A piece of advice : Offer Tattva Shakti Vigyaan to the needy!

|| Tattva Shakti Vigyaan in clinics ||

|| Tattva Shakti Vigyaan in clinics ||

“As per shankya yoga there are nine element in human body. Five physical four subtle. If you can energise them than all physical and mental emotional ailments will disapear. It can be prove in clinical trial or not. If yes than offer your service to needy.” – Mahesh Arya


Beloved Mahesh,


Happy to receive the knowledge byte from you on number of Elements, Thanks. Not sure whether you are asking of asserting when you write “If you can energize them all physical and mental, emotional ailments will disappear” If it is an assertion – it is in line with what has been our personal experience with Tattva Shakti Vigyaan however if that is a question the answer is “Yes and No both”.

The focus of any spiritual system is not about treating physical ailments still definite benefits do come to the practitioners in terms of healthy body-mind complex. Like any other spiritual discipline, a TSV practitioner also accepts and appreciates the role of leaving this ‘bodily bondage’ (death) someday for it opens up avenues of further growth by bringing in richness of experience. So no TSV practitioner is trying for immortality and neither are we interested in postponing the unfolding of ‘karma’ if that be so. That’s why sometimes we do accept diseases as karmic lessons and payback.

You further seem to be questioning whether “It can be proven in clinical trials or not..” God forbid, we are not willing to establish a hospital or a healing center. As a true shaktas we are here willing to suffer and be poured upon by Her infinite love rather than flaunting and abusing a healthy body. We know, through our experiences (not necessarily these come in clinics or controlled conditions of modern laboratories) in the laboratory of our body-mind-complex that intentions sowed in the sadhana do offer us enough to celebrate this tiny, minuscule portion of cosmic time offered to us. My experience of Her divinity and love probably can never be tested in a clinic. It was and shall always remain materially unsubstantiated and I am happy for it for She, her core continues to stay out of bounds of our intellect and measurements… ya devi sarvbhooteshu maya-shabdeti sansthita Let the illusion prevail.. let the illusion rule those who are still not hungry for Her grace.

All this was junk and I request you to please ignore it. There are many elements in the Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practices and one of them is Sanjeevani Vidya. It is a kriya handed down in the Master’s lineage. (FYI – this Kriya is introduced to the practitioners in Level – II). Structured study about this kriya was conducted (in controlled environment) few years back and the paper was also present to Medical Council of India. It was observed that Sanjeevani Vidya works wonders on body-chemistry and is capable of healing to a great extent. We did not engage in any studies further on this however there are variety of practices which can be taken to labs and clinics by enthusiastic people and be tested for their efficacy. We know it shall lead to positive, impressive results because that is being validated through the experiences of thousands of TSV practitioners. Nevertheless, agama-nigama don’t need testimonies to prove their worth – their methods are effective by all means.

We truly respect and appreciate your suggestion ” If yes than offer your service to needy”   and in fact that is what we are doing anyways. If you know some needy persons you are welcome to send them to upcoming TSV camps. Please filter them out if their need is health or wealth… these issues we don’t cater to. We deal with happiness, joy, bliss, ananda.. Whosoever needs it we shall be happy to serve them, till then..

We can only pray for them..

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

FAQs on Tattva Shakti Vigyaan (TSV) Deeksha

|| Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Deeksha ||

So many questions keep coming regarding the initiation into Tattva Shakti Vigyaan. For better understanding of the seekers I am discussing some of most frequently asked questions.

How can I do the TSV session?

TSV is all about taking responsibility of your life and using the universal energy principles for your spiritual growth. The whole journey, which takes you to the zenith of spiritual path has been divided in 5 levels. In the first level, you are initiated in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan and given an energized personal mantra, through which the doorways to the realm of spiritual experiences opens immediately. The initiation in to Tattva Shakti Vigyaan gives you insight into the unseen, un-experienced, fascinating but powerful real of elements. Through regular Sadhana your being starts purging the negatives, your conditioned responses start getting re-programmed for better under the influence of balanced Elemental Energies. This ensures you becomes capable of protection against negative energy forces and obtain the grace of elemental forces for creating abundance and positive changes in life.

