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Questions about Pranayam and Yoga (Part-III)

How can we take breathing so non-seriously? Breath is life and to stay breathing means we are still alive. Yoga Masters say that people are ignorant about this very process of life. They opine that the breathing should be taught.. albeit no child ever took a lesson on how to take her first breath. It is a natural process.. and it gets triggered by just one stroke.. and continues till someday you are no more alive. Still Yoga masters like Patanjali, Gherand and Gorakshnaath have a valid point. You should be taught to breathe properly. Continue reading

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Recuperating from Negative effects of wrong breathing..

In fact our body is such a great, self-correcting and versatile instrument you don’t have to bother too much about it. You won’t believe but 99.9999% of the processes in your body are carried out without coming to your notice! So what can you do by thinking about those? Continue reading

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