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Personalized guidance in Yoga is must!

Jay Gurudev..my salute to all the loving souls over the planet. Sir i had bronchitis in the past 5 months. Now it is ok and i am doing 7 pranayams,7 asanas and 7 exercise. i am feeling like my body … Continue reading

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Master reminds us not to miss spiritual lessons behind rituals

Almost every religion imparts its Master’s spiritual understanding and teachings to the masses by creating social rituals. Continue reading

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This Ganga Dessera let the Ganges of divine grace descend upon you..

Beloved Soul, On the pious occasion of upcoming Ganga dushhera, Acharya ji has shared his enlightening views through an article in Daily Hindustan [ 15th May, Hindustan (Delhi) ]. He has revealed deeper spiritual secret about this festival and asks us all to stay prepared … Continue reading

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