The initiation camps are regularly organized by Sacred Association in different cities in India. To keep yourself updated about the upcoming camps you can join FB page of Sacred Association by liking it.

The next Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Deeksha Camp (Level I) is being organized on Saturday, 1st of September, 2012 at India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. (To register click on the below Link)

[Register for Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Deeksha]

What are the preparatory things I should do? Please advise..

If someone says you don’t have to engage in preparation for taking up a spiritual initiation that would be dishonest. When you decide to enter your inner world, the realm of your spiritual being you should definitely prepare yourself for the journey. Master says when even in normal air-journey you are told to wear a safety-belt and instructed about ‘how to handle emergency situations’ how can you expect that a spiritual-flight will not want you prepared. You can’t carry all the luggage with you – the size and weight of your hand-baggage is predefined. Similarly when you come for Deeksha or initiation, you should know the rules.

Following small preparatory steps before you arrive at Deeskha camp would ensure you are open to Master’s energies –

Those who are non-vegetarians or eggetarians should switch to vegan diet one week prior to day of initiation. Vegetarians can continue with their normal diet. It is advisable to keep fast a day prior to Deeksha however if that’s not possible you should have only fruits, juices and milk products. (Don’t worry that during the day of Deeksha you would be starved – in all initiation camps participants are provided with nutritious, tasty food as lunch. Since mostly the programmes start around 9:00/9:30 AM it is assumed that you would have come after a light, sattvik breakfast at home.)

Do not take alcohol products (beer and wine included) for a week before Deeksha.

Abstinence from Sexual engagement (masturbation included) for a week would preserve your energies and enhance the potency of your Deeksha. If that sounds too much to handle, keep it for minimum of 3 days prior to initiation.

Drink one gallon of water (approximately 3.8 Liters) everyday and if you suffer from constipation please increase the intake of raw-food and fibers in your diet. Fruits, juices and green vegetables would help you. Take 5 grams of Psyllium Husk (Sold in the name of Isabgol), dissolved in one glass of water (Around 150-200 ml) empty stomach and before sleep a day prior  to Deeksha. That will ensure your stomach is not loaded with toxins and body is light enough to support the circulation of subtle energy currents.

Take proper sleep of 7-8 hours as per your body-type and requirement and also exercise well. Ten (10) rounds of ‘Surya Namaskar’

Keeping yourself off from obscene movies, pornography, abusive language, large gatherings and criticism/sarcasm.

With these preparations when you approach for Initiation, it ensures you will receive the grace of Master and your increased receptivity will help you in absorbing the most transformational energies of Elements during Tattva Urja Prayog.

What changes will I see in me/my situations after Deeksha?

Merely getting initiated does not mean your situations will change. There are no short-cuts to transformation and spiritual growth. Sadhana is must, discipline and faith is indispensable. You will definitely see a turnaround if you follow what is told.

As beloved Master always says “When you get admission in a course of your liking in your dream-college do you ask your principal what changes will I see in my level of skills/knowledge of the subject? No! you don’t because you know that getting into school does not mean you will get knowledge without studying. The only assurance of being in a college/school of repute and standard is that your educational career is in safe-hands and all the necessary guidance, opportunities will be available here. the same is true of Deeksha or Initation. This is like your admission in the school of spirituality where you will be provided with guidance, protection and opportunities for your spiritual growth however how much sincere efforts you are ready to put in will decide your growth.” 

So be ready to put up hard labour after initiation and then you will definitely grow and see changes. The energized personal mantra is your axe for clearing the pathway to the destination. The sharper is your axe, easier is the journey for you are able to cut the shrubs and obstacles to pieces more easily. Your progress is dependent on your discipline. Master’s energies will always be there to encourage you and protect you in your territory but accomplishments are always personal. You can have variety of experiences during Sadhana.

Click here to read more about Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Sadhana Experiences

When will I become eligible for Tattva Shakti Vigyaan – Level II (Sanjivani Vidya)?
Spiritual quest is a serious business. Casual approach, irregularity & indiscipline can not take you anywhere. After initiation into Tattva Shakti Vigyaan, practitioners are advised to energize their personal mantra and complete the prescribed prayog for definite duration. Serious Practitioners who take out time for Sadhana twice a day can achieve desired strength and capacity to receive 2nd level initiation in 6-9 months. Level – II is essentially a residential programme where Master personally scans through the aspirants before imparting the knowledge of ‘Sanjeevani Vidya’.

