Tantric Mantras – Deconstruct & Reconstruct Your Personality!

Dear Acharyaji,
I have noticed lately at least during this particular mantra, that has been given for 11 days… I am feeling that i know everything ( like anything I say is always right) kind of attitude. There is no contraction in the body when someone corrects me also.I need your help in breaking this attitude of mine.I remember you had mentioned that only guru can break it. This is a biggest obstruction and i want to come out of it. Have noticed this in myself while talking to co-sadhaks mostly.


Beloved PA,

Tantric processes work on your being like the peeling peeling an onion… layer after layer. With each layer peeled you are closing in to it’s centre.. the core. This analogy of peeling is quite often used but there is little difference. When you are peeling off an onion; you at the end of it, destroy the onion.. Tantric processes do not destroy your being rather work outside in fashion through different layers and deconstruct. Over all this process in itself is quite revealing and relieving for the practitioner however only requirement is awareness.

Every mantra being given here in your Sadhana works on your being only to give you the experience of whatever karmic impressions you had stored. With each new mantra in the series you are working with you are bound to experience a deeper.. buried.. unconscious.. unacknowledged.. latent… aspect of yours. It may or may not be pleasant aspect but in our system both pleasant and unpleasant are equally important. Having such traits springing out means that the processes are working.. they are digging deeper depths in the domain of subconscious or unconscious only to bring those things on the surface, in the territory of awareness.

Being aware is the first thing for a problem can be addressed only when it is acknowledged. The solution of a problem is available in the form of surrendering the issue to the Guru, which you have already done. I am sure the day you would have written this message the intensity of this issue would have gone through a dramatic change but this is not all to this beautiful journey.

There are many other wonderful processes as well such as cleansing, purification, restructuring etc. and through those a whole new transformed personality can be resurrected out of a practitioner. The only prerequisite is the knowhow of forging your being in the fire of sadhana, placing your being on the anvil of courage and using the hammering force of your intent under the guidance of your teacher.

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan’s higher sadhana that you are engaged in has great therapeutic impact too and it clears up the clutter of your Vigyaanmaya Kosha, the reservoir of your past impressions. This is referred to as collective personal memory.. organizing these memories in specific order creates balance, joy and peace.  This organizing takes help from Swara Vigyaan and Prateek Vigyaan as well… (you have been introduced to these by Ma Shakti Devpriya ji) and as you progress in mastering the manas-shakti through mantras it gains much deeper access to the Vigyaanmaya Kosha and this power of mind is then used in reorienting, reorganizing the information or memory there.

Some teachers mistakenly refer the memory itself as mind and then they further classify the eight types of memories as 8 types of mind. They say that Elemental Memory, Atomic Memory, Evolutionary Memory, Genetic Memory, Karmic Memory, Articulate Memory, Inarticulate Memory and Conscious memory are the eight types of mind but that is in gross error! Mind or mana in tantric scriptures has been defined as the sankalp sthanam. Mind is the nebula where new sankalpas keep taking birth.. non-stop. Mind is not the collection of dead past impressions.. it is creative power in itself. The mind is the fine energy… the Manas-Shakti that is the most powerful shakti you have. So calling mind a collection of 8 levels of memories is misplaced understanding….

Let me give you an example for clarity.

You may be aware of the memory stick (what you call USB memory stick) that is used with computers/laptops etc. So if we take mind as collection of memories then we can assume this Memory stick to be mind. While it has lot of capacity to store data/impressions but it does not have power to push it’s information into the computer/laptop/player. It is a passive device.. devoid of any shakti.. not capable of doing anything. It supplies the data when called for.. it stores the data when supplied with and instructed to. It can NOT create its own impressions, its own data.. can it? But mind creates thoughts… it is even capable of imagining things that you have never seen, it has the power of innovation, it has the shakti to bring about the change in material reality… Thus mind can be compared with the digital programme in the electrical impulses that has power to pull out and push in information in the memory stick. Mind is that power which has access to both the sides i.e. indriyas  and the collective memory (the vigyaanamaya kosha).

The in short mind creates sankalpas. Every sankalpa has shakti  of mind behind it.. when someone has so many thoughts (sankalpas) the individual shakti per sankalpa is too low to bring about any pragmatic change anywhere opposed to thought of a Yogi, A Siddha who has all the shakti of mind behind one sankalpa. These sankalpas have power.. whose power? The power of mind. The mantras work on various levels.. different levels of mind they harness the shakti  of mind giving the practitioner of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan access to deeper karmic impression hidden in manomaya kosha.. to the level of Elemental memory. In the process a practitioner keeps discovering many hidden personalities, various hues and different capacities… for knowledge (memory) coupled with the energy (shakti) of mind gives siddhis (capacity of accomplishing things) but most importantly in advanced stages the same matric process opens doors to the self – the pure consciousness, the chaitanyam.

P.A., Do not take it so seriously.. it is just a phase only to disappear in sometime. Further… Everyone is always right.. at least in one’s own right. (smile) So why you are so concerned about feeling of being right. It would have been detrimental to your growth if you could not take the suggestions and corrections without contraction. Since you are able to take it.. its ok to enjoy this too for some time. You are right always anyway.. (laughs) Probably you have only become highly aware of this feeling.

Blessings from Masters..

-Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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