The Unspoken Sufferings of the Unguided Meditation Enthusiasts!

Namaste Guru Jee,
Guru jee i am.. iam 24 yrs old. i have done meditation but from last six months iam feeling very weird type of energy at centre of my head. its like dynamic pressure. it move when i try to resist this flow. when i sit still i feels great peace. i cant able to get rid of it .before i feels blessing,divine favour and protection.but now i feels just opposite of it totally disconnected from reality. continuous resistance to this force which i dont know.please guru jee tell me remedy how i get well.if you suggest i can visit you anywhere in india.


– Manish Singh (


Beloved Manish,

I can truly understand the kind of symptoms you are going through and empathize with it. By the grace of divine currently you are in the zone from where the recovery is most likely. It is not uncommon to get some or the other disturbed bodily functions among the meditation enthusiasts. Since you asked, it is an opportunity for me to answer many other questions wherein people have come up similar symptoms. Apart from what you have described there are many many more symptoms that haunt many people who get into meditation.  Some are as below –

  1. weird uninvited feeling between the eyebrows
  2.  pressure or pain in the root of the nose
  3. sensation of heaviness in the upper middle back
  4. fluttering of ear drums, eyes and hiccups
  5. indigestion and persisting gastritis
  6. temperature, IBS, IBD and colic
  7. impotence, loss of semen in urine
  8. heaviness of chest and palpitation
  9. loss of purpose in life
  10. inability to relate and weak memory
  11. lethargy and disturbance in sleep cycle
  12. anxiety, depression and so on..

Mind you, these are real symptoms and not imagination or psychosomatic disorders. They have their origin in the energy-body or pranamaya kosha which only an adept in the science of meditation can identify and possibly suggest a healing counter-practice too. Although the complete reversal is not always possible or may take years. Since every symptom indicates a specific issue with your energy body thus every specific symptom requires to be attended differently. There’s no umbrella remedial process that can deal with every symptom one may encounter thus if such a thing (discomfort, sensations, pain or feelings etc.) happens stop the practice immediately and approach your teacher. Just like millions of meditators, I guess, you too haven’t begun your practice under any teacher’s personal guidance.

You say “i can visit you any where in India”. I shall help you even if you don’t visit because you can be helped, your condition is such but only if you could go to any part of India to sit in front of a teacher before you began your practice, would have saved you from this condition. I can tell you that hundreds of SOS mails are received every month here seeking advice and help by such people who start complicated meditation and spiritual processes to their own liking without any guidance whatsoever. I have written so many times about the need of a teacher that it feels like painful repetition to me now say that again. And yes.. upon this people write “Why can I not just sit silently and meditate? Is it a rocket science that we need a teacher? Who are you to stop people from meditating?”

Through this reply, I want to simply tell those enthusiasts that; “You can do this by yourself and you must do but ONLY IF YOU CHOOSE TO SIT SILENTLY AND NOT MEDITATE!” This instruction can’t be clearer than this. Just sit silently and don’t do anything else.. stop talking in the head. Just stop talking to yourself for that time… Lo and behold! You are already taken the first step in meditation however if you want to use certain technique, use the power of visualization and concentration, breathing, mudras and mantra it must be taken from an adept.. I find myself repeating.. but who’s listening? Anyways..

Manish, you can do the following for your condition –

  1. Stop immediately everything (technique etc.) you were doing.
  2. Special attention you need to give to your focus. Do not focus on any part/chakra or outer things (such as flame, point on the wall, any chakras etc.)
  3. Get up before sunrise and spend morning walking barefoot on the earth.
  4. Do not forget to occasionally look at the rising sun (don’t focus there too)
  5. Stay active, keep a smile on your face. Socialize, laugh and make merry.
  6. Take Vata pacifying herbs and drink lots of water.
  7. Last but not the least if you get the opportunity to see a teacher in person do take out time to meet them. (You may even do it ONLINE in these Corona times.)

At the end I must say “Sitting silent & Not talking to yourself in the head‘  is the best and only meditation you can do until you see a teacher. It will give you every benefit that you might be seeking through meditation but in this method you may not have a kundalini  story to share with your friends. (smiles)

You must meditate – It is your birthright!

-Master AD

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