Sanjeevani Vidya is an extremely powerful process. Its first level boosts the capacity of your energy carrying channels of your physical body & astral body. The one who practices Sanjivani Vidya becomes rooted in his being & attains ‘saakshi bhaava’ or ‘witnessing consciousness’. Frees himself from all sorts of negative emotional blocks & addictions. Its higher level which is given in Level – III, to chosen ones gets them to the cliff i.e. closer to Kundalini awakening.

You have the power to change the course of your life. Everyone begins from the same point but where you reach depends on choices you make, people you befriend with, guidance you seek and efforts you put in. So taking a decision on your self-actualization is always in your hands. Hope by this article some of your queries and doubts will be answered and you would be helped in taking a decision for your “self”.

Blessings from the Masters…

Love & Light

– Ma Shakti Devpriya

Hidden universe of energies within you! (About Chakras – Part One)

|| Chakras – Your Energy Melody ||

Master, I am finding that there has some sort of stagnation crept in my life. Whatever I do, think or plan about doesn’t seem to be materializing.. It looks like as if God is conspiring against me. Honestly, I confess that I shared it with a person who has been talking big things like God, Soul, energy and all that stuff.. but his approach had confused me even more.

I recently met one of your disciples in Mumbai. He is Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioner (Not sure which level) and has received initiation by Ma Devpriya. When I discussed my situation with him he indicated that my life-situation could be due to my chakras as well. I have made up my mind to get initiated in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan now. Please say something about Chakras. 

– Dinesh

Without getting in to the details and processes of why and how of this stagnation has crept in your life you should know that such a situation is developed by continuous emission of waves of fear, anger and contempt from your body. Fear and anger are the opposite faces of the same coin so.. if you have been perennially angry on some or other life-situation, it can happen. Prolonged exposure of your psyche to even a low-grade anger can make things stagnated. In fact any life-situation can transmute itself as a deadlock, more so when you have not been trained to handle/manage your own energies. In such situations your energy body vibrates at a peculiar pattern, these are the energy waves which surround you.. but what these waves are? You may think these as “standing waves” and these represent the collective music which your chakras play.

The kind of music your chakras play, your life situations more or less exhibit coherent patterns to these and vice versa. You ought to know more about it and also need to learn the techniques to change the rhythms and tune of these to more pleasant, positive and soothing one. All such issues, its anatomy and ancient secret corrective techniques are revealed to those  who receive Dwiteeya Koti Deeksha or Level – II initiation in “Tattva Shakti Vigyaan”. Nevertheless, let me try putting as much as I can do for you here.

A lot has been already written about Chakras and their association with different kinds of emotional, physical and psychological properties. Since this is experiential subject most of the people are unable to understand what these chakras are and more importantly how to normalize, activate & balance their corresponding psychological, physiological and spiritual properties. All spiritual aspirants who have not been able to experience anything pragmatic even after years of persistent practice must understand the fact that without Kundalini energy rising till the level of heart chakra no extrasensory powers are developed, no profound experiencing happens. And Kundalini or the coiled energy serpent can travel upward only when all the chakras are active and in balanced state of activity.

To an uninitiated human body has 72000 Nadis which are in fact energy channels, carrying energy impulses naturally if unhindered/undisturbed by your thoughts, actions or emotional state. The Chakras are centers or hubs of specific energy vibrations and can be roughly compared with what we known as distribution stations of our electricity distribution system of a township or more accurately the power-grids. This energy matrix is a really extremely complex yet it exists within the framework and periphery of physical body. The physicality of human body gives this energy body a shape and also some trigger handles which experienced masters can take advantage of during healing and attunements. People, who have been found to display some unusual powers which today scientific fraternity calls psycho-kinesis, mind over matter or simply super-human qualities. Physicists and other scientists are still groping in the dark about the origin and cause of such extra-ordinary powers but you should know that these people who are possess such unexplainable powers are the ones who are referred to as Bhrashta Yogis in Srimadbhagwadgita by Krishna. In their past lives their energies were elevated to this level and now unknowingly they are capable of doing things which science and medical science is unable to understand. The human body is a very complex system for there is not one but many shells or layers of it. Behind the physical body there is one entity which is called Pranamaya Kosha or the Energy body or sometimes erroneously referred to as astral body. Chakras are the parts of this Energy body.

