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Yakshini Sadhana – Beware of Taming and worshiping Yakshinis (Part -II)

many tantra practitioners use yakshinis for taking control over others, attracting wealth, finding hidden treasures and many other such acts – and under the influence of these yakshinis they start getting a feeling as if they have become God. But as soon as one declares himself a God the dream of being a God is shattered. Continue reading

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Taming and worshipping the Yakshinis? Beware! (Part -I)

Shivoham! Many novice and part time enthusiasts of Tantra are often attracted to this stream thinking some rituals shall grant them material wishes and fulfill their other hidden desires. Nine out of ten people who get interested in Tantra want to … Continue reading

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How do I recognize my consciousness?

Mostly awareness is taken as consciousness but truly consciousness moves in many planes from the awareness to the deep sleep which most people experience on day to day basis. To be able to access other levels of consciousness one has to follow a spiritual discipline under the guidance of a Master. It proves to be a wonderful exciting journey leading to never before experiences.. Challenge yourself to experiment with your body and mind to be able to move in this direction. Continue reading

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How do I read Akashic records?

Q : How do I read Akashic records? Beloved, Get your basics right. Akashic records don’t exist ‘up there’ but within. Briefly you should know there are not one but many Aakaashaas (so called voids which they are not really). First one … Continue reading

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Effect of Food on Nadis – What Not to Eat during Nadi Shodhan?

“Some people say you are what you eat. Even Upanishads have echoed this however it is also extremely important to look at what you choose to eat given the choices exist and how you earn it. The question mostly asked by people is “Does food clog nadis?” The answer is Yes, but not directly.” – Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath Continue reading

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