Pranayama without preparation can cause unexplained diseases!


Dear Readers, disciples and friends,

I have been warning people about the indiscriminate usage of a particular Yogaanga pertaining to breathing – The Pranayama. It has only been out of compassion and in the spirit of keeping the ancient discipline of Yoga intact. I have probably wrote the maximum number of articles and posts concerning this subject. Looking at the statistics of this blog site, comments and hits on various posts I can safely say that by now at least 4,00,000 people read the posts relating to pranayama and probably have gained insight through these posts. Although it becomes quite repetitive for me to mostly keep writing about one subject but despite that I can do that for still millions are to be educated.

The team that manages the blogs , facebook page and help centre had been and still receiving thousands of mails and comments from people across the globe ever since the posts on authentic processes of Yoga and Pranayama were made live. These comments and mails are mostly in appreciation, quite a few queries and many condoning but some are skeptic too. All that is fine but then some people started posing serious doubts on the intention behind these writings of mine. Such as below –

You sound very negative in this article, looks like you are not happy that somebody is teaching entire yog ayurved to common people for free.

Danny Stark (

I understand such comments come only from those practitioners of Pranayama and various Kriyas who have seemingly benefited from their breathing exercises. In some posts I have explained this too that ‘how’ and ‘in what conditions’ of your body such Kriyas and even wrongly done pranamayas seem to give good benefic results on physical level. There are many well documented studies to prove the fact that eunuchs have more rugged and powerful bodies than ordinary fertile men. Why should most of eunuchs ( gone through forced castration) have longer life and otherwise feel full of energy despite that missing ‘creative force’ (Virya) in them? It happens so by forcibly shutting down or stopping the energy flow in certain channels (nadis) of your physical body your physical strength and longevity can improve drastically.

There are many reasons to believe that engaging in indiscriminate practices of high-speed breathing (pranayamas) kriyas involuntarily and unknowing breaks many subtle energy channels of your body therefore depriving you for many subtler creative and higher abilities but can definitely make you more body stronger. Are we okay to let go the finer functions of mind-body complex by creating such a havoc in energy-body through voluntary turbulence of wind (breath) without having prepared our system to handle it? It is upto us what we wish to settle for.

Its is not my person view but all authentic books on Yoga including writings of Vedic period such as Yoga-Tattvopanishad, Yoga-Choodaamani Upanishad etc. that Nadishodhan is a prerequisite for any other pranayama. I have quoted this verse many at times but on the cost of repetition here it is once again given –

Hikka kaasas-tathaa-shwaasah Shirah-karnaakshi-vedanaa ||
Bhavanti Vividhaa Rogaah , Pawanasya vyatikramaata || 117 – Saamaveda : Yoga Choodamanyopanishad || (Also find this shloka in Goraksha Samhita )

“Hiccups, Coughing, Asthma, pain in head, eyes, ears and innumerable ailments happen when prana-vayu gets disturbed. Effectively meaning … “with wrong methods of breathing one can create almost any disease especially pertaining to head and chest region.”

Now it is left to the reader to see these issues (there are hundreds of more with us) reported by people after attempting pranayama without preparation have any validity.

Dear Gurudev,

I have been practising bhastrika – 20, kapalbhati 600 ( one per sec), anulom bilom 80 times as per video from Ramdevji. It felt amazing untill three dats back I had a constant buzzing sensation on the top of my head. I have stopped all pranayamas. What should I do to get rid of this buzz? Kindly please help.

Thanks & regards

Sree Malakar (

Dear AD,
Since last 2 months I am suffering from below illness bcoz of doing wrong Pranayam steps by my own. 
please help me how do I overcome from my illness-

lack of stability in thoughts
vomiting sensation (nausea)
uneasiness, easily excitable mind
breathing difficulty ,
psychological imbalance, restlessness
worsening of depression
Dryness of mouth,
increase of internal fear,
excessive perspiration, salivation
variation in blood pressure and blood glucose levels,
Increase in stress level,
lowered immunity,
bodyache, back ache.


Shekhar Gawde (

Dear AD
I am feeling chest pain while breathing. At the time of walking, eating or getting busy in something the pain dissaper. When I sit quietly for study, meditation or something else it again start. I have previously practised pranayam for 2-3 month. I have quit this since 20 days .I think I have done pranayam in some wrong way. There is pain in my chest with everything inhale & exhale, it feels like center of chest become warm. I am also feeling short breathing,nasal congestion and cough.
Please help..

Pryanjit Parida (


There are hundreds of such queries and complaints arising out of the indiscriminate act of engaging in Pranayama, Kapalbhati, Bhastrika and certain types of Kriyas etc. Now as an intelligent reader you would definitely apply your discretion. I am not fighting for anything but only educating the Yoga enthusiasts. 

There are so many questions asked above for which answers have already been provided in my earlier posts and therefore I would advise beloved readers to please go through all previous posts on Pranayama and Kriyas. If you don’t find any answer there in previous articles then please do post your questions here. I shall try to reply them as much soon as possible.

Finally, a question that I pick up for answering today –

“Hello Sir. how many weeks/days should we practice each of the steps of Nadi shodhana before we start the final phase of this pranayama with Kumbhaka ? please advise.”