Although there are more than 700 identified chakras in the body but there are seven of them, which lie on the mid line of your body and majorly govern psychological and physiological properties.  For spiritual scientist these are the stations or major halts in the journey of Kundalini energy. The positioning of chakras is important and those which are located on the lower part of our body are focal points of our instinctual side, the higher ones of intellectual and spiritual side.

We shall discuss more about the chakras over next few days.. enough for today.

Sending love-laden energies your way..


– Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

Yoga, Sex, Masturbation and Spiritual Growth – Part IV (concluded)


||Be the Master of your Energies||

Beloved Souls,

By explaining all this theoretical part of energy dynamics associated with  masturbation I don’t wish to scare you. If it can help you become little more aware in experiencing and sensing your energy currents and chakra functions in light of this knowledge it would definitely lead you towards change. One must remember that though experimentation with awareness and objective observation are ways to get rid of any unwanted trait but if you lack sensitivity, energy-awareness and your senses are not developed enough you might altogether miss the learning from your experiments and observations. It is important that you learn to sense the subtle energy currents in your body before you contemplate expanding your domain of experiencing. Also you should always engage holy powers of Masters in your experimentation. That is easy if you have been taught about it. If not that then also do not worry. There is also a faculty in you which guides you continuously. It is interested in your growth. I call this faculty of yours – The inner Master. The more you empower your inner master He would be willing to help and shall engage in supervision of your diversions and distractions. He will be ready to show you the way which is most suitable to you and leads towards light. In addition to the above you also need to augment your inner strength to hold on to your decisions and keep your resolutions. That is important because the voice of inner master is very feeble and it goes unheard most of the times. Your inner Master survives on the energy generated by ‘resolutions you keep’. So NEVER make unrealistic resolution however there is no room for lukewarm approach and underestimation of your own strength. Just stay attentive to those inner callings and instructions which come from Him. But I know your current state of mind doesn’t allow you to feel that and therefore I would try helping you here. There are many simple things you can do to start with. These simple changes would make you capable of listening to His voice. In  Tattva Shakti Vigyaan we show you how hungry all your bodies are but we also show that it is your habit pattern which makes them so and your inner layers thus engage in absorbing everything – even if that is garbage. You can not stop feeding it, but continuous anxiety to feed on something or the other reduces your self–control and you are not able to stay alert, in control when temptations trigger a series of subconscious avalanche in your mind-body complex. So what do you do?

Start with little things. Watch out if the radio in your car and the television in your home is always on, just filling up the silence? Turn them off. Learn to appreciate contemplative silence sometimes.

Do you eat slowly or attack the food and continue until you feel stuffed? Control that urge. Learn to have your food in steps.

Are you always chewing, munching and drinking coffee, tea or cold drinks? Stop for a moment! Think if you could do without these for next 4 hours. In these 4 hours chant the mantra “Om Aing Hum” to de-tox yourself.  Appreciate hunger instead (if you can).

Today’s generation is “Always ON(line) Generation”. Are you also one of them who are carrying their mobile device with them; chatting, texting, constantly alert for messages, listening to songs, or playing video games? If so, better specify a time for it all and if your professional commitments don’t allow you to do so fix a timeslot for yourself when you switch such gadgets off or decide NOT respond to anything, come what may. Turn a blind eye towards your Blackberry or i-Phone at least an hour a day. Do not cheat yourself by deciding to put these off just when you sleep pretending to stay away for 7 to 8 long hours. It is done best when you make it happen during normal activity hours. Incoming calls and messages can wait. Please understand games and secular music steal time away from you and also clutter your being and if your goal is to grow spiritually you must have to have some time for yourself. This simple resolution can take you a long way.

