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Yakshini Sadhana – Jainism and Yakshinis (Part -III)

That night Kurukulla devi came to jain muni Devasoori and said “Since last four months I have been listening to your discourses (pravachan) sitting on that banyan tree in the front. I felt joy and feel contented by your discourses. I was happy on you so I have thrown those two snakes at narmada bank. I could take away all the 84 snakes but then that wouldn’t have created that sense of awe in people present there and so I did not do so.” Suri replied to Kurukulla “I know you.” Continue reading

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Chaitra Navaraatri – 2015 : Connect with Shakti-Tattva

Even if one is truly interested and wishes to work with these spiritual energies one should not take up these practices until one receives proper guidance and initiation. Mantras and rituals are always to be used under proper guidance from your Guru. Continue reading

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