Rockie D’Souza (

This is a good question Rockie and I am given to understand that you had asked this question long back and waited too. Here’s the answer.

The Nadishodhan is a slow and gradual process that demands regularity and discipline in lifestyle. For achieving moderate level of Nadi-Shodhan following steps should be followed.

NadiShodhan is to be done four times a day as per authentic Yoga scriptures. During Nadishodhan regime one should adhere to sattvic and sweet food. The practitioner should not engage in excessive labour, avoid exposure to excessive hot and cold temperatures and also keep away from too much people to people interaction.

  • Begin your practices with Anulom-Vilom (Alternate nostril breathing without any Hold in between inhale and exhale).
  • The practice should be done empty stomach.
  • You should do not more than 80 rounds (One round is counted upon reaching the same nostril in the process of alternating) of Nadi-Shodhan in one sitting.
  • Practice can be split in 40 rounds twice a day. Morning and evening well one hour or two before dinner.
  • If you are doing in once a day then the best time to engage in this practice is within 2 hours (before or after) of sunrise.
  • For 60-90 days you should practice only Anulom Vilom.
  • After 2-3 months only switch to full process of Nadi-Shodhan that uses kumbhaka (hold) as well.
  • After at least 2 months practice of Nadi-Shodhan without bandhas begin to use bandhas. It is recommended to learn correct way of applying the bandhas from a qualified and experienced teacher.
  • Once full fledged NadiShodhan is learnt do this practice four times a day (in 24 hours) for 1 year to achieve complete nadi-shuddhi.

Hope these instructions suffice. If not, then you are always free to write for help on or


– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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Why siddhis do not come to Yoga practitioners easily?

Here is the much awaited answers to some of the questions posed to our beloved Masters, Ma Shakti & Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath by practitioners of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan and the readers of our blog… Acharya ji’s reply ensues the question below.

Param adarneeya Gurudev & pujyaa GuruMa Shakti,

I prostrate at your lotus feet.

This was just a passing thought but really become a ringing now. The other day I was sitting in the company of some like-minded people. You can call them somewhat friends. To my surprise these people despite being into practice of Yoga and meditation for almost 12-15 years were of the opinion that all the talks about ‘siddhis‘ in the Yoga books is just to attract more and more people to the discipline. Their argument was that if they did not experience any of siddhis despite 12 years of practice then these ought not be there. I wondered why it should be so because Gurudev on the path of Tantra under your divine guidance I have been so fortunate to have experienced many wonderful things within few years of sadhana. (Thank you. it is all your grace!)

My question is if extraordinary powers and experiences can be felt here on our path of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan why Yoga practitioners fail to get it. My inner voice says there must be something wrong or missing in their ways but can’t figure out what. Please remove my ignorance and doubts and enlighten me.

Accept my deepest obeisance Guruma and Gurudev. In your service always obediently yours-  Ravi T.


Beloved Ravi,

Through your question I would like to answer one more question asked to me a reader (I don’t know if he is a seeker or yoga practitioner) by the name of Jyotirmoya. The question goes like this :

Why isn’t yoga suitable for people above 28 years of age? – Jyotirmoy

Well, the answer to both the questions; one long and one short is the same. Among the serious of authentic ancient books on Yoga, the most structured and well accepted treatise is Yoga Aphorisms by rishi Patanjali. Every Yoga practitioner on this planet earth not only knows rishi Patanjali’s name but also his marvelous book on principles of Yoga – ‘Patanjali YogaSutras‘. In my humble opinion Patanjali has treated the subject of Yoga as a true Master, real teacher. The way he has treated this subject Patanjali, like a Master of Masters has not left any scope for anticipation, confusion or doubt in there. He has treated Yoga like mathematics. Just as in Mathematics 1 PLUS 1 always become 2 (except when we get into too much of philosophizing) the principles and rules (sutras) given by Patanjali lead to the same result for every practitioner, all the time.

How beautifully he began this subject. The first Sutra

Atha Yoganushasanam |1.1||

1.1 Now, the study and practice of Yoga begins.

Why is he using word Now? This word ‘now’ right in the beginning indicates that Rishi was speaking earlier also. It is crystal clear from usage of this word ‘Now’ that this first Sutra is in continuation, related to something previously spoken. Anyone can guess that so far he must have been setting the ground for the need of Yoga or may be just introducing Yoga in much simpler ways, may be he was referring to some preliminary preparations/ prerequisites to be able to put this methodology into practice. By all means the last possibility is greater for he must be speaking to people who are already in front of him, willing to learn and experiment with his teachings therefore it is alright to presume he would have been discussing the eligibility and preparations for becoming eligible to put this science into practice. Even from the perspective of a teacher this seems logical to brief one’s enthusiastic (but novice) student about the subject matter forehand, before venturing on to the serious study of the subject.

