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How to gain control over mind (मन पर नियंत्रण कैसे करें?)

वास्तव में हमें मानसिक रूप से हमें अपने अमीर होने का भान होता है क्यूँ कि अगर कोई कहे कि “आत्मा” तो आप उसे आधे घंटे का प्रवचन दे सकते हैं| कोई अगर गलती से भी “कर्म” का नाम ले दे तो आप उसे पूरी “गीता-सार” सुना सकते हैं.. धन्य हैं हमारे पूर्वज जो हमे सब कुछ दे गए जो भी हमें मालूम हो सकता था पर उन्हें या नहीं मालूम था कि किसी परम भक्त द्वारा भक्ति व समर्पण की पराकाष्ठा में किये गए उदगार “होइहै वही जो राम रची राखा” ही तुम्हारे जीवन का दर्शन बन जाएगा और फिर सब कुछ सिर्फ “पढने और जानने” तक सीमित हो कर रह जायेगा, करने को कुछ बचेगा ही नहीं | Continue reading

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Sex, Masturbation and Spiritual Growth – Part II

Keep in mind that it is possible to take control of your sexual energy and that is what is given to you in “Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Level – 3 Deeksha”. Then Sex can then become the gate if one choose to use it. You are given techniques and practices to manage and redirect the energy. As you learn and progress you feel empowered and elevated. When for the first time you understand what this energy could to you, your outlook towards the whole process changes. The same energy then feels like a divine gift to you and Kundalini, the seat of this energy then becomes your Mother. In real sense it is the mother because by passing through this you are reborn.. Continue reading

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Sex, Masturbation and Spiritual Growth – Part I

The agony of all spiritual searchers of this category is that they abuse their energies. They feel it is sexual but that is not true.. spiritual practices do stimulate various energy centers and the one which is already tender and most fiddled with gets the sensations first. TSV practices are extremely helpful in taming your energies. Continue reading

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