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Does Anulom-Vilom cause negative effects?

Many people try to link every physical condition to their Yoga practices. In fact there are many physical, environmental reason for such symptoms and not everything can be linked to Yoga or spiritual practices. There are thousands of possibilities and no one will be able to guide a person remotely. If you are suffering from anxiety, foggy-mind, irritability, headache etc. its advised to meet a Master and much before that don’t forget to see a doctor. Continue reading

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108 (number) Its origin, significance and usage in Yoga and Pranayama

108 has its magic. If your surya nadi is active during this practice the time runs fast and if your chandra nadi is active the time runs slow. In both the cases holding breath for 108 seconds would be a challenge however if you are doing this while your sushumna nadi is active you stand greater chances of reaching this magical number of 108 and thus an opportunity to experience something completely new. Continue reading

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Mood swings and kapalbhati pranayama!

  I started doing kapalbhati since over a week now. Although as I understand, the recommended time is at least 5 minutes but I am not able to continuously do it till 5 mins. So, I am doing it for … Continue reading

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