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Will you be my Guru AD?

“The Guru has become a misnomer, a misused and abused word off late so much so that many spiritual teachers had to add some other superlative adjectives in front of their names. So easily people take someone as Guru.. and then even more easily they walk away without showing up again. So called disciples are so committed to ‘learning’ that they forget the ‘path’ as shown by their teachers. Instead they are seen collecting multiple practices from multiple teachers as if trying to cure all the ingredients of a lost recipe for enlightenment. Let me tell you.. it doesn’t work.” Continue reading

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Don’t try to kill your Guru.. He is immortal!

Your Inner Guru is a permanant guest housed in your psyche and unfortunately you despite being the landlord don’t have the rights to oust him.. yet you can do lots of things to make this guru too weak to utter a single word or be able to point a finger to the “right path”.. . Continue reading

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