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Is Baba Ramdev teaching right Yoga?

As such 80% of population of world is suffering from breathing the wrong (polluted) air why become victim of breathing in wrong ways. Pranayama and fast breathing kriyas can have adverse effects on your health if they are attempted unprepared. First prepare your body through aahaara shuddhi, nadi-shuddhi and tattva shuddhi then engage in anything you like. Continue reading

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Nadishodhan – Indispensable before Pranayama

“Are you running away from suffering and taking refuse in Yoga? Then change your mind. It won’t burn your karmas. Start the practices with good understanding of ‘my bit’ and ‘His wish’. Secondly do not rush to your pranayama practices, the founders of the system of Yoga are warning against it. It takes a discipline of lifetime to become a Yogi. Practicing yogasanas & hissing around like a cobra in parks in the name of pranayamas is not Yoga. Learn it from a teacher face to face” says Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath. Continue reading

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Does Kapalbhati precede Nadishodhan in Hatha-Yoga Shatakarmas?

Some people argue that Kapalbhati appears in Shatkarmas of Hatha Yoga steps which is before pranayama so it should mean Kapalbhati can be done without much of harm but that is not true. Throughout first few chapters of Hatha Yoga Pradeepika nadishodhan has been mentioned umpteen times. But to understand what it means you need a real living Guru. If Guru could have been done away with.. books were sufficient. By that logic I ask Why send children to school once they know how to read. Let them read and learn.. without a teacher. Books can help bring insight only when a disciple has graduated to a certain level. Continue reading

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9 Questions on Negative Effects of Pranayama & Shortcut-Yoga practices

QUESTION 1. Stomach pain and gas problems happens,from the time when i started pranayam (kapalbhati, anulom-vilom, bhastrika.. 7 min)…….what should i have to do? Avantika P. Rajan Anaswer : Beloved Avantika, You have to stop your practices only to resume … Continue reading

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India News voices AD’s views on Pranayama!!

Beloved Souls, Today’s post would be particularly enchanting for our Hindi readers. I am posting an article of Acharya ji that was recently published (4th to 10th June) in one of the most widely distributed weekly publication, “India News”. India … Continue reading

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