How do we hack a soul seeker?

|| Acharya Agyaatadarshan ||

|| Master AD ||

Question : How do we hack a soul seeker?

Answer by Acharya:


Lovely Soul,

You ask how to hack a soul-seeker! Prabhu, Are modern Gurus and TV Babas not sufficient that you too started thinking of hacking poor soul-seekers? They are already left in the lurch by their respected Gurus… who disappear after giving them a deeksha, mantra, kriya, mudras. Haven’t you seen them helplessly roaming around confused and disoriented just feeding on their guru’s one-time blessings? What more you want? I beg of you to drop this ambitious project of yours on the principles of ‘Live and Let Live’ please! God shall definitely bless you for this noble sacrifice 🙂 Anyways… You may if you insist.

A soul seeker can definitely be hacked but not for long because whatever you shall offer as an interim wouldn’t suffice his/her search. What do you think the stories of  Indra (King of Devas) sending in Apsaras and all alluring things to Rishis/Meditators and Yogis is indicating? Indra is thinking exactly like you there!

But a real soul seeker can not be hacked.. can not be blocked for long. He is like might ‘Jala Tattva’ which will ultimately find its way to the ‘Ocean’.. come what may. He can not be held for long in lust, greed and envy… Not because there are no better things than soul for people out here but only because none can match the intrinsic qualities of the soul – Indestructible, Impregnated with Bliss and Source of ‘True Knowledge’. A true soul seeker always keeps this ‘universal gauge of sat-chit-ananda‘ to measure and assess what he receives.

So if you wish to hack a soul-seeker you will have to understand what you can offer him/her. And that can be known only when you seek your soul first. Once you discover something like ‘soul’ within, you will definitely get Mastery in this subject but Alas! by then you shall also be transformed immediately… so much so that instead of hacking the soul-seekers you would start helping them in their endeavours.

Blessings from Masters..

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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