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Can Tattva Shakti Vigyaan sadhana, spiritual practices change my destiny?

In Tattva Shakti Vigyaan (TSV) procedures the individual efforts of the practitioner are resonated and amplified by already attuned elemental energies ensuring quicker and deeper penetration in otherwise untouched layers of your being. Further the guiding channel of masters’ intention ensure the seekers’ efforts are always directed towards the real goal. That is why initiation is having so much significance and in fact such pragmatic changes are exhibited only when one gets connected to a Guru-Mandala or a spiritual lineage of Masters. Continue reading

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All Grasshoppers are enlightened insects!

Vegetarianism in Indian context is not a mania about feeding on vegetables and plant produce only. It is a way of life where a man is driven by principles inflicting least pain and exploitation to others while still deriving maximum benefit to reach a stage where from we can realize self. Here benefit is not in terms of calories but the purity of body, energy and thoughts. This benefit is to be obtained so that your dormant energy coil of Kundalini is awakened making you able to experience the world beyond your physical senses. Continue reading

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