Don’t try braving the pollution through Pranayama!

|| Nadishodhan ||

|| Pranayama ||

Pujneeye Acharyaji,

I wanted to mention that after having initiated in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan when I started my ‘Essential-practices’ for the first time which was late July, my breathing count was approximately 4/2/6. Two weeks ago after reaching Delhi I had to take antibiotics to treat my cough/cold for 5 days. However I did not miss my practice even for a day. Perhaps that affected the breathing pattern. Yesterday I tried breathing without doing the ‘Y-Breathing’ first. It was slightly better. I wanted to give the full picture & hopefully with your suggestions my practice gets better.

With reverence & gratitude,
 – Neelam C, New Jersey, USA


Beloved Neelam,

Delhi is awfully polluted and it is virtually choking its inhabitants – the proud Delhiites. Delhi is no exception most of the metro cities across the globe are dangerously polluted to the levels where they have virtually become death-traps. People are suffering, kids are fainting, children are developing respiratory diseases, energy levels are low, Thyroid, toxicity and what not..  the overall life expectancy is reducing; this is just that little extra cost a common man pays for country’s GDP and its indulgence in Industrial race.

You hail from a town which is probably not polluted as much and your lungs couldn’t handle the levels of toxicity you were exposed to in Delhi, India. That is the reason you developed URI and had to consume antibiotics. One thing which most of the Yoga-savvy people are forgetting in modern times that all the fanning of inner-fire by virtue of their ‘breathing regimes’ and ‘kriyas’ are in fact endangering them especially those who are braving the high levels of air-pollution. What to talk of health benefits in fact such people are endangering their own health!

If someone wishes to understand what suspended particle are and how they could be choking one’s delicate airways within the lungs they just need to…

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