How to get freedom from the cycle of birth and death?

Dear Acharya ji,

Can you please tell how do we get Moksha, freedom from the cycle of birth and death?

– M. Shashank

Beloved Shashank,

I can give you methods to get Moskha but can not give you freedom from the cycles of birth and death because for you the cycle doesn’t exist!

Moshka‘ or ‘Nirvana‘.. represents a concept from Indian spiritual-religious traditions and it probably has been one of the most misunderstood words ever. Although it has rightly been translated by the scriptures and enlightened ones as freedom from cycle of birth and death but keep in mind.. it is ‘their experience’. For you this interpretation shifts the ‘event of moksha‘ to future for you, to a time that is yet to come.. because it means you will attain ‘moksha’ or salvation once you leave this body.

Freedom from the cycle of birth and death has no meaning for you unless you have gone through ‘jaatismaran prayogas’ or your Guru graced you with divine vision to make at least one or more lifetimes visible for you. Needless to say that ordinary man has no ‘smriti‘ (remembrance) even of one’s birth in this very current lifetime and death is yet to come. Verification and assimilation of some spiritual concepts have to happen based on your own experience. You don’t remember your birth. Death has not happened yet then your experience should be that you are not the victim of this cycle. Isn’t it?

There is a saying in hindi ‘अपने मरे ही स्वर्ग दीखता है’ (The experience or validation of heaven or hell comes only upon one’s own death) and I completely agree with this proverb. You should also be agreeing but not admitting upfront. You will have to become rooted in your own experience. Masters can give you methods and you must not and can not challenge those methods without experimenting with them in totality but concepts such as these will only obstruct your growth. Sadhana is the only means!

You must intensely experiment with the sadhana you are given and only those practices will take your consciousness to such a level where from you will yourself be able to see the mirage of death and birth or real meaning of moksha. After this experience a sadhaka  graduates to the category of siddha and can choose to still playfully stay in this illusion. Like Buddhas and Avataras he can make promise of coming back or alternatively he can dissolve his individuality in the oceanic bliss of the infinite and thus being one with the cosmic reality or Shiva.

As of now your Moksha is a transitory experience; And for you I define moksha as absence of desires. It is synonymous with experience in deep meditation. In this blissful state of meditation one has no desires left, not even for moksha.  Are you ready to experience this?


-Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

"The Moksha or Nirvana has been defined as absence of suffering!
 Desires are the root cause of suffering and thus moksha is just
 that state wherein your all desires dissolve. You don't have to
 wait for your last breath to experience Moskh. It is a state of
 your being that is very much available to everyone while one is
 still in body and living."
 - Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

(Based on Master's reply published in Hindi Newspaper, हिन्दुस्तान)
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