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Should I do Bahya pranayama (Bahya Kumbhaka) for Hiatal Hernia?

Yoga requires disciplined and step by step approach. The common man doesn’t wish to spend time in taming and training the mind and body. In general people are in hurry and want instant results – perfection of health and bit of relaxation of mind. Such an attitude is neither congenial to individual’s growth with the system of Yoga nor the hurried practices remain safe for the practitioner. Most of the problems of modern Yoga practitioners are the result of their hurry. Continue reading

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Tattva Shakti Vigyaan.. Miracle of Tattvas!

Pratyahara means relaxation, getting disconnected yourself from your sense organs.. This is achieved by giving suggestions to your mind to relax and not pay much attention to what is being intercepted by sense organs. Just being able to relax brings hoards of benefits to you. Continue reading

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Questions about Pranayama & Yoga (Part-I)

Conscious breathing is a bodily process and shows tangible effects on your bodily functions whereas ‘pranayama’ is a spiritual process which overshoots the domain of bodily functions thus entering a plane from where ‘pratyahara’ (detaching your sense organs from their respective sense objects) becomes possible. Continue reading

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How to prepare yourself for Meditation

There is yet another between your Mind and your Physical body. This is called energy body – And it is in this body where so many undesired energy currents, negative patterns of unexpressed emotions are harbored. These are the one’s which act as triggers for uncontrolled, unwanted thoughts in your mind and itches, pains, disease and discomfort in your body. All these come in your way of meditative state. It is here Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practices come to rescue because it not only helps you understand complex anatomy and physiology of different layers (Panchkoshas) of your being but also gives you practical techniques to soothe, cleanse and balance them. In level – II initiation of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan you have an extremely powerful technique called Sanjeevani Vidya, which cleanses and rejuvenates your whole energy body. Continue reading

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Mindless mind

But yet again I repeat.. although you may feel now you understand but I bet you have not. Because howsoever good words I use, whatever elaboration I make.. you have to indulge if you want to experience orgasm. And orgasmic bliss can not be put in words. So? Come, learn the art of intercourse with divine.

Continue reading

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