In the Praise of Divine Fire (यज्ञभावनम्-3)


In the previous post of the subject I placed Agnyopanishada for your read and contemplation.. It ended at –

अग्ने यत्ते शक्तिः तेनाहं शक्तिमान् भूयासम् |
अग्ने यत्ते भक्तिः तेनाहं भक्तिमान् भूयासम् |
इत्यग्न्योपनिषद् यथा दृष्टम् ||

Now let’s move further.

The soul of Yajna is Fire (Agni). Upon discovery of manifest fire the ritual of Yajna appeared. The life’s beginning and end are in the Yajna. Yajna is expansion of life. In DevaYajna there is beautiful aroma. In DaityaYajna there a foul smell. PaishaachaYajna contains only smoke, there is no flame, no light. Smoking or bidi or cigarette is paishaachaYajna. It has only smoke, foul smell and pollution. In this intoxication and destruction is seen. Smoke coming out from vehicles and other machines is also paishaachaYajna. It creates little good and more of suffering.. but it is popular Yajna of Kaliyuga. Knowingly or unknowingly Yajna is being performed everywhere in the world. Life is not possible without Yajna. Yanja is giver of life as well as it can be used for taking away the life. Wherever there is Yajna there if fire and wherever there is fire there is yajna. Yajna has infinite forms and schemes because fire (agni) is called anantmoorti, that which has infinite forms. Yajna, that is performed using the mantras  given by rishis  is known called agnihotra. Offering prescribed articles in aahuti to fire while chanting the mantras of agnyopanishad is approved as agnihotra. The one who performs agnihotra is called Agnihotree. By the grace of divine fire (agni)  I am worshipper of Fire. Therefor agnaye te namah!

Turning the paarthiva (obtained from earth) things into ashes by offering them into flames of fire with appropriate bhava (emotion) is Yajna. Whatever is offered to fire, that comes back to us multiplied (x1000 – thousand times).  Yajna is profitable in all circumstances, there is no possibility of loss at all with it. On face value it seems like a loss but it is profit. The body is nourished, mind feels grateful, higher power of discrimination arises in the intellect, sense prevails, lifeforce increases, organs get strength, diseases are cured, enemies are overpowered, happiness increases and suffering reduces, progeny is begotten, abundance and fame expands, good name is earned, you get power and control, sins are destroyed, good deeds increase and one receives renunciation through the power of yajna. What not is achieved through yajna? Yajna is infallible. It is a step towards aggrandizement. We are sailing on the power of Yajna. We repeatedly bow down to the great Yajnadeva & the divine fire. Agnim sharanam gachchaami!

Fire is lit up and yajna is performed in the beginning of all auspicious works… in fact all the works. The fire of desire intensified by deep intent is created and then we give aahuti of our body (through actions, thought and speech) to earn the object of desire. This fire is respected and properly worshipped by brahmins it gives them the purpose (meaning) of life – moksha (parama pada). For the same reason name of fire is saarthaka (one with meaning or the one which gives meaning to life or meaning of life). If the prescribed methods are not respected in worshipping this Fire (agni) it has the power to destroy (gulp) the yajnakarta (performer of yajna) in a flip second. For this reason Fire (agni) is called kravyaada. Fire (agni) is the lord of Grihas (Home is called griha in Sanskrit language). For this reason it is called gaarhapatya. It is told in scriptures that Agni carries the soul using the ‘right hand’ path (way) to the heavens (swarg). For this reason it is called dakshinaagni. The fire in yajna or even otherwise receives and accepts all sorts of materials. For this reason it is called aahavaneeya agni. In any hawan-kunda (fire pit created for fire-ritual, yajna) fire receives objects (aahutis) from all the directions therefore gets this adjective – ‘extremely bright fire’ (aavahaneeya) is given to it.

Gaarhapatya Agni is Brahma (the creator). Dakshinaagni is the form of Rudra (the destroyer or releaser). Aavaahaneeyaagni is Vishnu personified. Gaarhapatya Agni is always present in the homes. It is always awake (there was this tradition in Hindu families of keeping the fire alive in the fireplace 24 x 7 x 365 days) even when everyone in the home sleeps. Thus Fire (Agni) is lord (adhipati) of home.

There are three kinds of sufferings for the mankind – aadhibhautika (material), aadhidaivika (concerning subtle divine forces), aadhyaatmika (spiritual). If one follows proper rules of worship of Fire and conducts yajna – this Fire saves one from all the three types of sufferings of life, that is why this karma has been termed as  Agnihotra in Vedas. It is said..

अग्निहोत्रफला वेदाः शीलवृत्तफलं श्रुतम् |
रतिपुत्रफला दारा, दत्त भुक्तफलं धनम् ||

  • महाभारत , अश्वमेधिक पर्व , अ. 92

 Just as the fruit of reading scriptures is good and graceful conduct, the fruit of a woman (as wife) is rati (sexual pleasure and all the beauties of life) and santati (progeny), the fruit of money is charity and luxury; the same way the fruit of Vedic studies is Agnihotra (discipline of yajna).

More in the next post..

-Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Just as mantras, mudras, kriyas and sankalpa etc. are
the tools given in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Sadhana; The
Yajna is the most powerful tool available in Vedic
system. Gurudev Shri Aatharvan ji Maharaj who became
enlightened through the agnihotra sadhana & Suryopasana
has spoken about the process of Yajna in detail. The 
Fire (agni) and Yajna are one. As per Vedic wisdom 
Yajna is capable of alleviating all the sufferings 
of human life by the divine grace of brahamn operating
in the form of Agni(Deva)!

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