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Misophonia : The sensitivity to sound caused by Pranayama – Cure in Tattvas

Yoga can help people heal and come out of these deadly conditions like Phonophobia, albeit help of chakra healing based on Tattva Shakti Vigyaan’s ( a Tantric system of Spiritual Ascension) tattvic principle and Ayurveda have to be applied in conjunction with it. Continue reading

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Spreading Scientific Spirituality – Sacred Association for Rejoice and Love

You may be searching for avenues to render your help. It exists right here.. Come join Sacred Association today! We are spreading environmental awareness, empowering children and adults, sensitizing people about animal compassion and above all we are for education for all. Sacred Association for Rejoice and Love is an not for profit organization engaged in spreading the message of Masters around the globe to ensure we leave a better planet for coming generations. Shivoham! Continue reading

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Yakshini Sadhana – Beware of Worshiping and Taming Yakshinis (Part IV.. Concluded)

Most of tantra enthusiasts are first attracted to it for the extra-ordinary powers which it supposedly offer however there are sure pit-falls here which you should be aware of. Yakshini Sadhana is very easy but traps you for thousands of years in the dark realms and also becomes a cause for your fall. – Ma Shakti Devpriya Continue reading

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God in search of man or Man in search of God?

शब्द प्रमाण है कि ‘आत्म-तत्व’ के दर्शन होने पर ही मनुष्य को दुःखों और इच्छा-पाश से मुक्ति, जीवन पर नियंत्रण की शक्ति, परम शान्ति, आनंद व रूपांतरण का सामर्थ्य प्राप्त होता है परन्तु यह भी सत्य है कि दृष्टान्तों के माध्यम से; तर्क से या विचारों से हम इस आत्म तत्व को अनुभूत नहीं कर सकते । पुस्तकों में लिखे शब्द हमारा अनुभव नहीं बन सकते । ‘सत-चित-आनंद’ के स्रोत स्वरूप ‘आत्मा’ की खोज के लिए हमें ही प्रयत्न करना होगा , ‘तत्व शक्ति विज्ञान’ तंत्रशास्त्र पर आधारित गुरु-शिष्य परम्परा से प्राप्त वह प्रामाणिक विधा है जो चेतना और मन के सांयुज्य और केंद्रीकरण की गुप्त विधियां साधकों को उपलब्ध कराती है। चूंकि तत्व-विधि व ज्ञान गुरुगम्य है व दीक्षोपरान्त ही फलित… Continue reading

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Role of mantras in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan

Mantras work when they are received from a guru. Tantra tradition is extremely guarded and lineage oriented and uses mantras extensively apart from Yoga, pranayama and rituals. In tantra right from initial stage of sadhana i.e. being a sahhaka till the moment where a sadhaka rejoices the arrival i.e. merger with shiva-shakti within, mantra continues to play major role in tantraagama-sadhana. In a nutshell tantra can be put in the category of ‘Mantra Mahayoga’. Continue reading

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Chaitra Navaraatri – 2015 : Connect with Shakti-Tattva

Even if one is truly interested and wishes to work with these spiritual energies one should not take up these practices until one receives proper guidance and initiation. Mantras and rituals are always to be used under proper guidance from your Guru. Continue reading

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Upping the Happiness Quotient – Tattva Shakti Vigyaan

Every sincere Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioner goes through varieties of emotions – sadness, grief, tears, anger, hatred, jealousy and so on.. leading to yet another state of happiness and joy. Needless to say the initial phase of negative emotions lasts only for few days or sometimes only for few hours but the happiness stays on. Such is the magic of Tattwas and Tattwa Shuddhi Continue reading

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