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Remedy for Anxiety Neurosis – Yoga, Pranayama or Tattva Shakti Vigyaan?

You need Master’s advice in every field of life. Sometimes people are not truly aware about their surroundings and situations. Thus even abnormal situations are also dealt as a thing of normal routine. Those people who fail to realize the need of self-development at such times don’t attempt to acquire competency and guidance. How can they if they are not aware of their situations in the first place? But handling challenging times unprepared runs the risk of being adversely (and unfortunately permanently) affected by them. Anxiety Neurosis is just an indication of the fact that you entered the troubled waters unprepared and were compelled to stay there far too long. By the time you came out from the situation some deep scars are already itched in your being. Here you need a coach, a guide or the best – A Master! Continue reading

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