Learn to express your anger – do not suppress it. Most often than not the underlying psychological motive for masturbation is release of anger or frustration (for normal persons) and release of energy for people who engage in energy heightening activities like breathing exercises, gym etc.  I am asking you to learn to express your anger because when at a later stage, you will stop masturbating, the anger will increase and that will surface on every trigger. It will be extremely necessary to deal with anger in a healthy manner, or else you will find it “leaking out” on people you want to hurt the least.

Masturbation is detrimental to spiritual growth for the reasons it takes away your sanity. You engage in negative “Manasik Karma” during the act. Although it is physically a singular act yet it is not. Sexual fantasies are nothing but hidden intentions of the a repressed rapist in you. Have heart, don’t hurt those poor girls and women who have no power to stop your deeds in your fantasies. Thinking pattern of a spiritual seeker is extremely important so do something (even in your imagination) which you can admit to yourself in a respectful manner.

Remember to have realistic goals for yourself and learn to appreciate your solitude because when you are feeling deprived, ineffectual, weary, unrecognized, or alone a self-driven orgasm or ejaculation just feels right. So learn to appreciate small happy moments and achievements as that will keep you off your temptations.

Watch your tendencies. Do you prefer a seat in a restaurant where from you can have better view of people around – especially good looking opposite sexes? Try otherwise and do not swing your eyes around to see what you would have missed otherwise.

Last but most important point for men– Do not allow your eyes to slip below the neckline of a female. Be attentive to your thirst when you are watching them from behind. That is not a very decent habit anyways. This self imposed restriction would do wonders in increasing your ability to sense energy currents at a later stage. Most of the males fail to sense and appreciate energy currents and thus fail in choosing right life-partner for themselves.

Do NOT be lured by those online Tantra Teachers or books.  Tantra is not a game to be played by sexual people in search of spiritual experience. It is dance of spiritual (to the core) with clear intentions of finding inner source of joy and bliss. As such this is not as simple as mostly depicted. Various Yogic Kriyas, a tough discipline is to be observed before that. Many astral channels are to be created between Bhirava and Bhairavi before they can practice it together. All that preparation is done alone. Also finding a compatible partner whose chakras pulsate in the same frequency as yours is so very crucial or else all Tantra Practices would reduce to suction of mutual energies and nothing worthwhile can be achieved except experiencing “sex of a different kind”.  It is only with that surrender and commitment and all the preparation, emotional and spiritual bonding gets dominant. Only then the energy revolves in circulatory path (in the shape of 8). Keep in mind that Tantra Partners are most committed partners. Once a Bhairavi of yours – Always a Bhairavi and viceversa. There is no returning back. In fact the most loving couples can not match that kind of mental attitude. If all the preconditions are not met it would equal to prostitution or forced sex which is not capable of generating this kind of energy dynamics.

One last suggestion for you – getting stronger in your resolve and preserving energies for spiritual attainment shall empower you to express love fearlessly in all ways to all people in all circumstances but do not be discouraged or disturbed if you are misunderstood. Gradually everything will fall in its right place.


– Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

Sex, Masturbation, Yoga and Spiritual Growth – Part III


||Take control of your Energies||

… Conscious sex is a gateway to the divine

For that matter.. anything done with complete awareness while keeping yourself in sync with nature’s energies is divine.

While you must keep in mind that even normal sex is not detrimental to spirituality in any sense (better so if you know how to conserve your energies during the process) but the unilateral release of energy as in masturbation definitely causes a big dent in your spiritual progress. I would prefer to drop the details of energy dynamics in physical body during any sexual experience to the biologists and medical scientists. Also what hormonal changes and secretions happen from the time of physical or thought-trigger is field of research for them. My concern and explanation would be focus more on your astral-energy-body dynamics because that is the plane which governs your spirituality index.

