on me. Also i am not able to concentrate on my career . I always found myself stuck in a web of confusion, my decision making is almost gone, i always feel lonely and crave for love. I am very confused, don’t know where i am heading my life.

Please help me.



Beloved Swati,

Too little time in life. Life is heading towards a tragic end.. the final breath. Can you afford to spend it like this? Those who think that the current situation is drastically bad, they may be alright.. But the trouble is with the ones who expect tomorrow to be better without they themselves getting any better! With similar attitudes continuing and given set of of people involved in one’s life, tomorrow is NOT going to get any better than today. In case you too think this.. please Get up.. smell some coffee. What they say… Uttishtha.. Jagrata.. 🙂

The seat of this conflict is mind. Quite predictable mind is – so much so that people can be thought be just some prototype. You are nice but your mind is not. You are full of joy but mind is not allowing you to access that sweet core of yours. What are you doing currently to change your mind?

You say.. ‘I doubt Him’. It is not so unnatural to doubt because the mind’s nature is to doubt.. to question.. to seek certainty by focussing of uncertainties.. (whether that is achievable or not that’s another question) however I can tell you.. You are normal if you are doubting. But if you are not being able to see how this doubting helps in building your relationship then it is foolishness..

This man approached a very beautiful woman in the large supermarket and said, “You know, I’ve lost my wife here in the supermarket. Can you talk to me for a couple of minutes?”

“Why?” asks the women puzzled at such an idiotic request.

“Because every time I talk to a beautiful woman my wife appears out of nowhere.” man replies.

Does it give you hint of what a prototype is like? No! Alright.. No problems… You see this man seems to know her woman.. and still loving her. You may want to get such a man in your life too. But the issue is.. if you want to have someone like this in your life, who can understand your habit of doubting etc. and still love you.. You are expecting bit too much. It’s not that you can not but you will have to have few billion dollars as your own or parental property. But then unfortunately you would see that you are loved for your money you have.. not You. Isn’t life a lose lose game?

|| Spirituality is smiling innocence! ||

Yes, the war is always inside. It is in every mind. Each day people go to bed hoping that tomorrow when they shall open their eyes the world will be different. Alas! Sun has still risen from the East. Clock seem to be running at the same pace. There are no rainbows in the sky and worse.. today there is a thunderstorm making it even more difficult for you to reach office. If you continue to expect rosy situations around and outside you.. there are no hopes. Only way to feel good is in ability to see goodness around by training your mind to see it. To win the war Change your focus. What are you doing to train your mind to be able to focus on ‘good’?

Whether we actually want or not but we definitely change. Everyone changes irrespective of what or who he/she is… there are no exceptions. The only exceptions are in those people who change consciously. Further exceptions are those who keep a note of what they want to change and which part of them needs to change. I suggest you to stay the same rather than changing for worse. Pray regularly and your prayer should be.. “God give me strength to change what I can. Give me courage to accept what I can not and give me wisdom to be able to differentiate between the two.”

Bob is 32 years old and he is still single. One day a friend asked, “Why aren’t you married? Can’t you find a woman who will be a good wife?” Bob replied, “Actually, I found many women I wanted to marry, but when I bring them home to meet my parents, my mother doesn’t like them.” His friend thinks for a moment and says, “I’ve got the perfect solution, just find a girl who’s just like your mother.” A few months later they meet again and his friend says, “Did you find a girl? Did your mother like her?” With a frown on his face, Bob answers, “Yes, I found the perfect girl. She was just like my mother. You were right, my mother liked her very much.” The friend said, “Then what’s the problem?” Thomas replied, “My father doesn’t like her.”

Swati, you can never be liked by every single person you know. Drop the wrong idea that love always means liking someone 100%. You can be loved but still be disliked for some of your traits/habits etc. Be ready to accept it otherwise You may get tempted to become likable. That is no solution either. So if you are contemplating change.. do it for yourself. Spiritual person is one who is comfortable with oneself but still aspires to better oneself. What are you trying to change in yourself?

You are fighting and arguing with your friend. You are blaming him always. You are doing this.. knowingly. You are pushing him to behave like this.

One night a man walks into a bar looking sad. The bartender asks the man what he wants. The man says “Oh just a beer”. The bartender asked the man “What’s wrong? Why are you so disturbed today?”. The man said “My wife and i got into a fight,and she said she wouldn’t talk to me for a month”. The bartender said “So what’s wrong with that”? The man said “Well the month is up tonight”.