What are the preliminary preparations and prerequisites? No one talks about. And there lies the answer. What I have learnt from my Yoga Guru Shri Shri Paramhamsa Yogi Balendu ji Giri Maharaj that Yoga should be given as discipline at an early age. He maintains that the journey should begin when you are about 8 years old. Further this learner should be provided with congenial atmosphere for his/her growth. Congenial atmosphere means – A learning climate where desirable conduct comes natural to the learner. Just think – Considering the given state of society, Is it really possible for a person to be able to maintain even the first few principles conduct (Yama) “Satya”? Forget Brahmacharya, Tapa, Indriya Nigrah and Santosh etc.

Patanjali is also using this word ‘anushasanam’ in the very first Sutra. That means Yoga shall be a discipline. Anu-Shasanam literally means following a tradition that is imparted through the teachings. It also means discipline. Here Yogic discipline has to become the way of life. And this journey begins from self-discipline.

Is it possible for a common Yoga practitioner to maintain Yogic conduct rooted in Yama and Niyama without bastardizing or compromising on some? I think not. And therefore if Yoga is taken up for ultimate goal of it – Samadhi, it is almost impossible for a practitioner to achieve if journey starts late. Jyotirmoy, probably a young man himself asks in sheer amazement “Is 28 Years too much of age?” and my answer is – Yes, it is. Because by now you have already been loaded with too much filth by the social conditioning. By this time you have already identified your sexual urges and probably started enjoying the play of sexual energies. You have developed an attitude of indifference for the value of Satya (Truth) in your life. And the list is endless… Few simple examples shall probably place things in perspective. If a milkman comes to you and says his milk is 70% pure with 30% adulteration will you accept it without any hitch and suspicion? If the team of rocket scientists say they have prepared a satellite launch vehicle which is 98% ready (as per set quality standard criteria), how many of his seniors shall agree to give it a chance? I know, and even you know they won’t.

Now think if you want to reach (launch yourself) to the zenith of human potential – Self-Realization through this discipline with 70% readiness. Is it alright to go ahead Jyotirmoy? Well, if someone thinks Yoga is only about contouring the body in various asanas and breathing exercises (they call it pranayama nowadays); If Yoga is about physical fitness and relaxation for mind then there’s no age limit. One can begin anyday albeit still under the personal guidance of a Yoga Style-Exercise teacher for if you are really over-age for some practices he/she can warn you not to overstretch, over-bend, over-squeeze the body. This teacher will be handy in stopping you from over-filling and damaging your lungs as well. Exercising in Yoga style poses and huffing and puffing without its need is not true Yoga and shall lead you to no accomplishments (siddhis) spiritually.

Siddhis (spiritual experiences and accomplishments) in Tantra are common (but they aren’t guaranteed for every single practitioner) for that is a different approach. It uses altogether different methodologies for control of mind and associated energies in a practitioner. Yoga is much difficult for it used only body, mind and breath. Tantra makes use of almost every possible thing and techniques available under the sun including some of the Yogic practices. Therefore Tantric practitioners have greater chances of accomplishing pragmatic transformation easily.

Even here in Tantra as well we have a maximum age-bar in certain practices and therefore no one, practitioner of no discipline should get disheartened upon listening to the hard facts about age-limit. It is true that Yoga can not become a tool or vehicle in your spiritual journey if you start late. Forget Siddhis – Even if someone is able to practice proper Pranayama and Pratyahara (Other three – Dharna, Dhyaan and Samadhi) despite starting Yoga practices late in one’s life, such success in Dharana and Pratyahara; is by no means less than a miracle!

Keep experimenting, keep practising, Keep learning. Keep the enthusiasm but don’t become serious about the outcome. That is called Karma Yoga. At least this Yoga is very much is still doable for anyone.. with Siddhis or without. (smiles)


– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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Swara Vigyaan Basic Course – Workshop in Mumbai – 22nd June 2018

Swara Yoga or Swara Vigyaan is a practice oriented science. There are innumerable ways to learn a subject but to perfect a discipline you need a true Master. Ma Shakti Devpriya ji is probably one of the most experienced masters of Swara Yoga for she has not only a revered Tantrika in SriVidya Krama system but also spent almost two decades practising and deepening her learnings about various ancient sciences including Swara Yoga. Ma Shakti has complete authority in teaching the subject of Swara Yoga backed by her practice experience of this science all through two decades.

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan

Science of 100% Success in life from Shiva

The creator of universe has aligned our body rhythms with the cosmic patterns. This ancient science was being taught in the Guru-Shishya parampara and many ascetics, yogis who displayed the miraculous powers as reading the future and predicting the outcome of any present endeavour was earned through this science only.

The time has come when human race has evolved enough to be able to receive and use this knowledge now. Every person can learn to read the cosmic rhythms by simply observing one’s breath albeit by adopting some discipline in life and going through simple preparations.  It must be noted however that it takes only few weeks to tune into this knowledge and start experiencing the magic of Swara-Vigyaan but it takes a lifetime of discipline to master it.

Swara Yoga Basic Workshop & Its Contents

Swar Yog is a knowledge and…

View original post 230 more words

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Why you don’t initiate in Sri Vidya sadhana directly?

Guruma & Acharya ji,

I was searching over the internet for getting Sri Vidya initiation. I feel attracted to devi worship from long time. I came across your blog few weeks back. I want to tell you that I came across many sites which were readily offering initiation in Sri Vidya but only goddess knows why I was particularly attracted to your teachings. Through your blog I understand that you belong to Krama Sri Vidya tradition but after communicating with your team on mail I was told that i will have to go through few other initiations before I can qualify for Sri Vidya initiations. This makes me little disappointed.

