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Recuperating from Negative effects of wrong breathing..

In fact our body is such a great, self-correcting and versatile instrument you don’t have to bother too much about it. You won’t believe but 99.9999% of the processes in your body are carried out without coming to your notice! So what can you do by thinking about those? Continue reading

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How to prepare yourself for Meditation

There is yet another between your Mind and your Physical body. This is called energy body – And it is in this body where so many undesired energy currents, negative patterns of unexpressed emotions are harbored. These are the one’s which act as triggers for uncontrolled, unwanted thoughts in your mind and itches, pains, disease and discomfort in your body. All these come in your way of meditative state. It is here Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practices come to rescue because it not only helps you understand complex anatomy and physiology of different layers (Panchkoshas) of your being but also gives you practical techniques to soothe, cleanse and balance them. In level – II initiation of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan you have an extremely powerful technique called Sanjeevani Vidya, which cleanses and rejuvenates your whole energy body. Continue reading

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