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प्राणायाम करने का सही क्रम क्या है? सबसे पहले किस प्राणायाम से शुरू करें?

आचार्य अज्ञातदर्शन आनंद नाथ, योग-तन्त्र आचार्य, संस्थापक – द शक्ति मल्टीवर्सिटी जवाब दिया गया: अभी-अभी शिवोहम! प्रिय बन्धुवर, आपने यदि यह प्रश्न पूछा है तो अवश्य ही आप योग के प्रथम तीन सोपानों (यम, नियम, आसन) को पर्याप्त समय देते हुए उनमे … Continue reading

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Tattva Shakti Vigyaan – The Road to Bliss!

Still Seeking for Spiritual Experiences? Tattva Shakti Vigyaan is for you! Tattva Shakti Vigyaan – Tantra for Modern Man… A scientific system based on the tenets of Kashmir Shaivism in the unbroken lineage of Himalayan Masters of Sri Vidya tradition is … Continue reading

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Acharya Speaks on Shiva Sutras – Gyaanam Bandhah (excerpts)

“There is only one thing to be known and there is only one true knowledge. That is the basis of every other knowledge but the problem is no one considers that knowledge to be any kind of knowledge” says Tantra master Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath ji. Continue reading

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Are Nirvana and Enlightenment the same things?

“Words like enlightenment and Nirvana are invariably interchanged but they are not the same experience. Enlightenment is roughly ‘self-recognition’ beyond body-mind-samskara complex and Nirvana is unified experience of cosmic consciousness – complete loss of self-identification as it is now.” – Master AD Continue reading

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