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Why should you learn Yoga from an Authentic Guru?

Yoga should be learnt from a Yogi in person, face to face because only he knows the needs of disciple and engages in corrections for the learner before its too late. But if we are discussing Yoga then we should definitely listen to the Vedic rishis more than anyone because it is they who have invented it, perfected it and presented it to the humanity. Continue reading

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Negative effects of Sudarshan Kriya!

You don’t really need to be a Hatha Yogi to understand the simple fact that if Bhastrika pranayama generates lots of energy in the body we should have clean and strong energy channels (pipes) or else we would be creating havoc in there. And the only way to cleanse and strengthen your energy channels is Nadishodhan as per Vedic literature. Continue reading

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