What is Your Kundalini Type

|| Let the Kundalini Express it from your body ||

Dear Master,

I have read vividly your wisdom input about masturbation (all the 4 parts) and truly I am quite surprised how well the issues were addressed. All that you have said are true about my own experience. This is something that really messed up my life for so long until now that I realized. I practiced yoga for a while while much younger and then with life events I left it there.. I grew up in western culture.. But recently I just realized how hard it is after being steady in meditation, my sexual thoughts, fantasies become so strong in the morning while waking up to the point that my meditation is not quite focused and to the point that I cannot focus most of the times. I completely stop masturbating 3 months ago.. WITH GOD HELP THERE IS NO WAY I WILL GO BACK TO IT AGAIN. AS I REALIZED THAT MY LIFE CONSEQUENCES ARE JUST DUE TO JUST THAT. MY QUESTION IS SIMPLE WHAT CAN I DO TO TAME UP THAT ANGER (As you explained that after stopping masturbating, the anger becomes stronger and looks for something else in you with your frustrations).. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP?

Frank G.

Another question –

Hello sir pls help me pls pls pls😭 my question is that I have masturbated almost daily since I was 15 till 19…and I guess I have wasted lot of semen so my question is that have I losted many things !? Many energies ? Can I become enlightenment in this life…do I have that capability left inside me nowadays I feel a lot to of love towards god lots of love I cry in tears of ecstasy I want to know my true self and iam controlling my sexual drive quite well I don’t masturbate and I try to maintain brahmacharya in my life so my question is have I lost my semen to that extent that I cannot rise spiritually like Vivekananda , paramhansa yogananda…Ramakrishna paramhansa…😭 Pls help me I want to know the Brahma I don’t wanna marry or seek pleasure in impermanent things…

Shiv Dixit


There are at least 30 questions that have been asked on Mail/blog/FaceBook Page about this particular issue of unwanted anger and irritability especially after you decide and willfully stop engaging in masturbation. Taking clue from this particular question of Frank I would like to incorporate all the points/questions/queries raised so far on this topic which I would prefer to call ‘Core Energy Management’. To be able to pick up a solution for yourself you should know which band of ‘inherent’ characteristics you belong.

Youthfulness is not only about chemically produced sense of vitality, it indicates the phase of life when energies of ‘expressed’ kundalini are pushing the mind and body complex to venture into creativity. Expansion means creation. A youthful body is simply most capable because it is that phase when its physical development has been almost completed (the body has mostly achieved its limit in growth) but naturally there is still some more ‘unused’ energy wanting to ‘express’ itself. How much surplus one has is not in one’s control because one gets this ‘gift’ based on one’s previous karmas however what one does with this surplus energy largely depends on what one focuses on, is intrinsically or gets trained in.


There are in fact 10 ways in which this ‘kundalini’ or surplus ‘youthful’ energy can channel itself but broadly we can categorize them in three major ways –

  • Horizontal Expression
  • Vertical Expression
  • And Rare type

Each one of these types have specific subtypes depending on what the individual framework (conditioning) for that person has been. Let me elaborate this.


The Horizontal expression is all about expressing one’s characteristic qualities through one’s actions, speech and thinking. Here too you can have two possible outcomes.  1 – If you have been lucky to be brought up in an environment which not only instilled the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ in your buddhi (knowledge coupled with intellect) you will see yourself engaged in ‘moralistic’, ‘structured’, ‘developmental’ actions which shall aim at overall ‘good’ of self and others. 2 – In the absence of a proper framework this Type of expression happens. In this case one will find one’s activities ‘immoralistic’, ‘chaotic or purposeless’ and ‘destructive’ for self and others in general.

Though it may be a type of flow that has been most common expression of inherent surplus energy in the ancient times in its purer form. The pure horizontal expression is devoid of kundalini sexual impetus however it doesn’t mean the physiological sexual urge will not be there. In modern times there are clear overlaps of Horizontal and Vertical flows creating a different collective progression of human consciousness. While the first Horizontal subtypes can be great scientists, writers, entrepreneurs, sports people, social workers, gymnasts, yogis etc. the others in this Horizontal FLOW group can become the opposites like a conman/conwoman, political leaders (especially the ones who have ‘self-serving interests’), dacoits, criminals, terrorists etc. This flow mostly works around Root and Sacral chakras with scant and occasional bursts through Navel chakra and others. Such people seem to be oscillating between chakras as well but their frame of operation is mostly around lower two chakras. As told earlier when there is horizontal flow – external environments, training, counseling and education govern the actions and resultant characteristics of the individual. A lot can be done here through proper conditioning and training.

The common (to both subtypes) signature characteristic of such an expression is that its strength decreases with time and therefore individuals with such expression pattern do ‘good’ or ‘bad’ (depending upon soundness of their samskara framework) only until there is physical youthfulness. As they age their motivation for doing (whatever they find themselves doing) tapers with time. At the age of 63 (+/- 7 years) they almost cease to express their good/bad qualities. Beyond this age they just retract to being an ordinary person with lots of thinking and talking about their accomplishments of ‘past’. Another emotional issue with such people are their being stuck in jealousy and greed. If such trend continues beyond this specified age limit it is mostly the compulsion of not having any other options of income for survival. Such traits are so very common among horizontal types and they can be changed from one sub-group to another by giving them adequate support, counseling, training and encouragement.