My humble question is to give me clarity on what is the role of other initiations and why don’t you just initiate me in Srividya right away? I am 34 year old male living in Karanataka. If nadisuddi is the only precondition for getting initiation then i practice nadi-shodhana pranayama of Baba Ramdev regularly since last 2 years. I was also practising kapalbhati earlier but after reading your articles i have stopped it. Please guide.

K. Amrut Krushna, Mandya, Karnataka



Beloved Krushna,

Through your question I would like to clarify doubts of many people who not only insist but quote to me that if so many people are giving Sri Vidya deeksha why do i not do so? Your disappointment is genuine but a Sadhaka needs to learn few things and one of them is patience. Hope you shall stay patient with your jignyaasaa and mumukshaa. If a practitioner manages to stay patient she/he shall grow beyond her/his imagination in Sadhana. Now to your questions and doubts.


Every spiritual practice has a standard way of its dissemination. For a seeker depending upon the condition of his mind (Moodha, Kshipta, Vikshipta, Ekaagrat & Niruddha) various types of initiations are devised by the Master. The common initiations are of the first two types (leaving the first one i.e. Moodha) of mind. The first or basal spiritual transmission is in the domain of matter hence ‘Material’. The second higher transmission is of ‘Energy’ and third transmission is of ‘Thoughts’. Real Shri Vidya sadhana begins at fourth level of mind.

Normal condition of a Sadhaka is in the first three categories only. In fact In these many years of teaching we have come across only one sadhaka who we can put in the Ekagrata mind category. If that person would have asked for it we would have initiated him in SriVidya directly. He was ready. He was not only ready but occasionally experiencing Turya-Sushupti and Turya-Swapna as well. Alas! He came, he listened and enjoyed our talks, kept coming for few months and drifted away. He was trying something else and he didn’t seem to have any inclination towards Sri Vidya Sadhana! Honestly speaking as teachers we did feel how mutual much loss it was but we principally we can NOT ask someone to take Sri Vidya deeksha even if that person is ready. He/She HAS TO request for it and as Teachers we have to take permission from MahaShakti!

This should answer your observations on why we do not place any advertising or invitations for the Sri Vidya sadhana for invitation would mean we are forcing (though subtly) our way of spiritual ascension on someone. Honestly speaking in our case with all our Gurus it was our humble persuasions and meek requests to them in every case. Furthermore when first asked our Gurus simply posed ignorant as if they heard the term Sri Vidya for the first time in their life!


I may not be liked for what I am saying here but the fact remains that any teacher who is openly offering SriVidya to anyone in the exchange of money is commiting a grave mistake. Because the sanctity of Vidya remains only till a Master gives it upon the instructions of MahaShakti and Gurupankti. Keeping the secrecy of the cult only this much can be said that there’s a definite process that needs to be followed by the Guru upon receiving a request from someone even if Guru feels the person to be right candidate for Vidya.

Also no seeker can ever buy or purchase SriVidya from a Guru. We have seen many seekers becoming adamant to the state of being a lunatic in their quest of Sri Vidya initiation. At least 2 such people came our way where they offered us few thousand dollars for granting them initiation but we could not. The reason: If someone is not capable he/she can not be given Shri Vidya initiation howsoever be the pressure upon Guru. It is clearly told in tantric texts “राज्यम देहि शिरो देहि न देयम् षोडशाक्षरी” (raajyam dehi shiro dehi, na deyam shodashaakshari)” – give away your kingdom, let your head be cut and be given in charity, but DO NOT GIVE shodashakshari – The sixteen lettered mantra).


A teacher has to assess a disciple on many levels including one’s inclination and samskaras. The state of mind, health of chakras, condition of nadis, level of prana and kama oorja, state of Tattvas, obedience and attitude as few things that are to be checked but the most important thing for which an aspirant is judged (evaluated) is one’s inclination of Sadhana in one’s previous births and one’s karmic baggage. A Guru out of compassion may not initiate someone in SriVidya for he knows it will be so very painful and terrible for the Sadhaka to shed away the karmic baggage in one lifetime. We have personally seen so many people suffering severely (almost unbearably) and incessantly in their life after choosing to follow the path of SriVidya.

Answer to your question about the importance of other initiations particularly in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan, Swar Yoga , Panch-Mahabhuta Shakti Kriya etc. lies in the fact that these are the practices that work on your chakras, mental and pranic capacity, one’s connectivity and synchronicity with the cosmic rhythms, tattva shuddhi, nadi shuddhi etc. Also during these few initial years of engagement with the practitioners (only if they don’t drift away or vanish in thin air) we are able to gain better understanding of their devotion, faith and discipline.

Here I must mention that authentic initiation in SriVidya means THIS is one’s last birth as an ordinary human being. Having received SriVidya one becomes free from the bondages of birth and death.


