Yakshini Sadhana – Beware of Taming and worshiping Yakshinis (Part -II)



Many enthusiasts of Tantra and some sufferers called up reading the previous article. In fact there is so much of confusion in the minds of people and so much lack of knowledge that people don’t know whether they are worshiping Durga, Kali or a Yakshini. Many temples are housing these mayavi-shaktis. In fact any person who is following any shakti temple MUST read this to stay aware of the facts.

Here it is the continuation of previous article on the same subject.. based on Acharyaji’s talks about Yakshinis and shakti sadhna.

– Ma Shakti Devpriya

.. the excerpts

The infinite orbit of Shiva-Shakti has infinite sub-cycles and processes of creation and dissolution in infinite parallel universes and in the center of both of these processes there are multitudes of inferior shaktis. All of these shaktis are subservient to Maha-Tripura Sundari, the beloved of Shiva. There are three main groups of these shaktis and their respective empresses are i.e. Mahakali, Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati however owing to various differences in the individual desires and embedded creativity in the realm of ‘aadhidaivik’ there are many other categories ranging from shakini, dakini, hakini, lakini etc. to what tantric scriptures refer to as ‘pashumatarah’. Thus in our scriptures we have many other inferior groups of such shaktis. This world moves for the pleasure of Shiva or MahaShakti (they are one and the same for the ordinary) and is moved by these multitudes of shaktis but not each one of these groups or individual shaktis enjoys the supreme place as Mahapriyaa of the lord – The Shakti, also referred to as with many names like parvati, kali, Shivaa or bhavani etc. for she is The consort of Shiva and thus wherever someone is seen praising any sub-shakti as ultimate it should only be seen as the hymn sung in the praise of Shivaa, the Shakti supreme. Nonetheless keep in mind if this fact is not recognized by the one who is propitiating a lower shakti for personal or adhibhautik gains one gets trapped in these lower clusters or planes of consciousness due to one’s own desires.

Indian religious scriptures and other such literature finds so much mention of these Goddess of creation and dissolution (such as dash mahavidya) and rightly so because each one of these is just yet another aspect of Shivaa only but the realm of maya does have many other powers or shaktis who are responsible for many other functional aspects of this universe. These lowers shaktis are also depicted as extremely powerful, as least powerful enough to drag the minds of sadhakas (practitioners) and faithful ones to the level of lust, bhoga and kama. Shiva is known as mahakaala – he is enemy of the kaama or lust, when he opens his eyes the cycle of creation or dissolution begins through his consort,  Mahashakti. Yet there are ones who neither participate in the process of creation nor are invoked in the cycle of dissolution also have some purpose of their existence, things to accomplish. These lesser shaktis in the domain of maya create a perverted mind and infuse lust, kama and bhoga in the impressionable humans. These shaktis which not only make humans ultimately suffer (by first feeding to their desires and then making them fall for it) in their lifetimes but also drag them to dark realms after their death to suffer for eons, they are the ones referred to here as Yakshinis.

In today’s modern world Yakshinis are more powerful than ever and why? Because ordinarily the current human race is in complete grip of negative emotions such as lust, jealousy, pride and perverted sexuality which these forces (shaktis) are said to invoke in one’s mind and feed on. Thousands of example exist to validate how these Yakshinis have been playing with chastity of so called religious men (who engaged in the processes of taming and hailing these yakshinis), having the last laugh. The worshippers ultimately succumb to these forces and these yakshinis enjoy after making them fall and lick the dust. No one has ever been spared by these lower maya(vi)shaktis and each person, no matter who he is, and how highly placed, religious or so called spiritual; anyone who, under the intoxication of powers attained through worshiping these yakshinis started calling himself God, Avatar or such attributes has been driven to shame and disgust ultimately.. to the rejoice of yakshinis. I am not naming anyone here.. just look at the fall and suffering of some of the greatest men in the current and gone by centuries. Some you can guess but thousands of them you don’t know about as they just came, indulged and met with their predestined fate.

Even some sects of Vamachara, in the name of Shakti-worship engage themselves in indiscriminate kamachara feeding these mayik-shaktis called yakshinis. Such people also use these lustful shaktis for taking control over others, attracting wealth, finding hidden treasures and many such other paranormal acts – and under the influence of these yakshinis they start getting a feel as if they have become God. But as soon as one declares himself a God the dream of being a God is shattered. Such Gods then fall in the darkest abysses of unimaginable suffering and bondage forever. And that is the reason Yakshini worship should not be mistaken with, compared with or even remotely linked with the pious and sacred sadhana or practices/rituals perform for attaining Shiva-Shakti consciousness.

And it is really so very difficult to not get confused or misled – because thousands of thousand such mayikshaktis are enveloping this earth. The great Tantra Master Dr. Jaishankar Tripathi also opines “..these Yakshinis are only the bundle of fierce sexual and material lust. The job of these shaktis is to lure the sadhakas into lust, create a lofty, seemingly beautiful, luxurious and safe empire for their worshipers and when their worshipper is completely trapped in their evil design rooted in lustful, sexual and materialistic web they topple him down.. make his fall; a fall so fatal it takes centuries to even recognize that it has happened. Release from such realms becomes even more difficult because they keep satisfying the desires of these fallen souls for their own pleasures in their dark and lusty realms. It is their entertainment and game to see people falling in their trap and succumb to their lustful means..”

Yakshinis have been making people worship them as these mayik-shaktis cleverly disguise themselves as the Aadi-Shakti. Many so called mahashaakts and worshipers of chandi or bhavani fall in their trap due to lack of guidance from their teachers. In the history there are many authentic stories where these Yakshinis have also taken birth to humans, sometimes married humans and even produced children. Many kings obtained their kingdom and rein over some state through these yakshinis and what happened to such kingdoms ultimately is matter of interest for the seeker of the Truth. All such kingdoms were destroyed completely.. These maya-shaktis created horrible disasters, accidents of fire, invoked violent feelings and unsurpassed sexual lust in the hearts of thousands of innocent inhabitants of such states thereby receiving all the enjoyment from these men and women and ensuring all these men and women were doomed to join the invisible empire of their own. Once such cities were turned in to unlivable graveyards and cremation grounds Yakshini lead who created such a state became the ruler of that place in the invisible realm. It is the same city where she was being worshiped and her kingdom has all these men who were worshiping her! Still there are thousands of temples around where in the very idols of Durga, Saraswati, Kali or Laxmi only these yakshinis are being worshipped.. because it is not possible for ordinary person to be able to find out who is residing there” he adds.

More later..

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath


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An initiate of Kaula Tantra tradition. The sole purpose of my beloved consort AD and me is to spread the pure divine knowledge to the masses through Tattva Shakti Vigyaan and try to make every life more beautiful and blissful.
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  2. utkarsh sajwan says:

    when i was 14 i did started with ashtanga yoga by intution but when i was at dhaarna i started practicing tantra and rajayoga simoulteneously. i only wanted tatva gyan of aadi shakti by both tantrik and vedic way. I did it under some unknown guidence . I found a female force who used to become my mother,friend,lover etc. I recognised her as devi. later aadi shakti told that she only belongs to wider god – sada shiva and this female force is her one type for me to be with. Later i have to leave all my knowledge…

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