Your Wish is Supreme

|Pray for Forgiveness|

Swati, Love is an energy which can help you heal anything.. only you need to know hot to transform it. In your case.. Try spend time together with your beloved in silence. Do not touch each other.. do not talk. Just be together. 20-30 minutes are more than enough… You will see there is a joy enveloping you.. you will know there is a lot to learn and enjoy in this silent presence of loving energy. After this silent encounter thank each other and part away. Experiment with this and see in just 21 days your life’s problems will start falling apart and new light shall start creeping in slowly.

Learn to drop your fears. Come out of your insecurities. Become lovable. In general Listen more.. speak less. Focus on positive outcomes. Love yourself, if you can’t love yourself then you can not love anyone. Trust yourself. It will help you develop trust in people. Look within.. Learn from the mistakes of others. You won’t live long enough to make all of them yourself. Forgive people for their mistakes. Accept your own mistakes. Be courageous to take decisions. Learn to love that one most important person of your life – It is You!

All the confusion shall disappear. Decisiveness shall come back. You shall become capable of giving love rather than craving for it. This is not too much asking.. this can be done! YOU WILL DO IT!


Just Meditate! Meditate 30 minutes twice daily and Smile always.

“Don’t cry foul if occasionally you land up in the wrong place.. Get up, shrug it off… and move on with a smile on your face.” 

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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The Gita: Srimad Bhagwadgita: श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता : Chapter 2:01

|| परमपूज्य, प्रातःस्मरणीय पं. श्री मुरलीधर जी मिश्र||

|| परमपूज्य, प्रातःस्मरणीय पं. श्री मुरलीधर जी मिश्र||

I bow down to lotus feet of my first Guru, my revered father Pandit Shri Murli Dhar ji Mishr,  Vidya Guru Kaul Shiromani Shri Shivanand Nath ji, Yoga Guru Paramhamsa Shri Balendu Giri ji Maharaj and all the compassionate Masters and divine souls of Gurumandala..  I pray for their love, support and guidance..


अथ द्वितीयोऽध्यायः ।   साङ्ख्ययोगः

        सञ्जय उवाच ।

तं तथा कृपयाविष्टमश्रुपूर्णाकुलेक्षणम् ।

विषीदन्तमिदं वाक्यमुवाच मधुसूदनः ॥ २-१॥

Sanjaya the impartial observer and tele-seer said to Dhritarashtra “Lord Krishna said these words to Arjuna whose eyes were downcast and tearful and who was overwhelmed with compassion and despair.”

Although whole Gita is being seen and narrated to Dhritarashtra by Sanjay but just as first chapter began with words of Dhritarashtra’ this second chapter of Gita begins with the words of Sanjaya. Although the above shloka (verse) is continuation of the same sentence which Sanjaya began saying in the last chapter as below..

सञ्जय उवाच ।

एवमुक्त्वार्जुनः सङ्ख्ये रथोपस्थ उपाविशत् ।

विसृज्य सशरं चापं शोकसंविग्नमानसः ॥ १-४७॥

… but the wise author of Gita, Maharshi Veda Vyasa deliberately places ‘Sanjaya and his words (Uvacha)’ once again at the beginning of this chapter that is referred to as ‘The Yoga of Transcendental Knowledge‘.. the understanding pertaining to the highest of the three planes of existence and experience physical, mental and spiritual. Why?

Ordinarily man is never interested in ‘Knowledge’ because he is busy in physical (material) and mental (intellectual) faculties.. collecting, perceiving, sorting, analysing and judging sensations, words, images, situations and feelings etc. All these things do not give knowledge but ‘information’. Unlike a Yogi’s the inner climate of the ordinary perceiver in such a state is what we call ‘active’. Desirous of one polarity of experiences, he is actively looking at things (not observing), he is actively breaking the perceived reality through analysis (not absorbing), actively categorizing into ‘good/bad’, ‘hot/cold’, ‘beautiful/ugly’, ‘normal/bizarre’ (not accepting as a whole). Such is the state of Arjuna here but this chapter is about the ‘Transcendental Knowledge’ which begins to emerge only when our mind is trained to be still, unbiased, free of making choices, non-judgemental, all-accepting but ever alert. In the moment everyone’s mind is turbulent including Arjuna’s but the state of ‘Sanjaya’ is apt for receiving ‘Transcendental knowledge’ because it is he who as a seer is in the process of ‘observing without judgement’. This chapter could begin only with two names – one Krishna or Sanjaya and Sanjaya’s mention and his words at the beginning of this chapter are the most apt choice because Krishna is the source of ‘the light of knowledge’ and Sanjaya the perfect representative candidate to receive it.