Progress in SriVidya is so much dependent on maintaining the vow of secrecy and one’s Guru’s happiness that it would be unfair for a teacher to accept someone as a disciple fully knowing that this person may not be able to sustain his attention, faith, attitude of service towards the teacher. Some people are so shallow that they are unable to keep things close to their heart – everyone has to pass through this test. You would agree only by spending some considerable time with a person you can give such tests. It should be known that not maintaining the secrecy of mantra and ritualistic processes in Tantra practices is harmful to teacher and student both.

|| Vande Gurormandalam : Sa-Shaktikayai namo namah ||

A master is answerable and shoulders a responsibility of the Gurupankti i.e. the Siddha Gurus, Divya Gurus and Manav Gurus in the lineage. Therefore accepting people (disciples) arbitrarily in Vidya, without judging and seeking permission from them would not only be disobedience on the part of teacher but an utterly irresponsible action as well. This is yet other reason for not accepting people as disciples without judging them for few years.

Krushna, you are enthusiastic young man and I am sure while you wrote this mail to us you may have also searched over for other options as well. I hope and pray you are accepted by an able Guru soon. Let this journey be the unfoldment of Ma Bhagwati’s plan for you!

Wishing you all the success in your life

-Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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Can Stress Cause Shortness of Breath and Gout too?

Here’s a Conversation with Master with his advice on what to watch for whenever you have any physical symptoms of disease.

Dear AD sir,

I lead a sedentary lifestyle. I started doing Kapalbhati and did it for 3-4 days. Now I’m feeling shortness of breath, trouble sleeping too. I stopped doing it since. Will I recover from it on my own or I have to do something else to recover.
Plz do reply. 
Raghu R.

Dear Raghu,
Thanks for writing in. Your question on Master’s blog ( has also been noticed.
Before we can forward your question to Acharya ji or Ma Shakti, would like to know more about you and your case.
Please elaborate on age, place of residence, previous kriyas/things done (if any), lifestyle, family history of asthma,
general routine etc.
In the service of divinity in you
Thanks for replying mam!!
Plz bear with me while I try to elaborate my case in this mail-
I’m 33, a bachelor residing in Jaipur with my parents.
Since 2016 I’m facing some physical as well as psychological problems due to my own sedentary lifestyle and some family issues.  My physical problems started with Gout in right big toe in April 2016 and after that digestive and anorectal problems (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Piles, Fistula) followed from which I’ve not yet recovered completely. Till now I’ve had testicle pain, back pain etc. in these two years. These physical as well as family issues lead me into severe anxiety and depression which I’m still fighting hopelessly, even quit my job 2 years back. The more I try to come out of this, the more I sink deep into it.
To overcome this, I started Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika 20-25 days back and Kapalbhati 3-4 days back(Now stopped everything). Total half an hour for all. Now I feel shortness of breath sometimes, don’t know whether it is because of Pranayama or my anxiety and depression.
My vital parameters like BP, sugar, blood tests etc. come normal and I don’t have any asthmatic in my family.
Plz help!!
Raghu R.
Beloved Raghu,
Your symptoms primarily indicate you are a typical case of anxiety and stress. You got your warning signals when that Gout developed but probably you could not understand it’s cause. There are sufficient reasons to believe that you were stressed much before Gout appeared.
Please understand that when you are stressed your system starts working erratically. Stress causes your body to deplete of some group B vitamins from your body. These vitamins are agents that remove excess uric acid from the body. In absence of such Vitamin supply the Uric acid starts getting accumulated at any arbitrary joint and Gout is developed. So you got Gout means you were already stressed.
You were treated for Gout but your problem was stress. In stress, your body releases cortisol a regulator hormone but too much of it creates havoc in your system. You may experience obesity, high BP, muscular inflammation and much more. The list is endless! In fact when under stress for longer durations your body doesn’t function at its 100% capacity.
It is also common problem for the people suffering from stress to have digestive tract problems. Piles, fistula etc. are all once again indicating towards the cause being STRESS! The shortness of breath is in all likelihood linked to your stress and not the Pranayama however my advice would be you stay away from all sorts of Pranayama except Yogic (Deep) breathing and bhramari. It is good that you have already stopped it. Wait for sometime it shall become normal albeit you have to learn to feel better yourself because no doctor under the sun can heal you if you stay stressed. Life is a gift, you are far better placed and have lesser difficulties than millions of others on earth so be grateful to Mother Divine.
My advice –
0. Get up before sunrise. Smile and be happy for being alive to see another day. Watch the sunrise for 10 minutes.
1. Walk 5 miles a day. Deep breathing for 5 minutes and bhramari for 5 minutes.
2. Drink 4-5 litres of water every day. For every glass of water you have to laugh for 40 seconds. Don’t drink unless you have laughed for 40 seconds before it.
3. Have sprouts and fruits in your breakfast.
4. Do not stay in home all day. Take up some social service/ do gardening or just visit any nearby school to offer your help.
5. Maintain a diary and write your progress every night before going to bed.
6. Chant this mantra 108 times a day “I am healthy & I am getting better.”
7.  Last but not the least –  If you need some medication please do consult a qualified doctor for proper supporting medication to pull you out of depression.
If you really want to recover, you shall follow the above advice and let me tell you it is very much possible. Once you are little better you can definitely learn Panch-Mahabhuta Shakti Kriya to accelerate your healing.
Get well soon.
– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath
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Swara Vigyaan and Virtuous Progeny

Respected Ma,

I am getting married soon. And I want to have kids who bring happiness to us & the world. I know that the nurturing period do a great deal of things in the development of child’s habits. In addition to that I want to do things which cause the conception of a good offspring if there are any.

I heard that there are several rituals as per our tradition for getting an offspring who is physically healthy & pleasing to his parents as well as to the world through his deeds.

Recently I went through the book ‘Thirumanthiram moovayiram’, the treatise of Shaiva Siddhantha sect. In that book, they mention about the relationship between breath of couples during copulation & the physical-mental-spiritual aspects of the progeny. In some other books, I read about time also influences the conceived offspring.

Unfortunately the descriptions from the said sources are not clear & are incomplete. So kindly give knowledge for fulfilling my wish.



Dear Questioner,

Let me tell you at the outset that to be able to use this method you and your partner should be Swara Yoga practitioners!

It is easier said than done because many people just read the book and think that by following the rules shall give them desired result. It is to be noted that the couple should not only synchronize their biorhythm with the moon cycle through consistent practice but should also be able to recognize the prevailing Tattva in the particular Swara for it is not the Swara rather Tattva that rules the virtues your progeny shall have. An unfavourable Tattva during the process of copulation may lead to not only undesired (unexpected) but also lifetime disappointment.

Swara Vigyaan – The Ancient Science of Breath

Swara Vigyaan is a process, that can definitely help you manipulate and control the result you want. It also helps you understand how to maximize the chances of conception. Further if you practice Swara Yog  you enhance your potential in general, can control your temperament, heal relationships and all sorts of physical and mental ailments.

Those who have read Swara Vigyaan know that breathing through the left nostril is “Chandra Swara” or Ida Nadi. And when you are breathing through the right Nostril it is “Surya Swara”  or Pingala Nadi. There is this pattern that alternates between the nostrils and therefore during transition when we breathe through both the nostrils, it is called “Shoonya swara”  or Sushumna Nadi. This should happen every hour but for the most people (due to unsynchronized rhythms and malas in the body) happens quite irregularly. Sometimes early in the morning, sometimes after having meals or late in the evening or midnight.

Since left swara or Ida Nadi is ruled by the Moon it is cool, nourishing, fertile and feminine by nature. This swara rules left side of your body. In layman’s language during Chandra swara, the breath will be more dominantly flowing in the left nostril. Pingala Nadi is ruled by the Sun and is hot, pushy, cruel and masculine by nature. It controls your right side of the body. Opposed to Ida when Pingala flows, the breath will be felt more in the right nostril. When Surya and Chandra flow together we say that the Third Swara or Shoonya Swara is activated. In this phase we say that Sushumna Nadi is flowing.

Application of Swara Vigyaan – Virtuous Progeny

Although this may not help you in the current situation (due to lack of synchronization of your body rhythm not being in sync with the cosmic rhythm) as I have already described in the beginning of this reply but still to beget male progeny, the female should try maintain Chandra Swara all through. For this lying down on her right (arm) side shall be helpful. If Swara is already Chandra then this keeping this way is possible through this simple means. In simplistic language female should continue to breath through the left nostril. Please note the amount of physical and mental stimulation during the copulation is more than enough to trigger Surya in Female so easily. This is the reason why in the world more number of females are conceived. In fact there’s no harm in this preposition – It is mother nature’s way to keep the overall number of females more than males.

Further the male has to maintain Surya Swara and for this he should lie down on his left (arm) side. Although it is easier for the male to maintain Surya Swara because the process of coitus itself is act of Surya for males. Yet it is recommended to maintain this Swara throughout for him as well. It is assumed here that both have mastered the Swaras forehand or else it will not be possible to sustain the breathing through the right nostril. In modern science this would mean that Male’s Surya Swar will activate the Y-chromosome that is responsible for male progeny. Those who are desirous of female progeny, doing the opposite shall draw the fruit.

Also there is a way by which you can know whether your wish has been fulfilled or not. After delivery one should check the swara of the child (irrespective of male or female child). If the swara of mother and child are chandra then the child shall be intelligent, long living and give happiness & love to parents.

The above (maintaining Swara and therefore fixation of Gender) may even be possible but since you say that you want to have “offspring who is physically healthy & pleasing to his parents as well as to the world through his deeds… I want to have kids who bring happiness to us & the world” this is more dependent on Tattvas rather than Swara. For this I don’t think you are particularly interested in fixation of Gender… but virtuous offspring. It is really nice to see someone thinking like that and I congratulate you for your thoughts but unfortunately I do not have any off-the-shelf advice for the same; this recognition of Tattvas is possible only through sustained practice under the guidance of an able Swara Vigyaan Teacher. So as an intelligent person you would understand that it shall require dedicated and disciplined efforts.

Alternatively, if you want to try some other way then probably consulting an astrologer who is master of Panch-Pakshi Shastra can be of help. However neither I recommend not vouch for the success of that method for simple reason that despite giving you all the ‘favourable time slots’ based on the horoscopes of both the partners most of them shall ask you to use Swara Vigyaan techniques as well. Interesting! Isn’t it?


