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Pranamaya and Spiritual Growth – Part I

High energy is needed for spiritual awakening and during pranayama when high amount of energy is released and your nadi system is not capable of supporting it may damage your system permanently. Hiccups, Coughing, Asthma, Diseases and pain in Head, Ear and Eyes.. and many other unknown diseases happen when pranavaayu (air) is angered. Continue reading

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FAQs on Tattva Shakti Vigyaan (TSV) Deeksha

Beloved Master says.. “When you get admission in a course of your liking in your dream-college do you ask your principal what changes will I see in my level of skills/knowledge of the subject? No! you don’t because you know that getting into school does not mean you will get knowledge without studying. The only assurance of being in a college/school of repute and standard is that your educational career is in safe-hands and all the necessary guidance, opportunities will be available here. the same is true of Deeksha or Initation. This is like your admission in the school of spirituality where you will be provided with guidance, protection and opportunities for your spiritual growth however how much sincere efforts you are ready to put in will decide your growth.” Continue reading

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Miracles of faith and will..

My beloved Friends, Magic is a performed by a visible magician on the stage and everyone in the audience wants to know about how he did it. On the contrary Miracles happen in people’s heart and in the ecstasy of fulfillment and joyous … Continue reading

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Nitya-Ananda Scandal

I am sure, All along Swami Nityananda must have been teaching his disciples to be ‘Jigyaasu’ (inquisitive), to ‘look within’.. ‘peep in the heart’ ! They followed their master’s words and as true ‘Jigyaasu’ installed a hidden camera in his personal room in the quest of ‘Truth’.. Continue reading

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