There’s a saying in India ‘lakhon me ek (लाखों में एक). It has its english expression too that says ‘one in a million’. The phrase is so very relevant in this mode of expression as there are two directions in the vertical axis – Upward and Downward.

The vertical Up – It is rare a phenomenon to find people with vertical upward flow of ‘surplus kundalini’.  Truly this is a case of one in a million. Such people are naturally detached from materialistic desires, not longing for fame or power, disinterested in sexual activities. Such people are introvert and perennially in a state of seeking of knowledge. The desire for knowledge in this type is different from the horizontal types. While Horizontal types are interested in knowing about things, people, processes and reasons around them the upward vertical types are naturally inclined to discover ‘self’ and their inner world. Any and every thing that is not graspable by senses interests them. All the enlightened Masters (sadhana-siddha) had pure Vertical upward movement of expressed Kundalini surplus. Such types make brilliant disciples (irrespective of the field of expression) and teachers don’t have to put up hard labor to bring the best out of them. In some cases if this vertical movement finds prominent expression from any other chakra than the Crown – then the actions of such person in the respective field will have philosophical tint. Such people may rather be an ‘enlightened scientist’ than just being ‘enlightened’. For example if someone is expressing more from heart-throat – he/she might be engaged in writing poetry but more so in abstracts. These people are really sobre and nice ones having a pleasant personality but they are also a misfit in the social set-up.

The vertical-downward subtype – This category is also rare but not as much as the vertical up. Such people are animals of flesh and matter. Their life revolves around sex, sexuality and bhoga to the extent of self-destruction. They indulge in worldly pleasures helplessly and it is really difficult for them to come out of their perversions despite guidance and motivation being made available. Such people are the ones who can be seen making porn videos, even compulsive porn watchers, compulsive rapists and what we call sex pests roughly fall in this category (to be able to differentiate this type from ‘horizontals gone wild’ is little tricky and only someone with a perfected para-vision can tell the difference). Such people even when they age will not reduce their tendency to deeply entrenched in sex and sexuality. There’s nothing wrong about sex but when someone’s whole life is centred around lust and indulgence it is definitely a problem.

If someone is in the vertical mode, whether upward or downward then he/she can be assisted/corrected/changed by using only ‘Energy influences or psychic intervention’ because words and even actions don’t bring about any change or transformation in such people. Therefore healing, spiritual intervention instead of training and therapy works in such types. They are capable of touching the extreme either way.. an energy influence, a Guru is needed. Just as dacoit Valmiki or Angulimaala gets transformed into maharshi and siddha upon spiritual intervention without much of Guru’s effort. Although spiritual intervention brings about changes in every type but it must be noted even if spiritual intervention is there the process of transformation for Vertical types is far different from the ones having ‘Horizontal outflux’ of surplus ‘expressed kundalini’.

Vertical types are characterized by unwavering, persistent and steady enthusiasm throughout their lives. Their youthfulness of desiring doesn’t subside even when their bodies age. Their keenness and energies don’t taper as they age. Therefore such people if stuck in downward cycle shall not live long as they will destroy themselves too early in life by virtue of their overindulgence in bhoga.

There is one more type of ‘EXPRESSED Kundalini Flow’ that I shall discuss in detail about in some other post.

Frank, the ways to tame your anger are really simple. Let some experienced teacher decide the type of meditation for you instead you choosing it for self because when you shall receive the right technique and correct method of a suitable meditation that shall melt your anger away. Till then things which can help you are – grounding and alignment of thinking. When I say grounding I literally mean you working on the ground i.e. earth. Gardening, connecting with flora and fauna around you. Alignment would mean you spending time with wise and spiritual company. Make friends who are in to meditation, listen to the teachers and read good books. Finally two bonus techniques – Learn to laugh on yourself. If you were angry on anything or anyone… let that pass but later you must review your behaviour and should have a good laugh at it’s futility (your anger). Second – Keep a smile on your face.. always. Gradually it shall work and you will see it is really difficult to get angry while you keep the upward curve on your face.

Briefly to answer Shiv..  It is necessary to identify your type before you look out for solutions in a particular situation. If someone has been into the habit of masturbating – he/she will have to recognize his/her inherent pattern of ‘energy flow’. Your headache, anger and frustration or even the desire to quit material life; upon quitting this ‘pleasure seeking – Energy  expelling’ activity will be different. Your symptoms are unique and dependent on your ‘type’ therefore recognition of your own type is necessary. Once you know your type it will be easy to pick a solution from the available options because for every individual the ‘energy management strategies’ are different. Roughly speaking such overindulgence in expelling your energies at the tender age does affect your prospects however it would be unfair to say that there’s no hope of getting enlightenment for there are specific means and paths on which one’s Teacher can make one travel to unravel the ‘Truth’.


– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

About Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Master AD, as Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath is lovingly called by his disciples, friends is a true Tantra Master. You can either love him or hate him but for sure you can NOT ignore him. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath are engaged in spreading scientific spirituality in masses through their Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camps. Master AD, a poornabhishikta in Srividya (Krama System) has equal command on Yoga, Pranayama, Tantra and Kriya Yoga techniques and guides seekers worldwide through 'The Shakti Multiversity' platform. The Shakti Multiversity residential facility (Ashram) has come up in the foothills of Himalayas near Dehradun. To attend residential courses you may contact at : shakti.multiversity@gmail.com
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