-Ma Shakti

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What is Your Kundalini Type

|| Let the Kundalini Express it from your body ||

Dear Master,

I have read vividly your wisdom input about masturbation (all the 4 parts) and truly I am quite surprised how well the issues were addressed. All that you have said are true about my own experience. This is something that really messed up my life for so long until now that I realized. I practiced yoga for a while while much younger and then with life events I left it there.. I grew up in western culture.. But recently I just realized how hard it is after being steady in meditation, my sexual thoughts, fantasies become so strong in the morning while waking up to the point that my meditation is not quite focused and to the point that I cannot focus most of the times. I completely stop masturbating 3 months ago.. WITH GOD HELP THERE IS NO WAY I WILL GO BACK TO IT AGAIN. AS I REALIZED THAT MY LIFE CONSEQUENCES ARE JUST DUE TO JUST THAT. MY QUESTION IS SIMPLE WHAT CAN I DO TO TAME UP THAT ANGER (As you explained that after stopping masturbating, the anger becomes stronger and looks for something else in you with your frustrations).. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP?

Frank G.

Another question –

Hello sir pls help me pls pls pls😭 my question is that I have masturbated almost daily since I was 15 till 19…and I guess I have wasted lot of semen so my question is that have I losted many things !? Many energies ? Can I become enlightenment in this life…do I have that capability left inside me nowadays I feel a lot to of love towards god lots of love I cry in tears of ecstasy I want to know my true self and iam controlling my sexual drive quite well I don’t masturbate and I try to maintain brahmacharya in my life so my question is have I lost my semen to that extent that I cannot rise spiritually like Vivekananda , paramhansa yogananda…Ramakrishna paramhansa…😭 Pls help me I want to know the Brahma I don’t wanna marry or seek pleasure in impermanent things…

Shiv Dixit


There are at least 30 questions that have been asked on Mail/blog/FaceBook Page about this particular issue of unwanted anger and irritability especially after you decide and willfully stop engaging in masturbation. Taking clue from this particular question of Frank I would like to incorporate all the points/questions/queries raised so far on this topic which I would prefer to call ‘Core Energy Management’. To be able to pick up a solution for yourself you should know which band of ‘inherent’ characteristics you belong.

Youthfulness is not only about chemically produced sense of vitality, it indicates the phase of life when energies of ‘expressed’ kundalini are pushing the mind and body complex to venture into creativity. Expansion means creation. A youthful body is simply most capable because it is that phase when its physical development has been almost completed (the body has mostly achieved its limit in growth) but naturally there is still some more ‘unused’ energy wanting to ‘express’ itself. How much surplus one has is not in one’s control because one gets this ‘gift’ based on one’s previous karmas however what one does with this surplus energy largely depends on what one focuses on, is intrinsically or gets trained in.


There are in fact 10 ways in which this ‘kundalini’ or surplus ‘youthful’ energy can channel itself but broadly we can categorize them in three major ways –

  • Horizontal Expression
  • Vertical Expression
  • And Rare type

Each one of these types have specific subtypes depending on what the individual framework (conditioning) for that person has been. Let me elaborate this.


The Horizontal expression is all about expressing one’s characteristic qualities through one’s actions, speech and thinking. Here too you can have two possible outcomes.  1 – If you have been lucky to be brought up in an environment which not only instilled the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ in your buddhi (knowledge coupled with intellect) you will see yourself engaged in ‘moralistic’, ‘structured’, ‘developmental’ actions which shall aim at overall ‘good’ of self and others. 2 – In the absence of a proper framework this Type of expression happens. In this case one will find one’s activities ‘immoralistic’, ‘chaotic or purposeless’ and ‘destructive’ for self and others in general.

Though it may be a type of flow that has been most common expression of inherent surplus energy in the ancient times in its purer form. The pure horizontal expression is devoid of kundalini sexual impetus however it doesn’t mean the physiological sexual urge will not be there. In modern times there are clear overlaps of Horizontal and Vertical flows creating a different collective progression of human consciousness. While the first Horizontal subtypes can be great scientists, writers, entrepreneurs, sports people, social workers, gymnasts, yogis etc. the others in this Horizontal FLOW group can become the opposites like a conman/conwoman, political leaders (especially the ones who have ‘self-serving interests’), dacoits, criminals, terrorists etc. This flow mostly works around Root and Sacral chakras with scant and occasional bursts through Navel chakra and others. Such people seem to be oscillating between chakras as well but their frame of operation is mostly around lower two chakras. As told earlier when there is horizontal flow – external environments, training, counseling and education govern the actions and resultant characteristics of the individual. A lot can be done here through proper conditioning and training.

The common (to both subtypes) signature characteristic of such an expression is that its strength decreases with time and therefore individuals with such expression pattern do ‘good’ or ‘bad’ (depending upon soundness of their samskara framework) only until there is physical youthfulness. As they age their motivation for doing (whatever they find themselves doing) tapers with time. At the age of 63 (+/- 7 years) they almost cease to express their good/bad qualities. Beyond this age they just retract to being an ordinary person with lots of thinking and talking about their accomplishments of ‘past’. Another emotional issue with such people are their being stuck in jealousy and greed. If such trend continues beyond this specified age limit it is mostly the compulsion of not having any other options of income for survival. Such traits are so very common among horizontal types and they can be changed from one sub-group to another by giving them adequate support, counseling, training and encouragement.