Majorly three chakras are active during the act (from trigger to PONR), each one attaining its peak activity at different times because energy circulation is not a continuous process rather some build-up also happens due to your attachment to specific type of pleasure or shift of consciousness. Right from Sexual arousal to zenith of experience the three active chakras (energy centers) are – The Base Chakra, The heart Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. For man – The process trigger is around Root chakra and Third Eye but for woman the trigger is from Heart Chakra. A man gets trigger through mental imagery and seeing – as well as some physical stimulation around base chakra can ignite him. It does not mean man never gets trigger from heart chakra but in normal circumstances heart-trigger is very feeble or even may be completely absent.  Man can derive stimulation from pornographic imagery more than women do it is because a real trigger for woman would be presence of love, tenderness and care. Women would feel more high on trigger if they feel loved and cared (heart chakra). For a man even violent triggers can work but most women would turn off if violent expressions populate the beginning of act. Women would get trigger from heart chakra in majority of the cases. That does not mean root chakra and third-eye chakra in women are completely inactive as far as triggering is concerned, mild receptiveness at root chakra and visual imagery can work at the beginning but mostly not. And that is the reason most of women would find their eyes are voluntarily getting closed. Men instead would like to watch and keep their eyes open throughout except at the peak.

Another important point to keep in mind is that the ejaculation chakras of Men and Women are different – While Men ejaculate the energy flows out from Third Eye and Root Chakra and on the contrary Heart Chakra becomes receptive (opens)… In case of Women the Heart Chakra is the chakra of orgasmic ejaculation. It is Heart chakra which gets activated starts radiating energy. Understanding this dynamics you would appreciate why women may have multiple orgasms and peaks during one act and still not get tired while men would feel drained in just one. This happens because Men will have two floodgates opened throughout while women have only one.  The pleasure is also different – Women will have flowering at Heart chakra in their orgasm where as men have momentary blooming of Third Eye chakra and Root Chakra. Now..

Man emits energy at root, Woman receives at Root.

Woman emits energy at Heart – Man receives at heart.

Man emits at third eye and woman receives at third eye.

Even when two partners of opposite sex engage with each other without having knowledge and appreciation of energy dynamics and also as a result of sexual instincts their Chakras are neither completely open nor synchronized (remember every charka is pulsating at a definite frequency in every individual) thus most of the energy expelled by both partners at different times just dissipates in the oblivion. And when even small fraction of energy is conserved by mutual transmission that normal session does not remain normal, instead of this being tiring and exhausting becomes refreshing for both the partners. In Masturbation the energy can NOT be retrieved back or circulated hence the irreparable loss and masturbation can NEVER be a refreshing experience. At best such unilateral release can be relieving sometimes when lot of energy-built up is giving discomfort to you. In such cases you feel relieved but depleted as well.

Whenever you are engaging in singular act you are risking the makeup of your energy body and thus long term emotional and intellectual behaviour of yours. Men who engage in the act would have issues like losing temper easily, quick untimely arousals and most importantly inability to receive and respond to love. Such people tend to suspect their partners when they enter into a relationship. This happens because at the peak moment heart chakra opens to the contamination of environmental energies and with repeated episodes of dry run it hardens. The spiritual roadblock manifests in your inability to receive love. It is said that if you can not love you can not experience God for God’s primary quality is abundant, unconditional love.

Although physically masturbation may be less damaging and exhausting for women yet spiritually they are at more loss when compared to men. Women suffer different consequences. At singular peaks women completely open their Root Chakra and Third Eye Chakra thus being vulnerable to seepage of environmental energies in their psyche. Such contamination at Third Eye Chakra and Root Area may create headaches. Such women may have complaints of pain in the legs/knees and they are prone to UTI. Dry run at Heart Chakra makes such subjects prone to get touchy and emotional and low on acceptance. Such subjects find themselves stuck up at lower chakras and unable to get deeper in meditation due a lot of negative built-up (garbage) at lower as well as higher chakras.

You know that you have not grown up in fairly normal environment and definitely that wasn’t in your capacity to control. The situation you face now is what you are concerned with and I understand all the preaching, teachings and even your own resolutions do not work for you. But it is better to examine what are the triggers which compel to get into this act. I shall definitely want you to know how you can counter those triggers and come out of your compulsive behaviour. You shall also know the precautions and list of Do’s and Don’ts.. all this.. shall be there but.. you at sometime can not stop yourself from engaging in singular act for pleasure or release. It is about changing your inner currents through right kind of practices. Many people have not only dropped this habit but many other addictions successfully and they are rejoicing life now… you too can do it.

It is my suggestion you stay calm, look deeper, observe objectively and identify what pushes you do that. I shall definitely speak more about what are the factors and how you can help yourself but till then you work on it..

Enough for today,


– Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath