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Spiritual Ascension : Tug of war between the forces of Gravity and Grace! (Part-II)

You can enter the realm of Heavens being in this human body. But the rule says ‘Only Gods can enjoy the realm of Grace’. So, being godlike is your job… the kingdom of grace comes to you automatically. Continue reading

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The Gita: Srimad Bhagwadgita: श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता : Chapter 1:7 – 1:11

Vishaada or grief in company of a Master can be Yoga. In fact in the presence of master any emotional state, any act can be Yoga. That is why Bhgawad Gita says it is Arjuna’s Vishad-Yoga. Continue reading

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How do I inculcate Vairaagya through Pooja?

In the first step to Bhakti is “Naamjapa”. Take a name.. and associate the supreme being with that name. Chant the name with love and respect towards the supreme, the one who is not sitting up there but also equally present in here. Call out for him.. seek him. Remember his name.. Gradually you will personify your Satchidananda , For Chaitanya it was Krisna, For Narada it was Narayana, For Parvati he was Shiva, for Tulsi it was Rama, for Ramakrishna it was Kali and so on.. endless is the list (Hari annant, hari katha ananntaa..) Continue reading

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