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How do I recognize my consciousness?

Mostly awareness is taken as consciousness but truly consciousness moves in many planes from the awareness to the deep sleep which most people experience on day to day basis. To be able to access other levels of consciousness one has to follow a spiritual discipline under the guidance of a Master. It proves to be a wonderful exciting journey leading to never before experiences.. Challenge yourself to experiment with your body and mind to be able to move in this direction. Continue reading

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“Every verse of Saundarya Lahari is loaded with potent tantric mantras that can be used for the purpose of material gains to self-transformation and the ultimate goal of human life self-realization. But it is to keep in mind that just following the processes described in the books would never fetch you any results for there are many secrets that are NEVER told in ANY book whatsoever and only your Guru can guide you there. Nevertheless if one has right bhava simply chanting and singing of these verses can show you streaks of light in the utter darkness of misery and pain” says Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath. Continue reading

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Pranayama without preparation can cause unexplained diseases!

“While I pull no punches in demolishing the unauthentic practices around Yoga, through our volunteer driven programmes we also ensure we walk the talk. The Shakti Multiversity organizes minimum of 8 FREE sessions on Yoga and Nadishodhan every month for you. I invite you to take benefit from our initiatives..” Master AD Continue reading

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Why siddhis do not come to Yoga practitioners easily?

If you follow Maharshi Patanjali, Yoga is just like a practical science, like mathematics. Just as mathematics has its roots in imagination and philosophy but its practical application in the material realm solves so many puzzles in the same way Yoga is a method to control the source of imagination (the mind) and therefore it can be applied to create miracles in the material realm of tattvas. Such application of mind and energy to create something that seems to violate the known rules of science is called SIddhi. Continue reading

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Why you don’t initiate in Sri Vidya sadhana directly?

Tantra Master Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath’s answer to a seeker on the relevance of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan in preparation for Sri Vidya sadhana. Continue reading

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