There’s a saying in India ‘lakhon me ek (लाखों में एक). It has its english expression too that says ‘one in a million’. The phrase is so very relevant in this mode of expression as there are two directions in the vertical axis – Upward and Downward.

The vertical Up – It is rare a phenomenon to find people with vertical upward flow of ‘surplus kundalini’.  Truly this is a case of one in a million. Such people are naturally detached from materialistic desires, not longing for fame or power, disinterested in sexual activities. Such people are introvert and perennially in a state of seeking of knowledge. The desire for knowledge in this type is different from the horizontal types. While Horizontal types are interested in knowing about things, people, processes and reasons around them the upward vertical types are naturally inclined to discover ‘self’ and their inner world. Any and every thing that is not graspable by senses interests them. All the enlightened Masters (sadhana-siddha) had pure Vertical upward movement of expressed Kundalini surplus. Such types make brilliant disciples (irrespective of the field of expression) and teachers don’t have to put up hard labor to bring the best out of them. In some cases if this vertical movement finds prominent expression from any other chakra than the Crown – then the actions of such person in the respective field will have philosophical tint. Such people may rather be an ‘enlightened scientist’ than just being ‘enlightened’. For example if someone is expressing more from heart-throat – he/she might be engaged in writing poetry but more so in abstracts. These people are really sobre and nice ones having a pleasant personality but they are also a misfit in the social set-up.

The vertical-downward subtype – This category is also rare but not as much as the vertical up. Such people are animals of flesh and matter. Their life revolves around sex, sexuality and bhoga to the extent of self-destruction. They indulge in worldly pleasures helplessly and it is really difficult for them to come out of their perversions despite guidance and motivation being made available. Such people are the ones who can be seen making porn videos, even compulsive porn watchers, compulsive rapists and what we call sex pests roughly fall in this category (to be able to differentiate this type from ‘horizontals gone wild’ is little tricky and only someone with a perfected para-vision can tell the difference). Such people even when they age will not reduce their tendency to deeply entrenched in sex and sexuality. There’s nothing wrong about sex but when someone’s whole life is centred around lust and indulgence it is definitely a problem.

If someone is in the vertical mode, whether upward or downward then he/she can be assisted/corrected/changed by using only ‘Energy influences or psychic intervention’ because words and even actions don’t bring about any change or transformation in such people. Therefore healing, spiritual intervention instead of training and therapy works in such types. They are capable of touching the extreme either way.. an energy influence, a Guru is needed. Just as dacoit Valmiki or Angulimaala gets transformed into maharshi and siddha upon spiritual intervention without much of Guru’s effort. Although spiritual intervention brings about changes in every type but it must be noted even if spiritual intervention is there the process of transformation for Vertical types is far different from the ones having ‘Horizontal outflux’ of surplus ‘expressed kundalini’.

Vertical types are characterized by unwavering, persistent and steady enthusiasm throughout their lives. Their youthfulness of desiring doesn’t subside even when their bodies age. Their keenness and energies don’t taper as they age. Therefore such people if stuck in downward cycle shall not live long as they will destroy themselves too early in life by virtue of their overindulgence in bhoga.

There is one more type of ‘EXPRESSED Kundalini Flow’ that I shall discuss in detail about in some other post.

Frank, the ways to tame your anger are really simple. Let some experienced teacher decide the type of meditation for you instead you choosing it for self because when you shall receive the right technique and correct method of a suitable meditation that shall melt your anger away. Till then things which can help you are – grounding and alignment of thinking. When I say grounding I literally mean you working on the ground i.e. earth. Gardening, connecting with flora and fauna around you. Alignment would mean you spending time with wise and spiritual company. Make friends who are in to meditation, listen to the teachers and read good books. Finally two bonus techniques – Learn to laugh on yourself. If you were angry on anything or anyone… let that pass but later you must review your behaviour and should have a good laugh at it’s futility (your anger). Second – Keep a smile on your face.. always. Gradually it shall work and you will see it is really difficult to get angry while you keep the upward curve on your face.

Briefly to answer Shiv..  It is necessary to identify your type before you look out for solutions in a particular situation. If someone has been into the habit of masturbating – he/she will have to recognize his/her inherent pattern of ‘energy flow’. Your headache, anger and frustration or even the desire to quit material life; upon quitting this ‘pleasure seeking – Energy  expelling’ activity will be different. Your symptoms are unique and dependent on your ‘type’ therefore recognition of your own type is necessary. Once you know your type it will be easy to pick a solution from the available options because for every individual the ‘energy management strategies’ are different. Roughly speaking such overindulgence in expelling your energies at the tender age does affect your prospects however it would be unfair to say that there’s no hope of getting enlightenment for there are specific means and paths on which one’s Teacher can make one travel to unravel the ‘Truth’.


– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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