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In the praise of Yajna || (यज्ञभावनम्-6) : || Invoking Saraswati in Yajna ||

Vedas are source of ultimate wisdom. Saraswati is a shakti or power that finds mention in Vedas. It is said to work in us as our intelligence and awareness. She confers us with immense knowledge. With the mantras when we offer aahutis in the Yajna she is pleased.. Continue reading

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In the Praise of The Sun || (यज्ञभावनम्-6) || The Sun is Everything ||

Vedas deliver the wisdom of monism in different ways. The mantras offer so diverse, powerful and even juxtaposed messages that a reader gets mesmerized. This charisma and wonder of Mantras is available to the one has deep knowledge of the Sanskrit language. At many places mantras are common in Atharva Veda and Rig Veda etc. giving starkly illuminating meaning as the context changes. Continue reading

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Defeat the Coronavirus – You can do it!

Viral infections can be fatal if you have a compromised immune system. Here are some effective ways to boost your immunity against the coronavirus. It is unfortunate that those who have gone through any kind of organ transplant can not do much as they are given immunosuppressors. Nevertheless, they can also benefit from good sleep, exercise, sun, a positive attitude and brightening their lives through smiles. Continue reading

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