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Pranayama without preparation can cause unexplained diseases!

“While I pull no punches in demolishing the unauthentic practices around Yoga, through our volunteer driven programmes we also ensure we walk the talk. The Shakti Multiversity organizes minimum of 8 FREE sessions on Yoga and Nadishodhan every month for you. I invite you to take benefit from our initiatives..” Master AD Continue reading

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Is Baba Ramdev teaching right Yoga?

As such 80% of population of world is suffering from breathing the wrong (polluted) air why become victim of breathing in wrong ways. Pranayama and fast breathing kriyas can have adverse effects on your health if they are attempted unprepared. First prepare your body through aahaara shuddhi, nadi-shuddhi and tattva shuddhi then engage in anything you like. Continue reading

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