So far in Gita, Krishna has spoken only once when he told Arjuna to watch everyone in the army of his enemies and now Krishna’s discourse is to begin.. but see… when Krishna is choosing to speak. It is the time when Arjuna has completely run out of his enthusiasm for fighting the war, a time when he is completely overwhelmed by the circumstances, when he is done with and has exhausted his logic.. when seemingly he is feeling utterly helpless… a kind of emptiness.. a temporary silence!

It is this temporary silence within when you can listen to the words of inner Guru.. the divine within. Inner silence is prerequisite to listen to God’s words… His divine guidance is ever available to those who are capable of immersing themselves deeper into their minds where there’s no chattering and noises… This state is the beginning of pratyahara in Yogic view. This state is the beginning of Japa in Tantra. This state is eye-gazing and breath watching in Vama. The same state of ‘hollowness’.. and temporary separation from the physical material world is available to us in extreme grief, compassion, despair, Anger and confusion but to be able to use these moments as launching pad in the journey of ‘Self-Discovery’ we need to be in the company of ‘Sat Guru’.. Krishna stands there for Arjuna. He is there to help Arjuna make use of this opportunity of battle with Kauravas in discovering ‘Dharma’ and ‘Satya’… but only when Arjuna surrenders.. completely.. with tears in his eyes.. pleading for support in every breath.

Likewise every Master and his/her spiritual systems/methods/techniques provide controlled environment to invoke ‘Sanjay’ in you… silence the mind to be able to see the light of ‘Truth’.. to be able to hear the words of divine. They have to use methods because they can not wait for Kurukshetra to happen in your life or probably they truly see you battling in Kurukshetra without your recognizing it… more so out of compassion because they have been through it.

I have heard… A Zen master goes upto a hotdog cart by the street and says “Make me one with everything.” The counter boy fixes a hotdog and hands it over to the Zen master, who pays him with a $20 bill.

The counterboy puts the bill in the cash-drawer… swiftly closes the drawer and gets busy in attending the next customer.

“Where’s my change?” asks the Zen master annoyingly.

The counterboy smiles and says “Change must come from within.”

For most of you the material world, people, things… don’t work the way you would like them to..  samsara… the ‘wheel of unending activities’ continues to revolve as per the will of the Creator of – Prapancha.. Time and Space. If anything you have control on, that ought to be within.. that has to be ‘yours’. Your ‘Sanjaya’ the unbiased buddhi has to sit silently to observe your battle.. exactly then your Gita is ready to unfold… but… Are you truly convinced that you’re done with your logic? Is your Master the only hope in this moment? Is the only desire in you is for ‘the Truth’?

As you ready to surrender your ego.. accept the commands of your Master.. deepen your trust.. the Knowledge starts emerging from within. But let me tell you accepting commands from Master is not easy.. you will see Krishna


– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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Dangers of Third Eye Activation | Ajna Chakra Meditation – Part I



Eye in the Sky – The Helix Nebula, 700 light-years away from Earth!

“Millions venture into meditation/yoga/pranayam /healing without any real guidance taking extremely simplistic view of mind-body-breath-energy-consciousness and science of it. You may be tempted to experiment with some or the other technique after watching a video or reading a post. Such an adventure may turn into nightmare if you are not prepared to handle the experiences in your way.” warns the Master.



First things first – Any sort of experimentation in the domain of activating/meditating on Third Eye (for that matter any chakra) before understanding the anatomy of your personal cosmos, energy principles and real force what Third Eye is; It is not only futile but dangerously self-obstructive to the extent of self-destructive.

Secondly one should understand clearly the difference between meditation and ‘trying to meditate’ for if there is ‘trying’ there’s only forced effort which meditation is NOT.

Thirdly, One MUST develop capacity for recognition, acceptance and reconciliation of The Truth – I am the world. Rootedness in one’s true identity is the canvass upon which myriad of possibilities of experiencing present themselves safely.

Lastly, the meditator is personally responsible for  and must arrange a personal shield to protect against possible damage of one’s quintessential energy-fabric, individual identity and  intellect during the process of experimentation. This arrangement in referred to ‘Guru’, Master, Teacher or Guide in general.

I shall try to cover each one of the above aspects in this series but still would like the readers to stay rooted in their reality and not jump onto the diving board right away.


ANYTHING! Is the answer.

