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Don’t Praise Your Children!

” Parenting is rather a serious affair. From Nirbhaya to recent Hathras gangrape.. don’t just reflect of the mindset of youth in our times rather tell us how the parents of these predators mucked up the already disordered state of parenting. Its time we wake up to the already ringing alarm bells.” – Master AD Continue reading

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क्या हो गया है हमारे बच्चों को??

“Is it possible for a child to learn anything without adults supplying that? People advocate use of technology in teaching but do modern educationists, pedagogical expects, social behaviourist and psychologists have vetted your decision to handover these modern marvels like smartphone with a Gateway to jungle called ‘internet’? Are innocent minds of children being hacked by the sick and pervert technology experts and money greedy businessmen? Do parents have no role or control on the way future generation is being robbed of its innocence right in their childhood?” Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath pinches us where it hurts the most in this satire. At the end there are many challenges but only YOU can bring about the change however ONLY IF you want it! Continue reading

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