I just recall this very recent incident related to one of my known (i’ll call him MK here) who became interested in meditation and tantric deity/demi-goddess sadhana after reading some OTC Books. Such ‘Over the Counter’ books are readily available in India at every street vendor/Railway platforms. Inquisitive people get attracted to these books for obvious reasons. What to say of common people I confess to have found these books in the personal libraries of many ‘healers’, ‘spiritual guide’, ‘Yogis’ and ‘Enlightened Gurus’. Anyways..

What I knew was that this MK, who was trying to meditate was a moderate but regular drinker however there were many more things… which he told later. When he started suffering from mild but persistent moving pain in the forehead, base of nose he consulted me. He complained that whenever he tried to focus on anything this pain got aggravated. Even popping an ‘aspirin’ or ‘saridon’ tablet won’t help.

When he confided in me..

In MK’s own words “… being in business gave me lot of freedom. I had desires and unfortunately I had money too. I would drink regularly.. used to take 1-2 bottles of beer during the day. We enjoyed paid sex. That mostly happened whenever my business partner and I were on tours. We would just ask the hotel manager to ‘arrange’ and they would. All this I was doing without any sense of guilt. It was normal… just normal. All the while I was very much interested in spiritual and occult books. And there I found a book talking about ‘Third Eye Activation’. All the allurement for getting into the practice of Third Eye was an assurance (as given in the book) that after activation it was possible for me to summon any woman in my astral and do what I liked. So I began the practice. It was around June 2010 when I started. For almost 3-4 months every evening I used to sit and try to meditate. I shall focus in the middle of my eyebrows (chant some mantras) for almost half an hour. Initially I saw colours, light. At times I would see some real people and beautiful creatures as well. I could interact with them and that made me very excited about it. All these experiences gave me boost and I continued hoping to get the power to summon anyone in my dreams but by the end of August this peculiar heaviness appeared in the base region of nose which refused to go. The more I tried to get away with it.. more it troubled me. It was really very annoying. I took painkillers also but that did not help. I later noticed that whenever I am in the sexual act or ‘drinking’ this pain would vanish. Therefore I had a way to relieve myself. Only during those times and whenever I was under the influence of alcohol.”

Just to cut the long story short.. even after taking my advice MK could not help but continued with drinking and other habits because he had no willpower left to implement the suggestions. The situation got bad to worse with each passing month and in few years finally (in April 2016) he was admitted in the hospital with ‘Pus in the Liver’ and mentally deranged condition and body weight reduced to 38 Kgs. He was lucky to survive that surgery and two month long stay in hospital. Today he is out of drinking habit because doctors have warned him but he still sees and talks to spirits off and on.

MK, now in his early fifties is still struggling.. Otherwise normal behaviour of this gentleman shall change abruptly as soon as someone starts talking about spiritual matters (mention of words like mantra, soul, meditation, gyan, devi-devata… almost anything can trigger this) with him. He becomes a changed man.. In those moments he feels himself to be the highest authority in this cosmos, calls himself Brahman… chants vedic mantras and koran suras, claims to control the universal forces and giving commands to Gods and Goddesses…

Honestly speaking, though overwhelmed and amazed MK is speaking ‘his true experience of potentialities’, I know but sadly can’t go back in time NOW to develop the capacity of handling it all. There millions of such people, I have met with hundreds of them and saw only few things in common (barring very few exceptions)- Absence of preparation and lack of guidance. BUT there’s no need to get scared as above is not the ‘only outcome’ of working with ‘Third Eye Centre’. One can truly enrich one’s own and life of people around by following a disciplined approach to tap the powers from ‘Nebula of potentialities‘ called Third Eye. There are so many success stories too!

In the next talks I shall take up the anatomy of personal universe in special reference to third eye. We shall also see different methodologies in grounding, sequential opening and ‘switch opening’ processes using the power of deities and Yantras. Above all we shall discuss the basis of our experiences and how we perceive some potentialities as real, surreal and hyper-real and reasons for this in the light of Tantra.

Enough for today!

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

*This talk is given in response to the question asked by a sufferer.

 Namaste Guru ji,

Guru ji iam 24 yrs old. i have done meditation (concentrating on third eye) but from last six months i am feeling very weird type of energy at centre of my head. Its like dynamic pressure. it move when i try to resist this flow. when i sit still it feels great peace but i cant able to get rid of it. earlier i felt blessing, divine favour and protection but now i feel just opposite of it totally disconnected from reality. continuous resistance to this force which i don’t know is tiring and suffering. please guru jee tell me remedy how i get well. if you suggest i can visit you anywhere in India.


Manish Singh

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