Will you be my Guru AD?

Master AD,

i am Roye Vicktarie, f 38 n had been till currently doing a mantra practice that my Guroo gave me 5 years back. as a stout learner during these years i read many spirited books, watched vidoes and attended some interesting other workshops around spiritual growth. i tried to do every thing i learnt and practice routinely. 5 year it seem is long time, it is, and i still feel there is a lot to gain, feel as something very deep is missed out, as if i have not been given full support from my Guroo side. i practice mantra of shaakti and other body breath work and chakra practices that i learnt later. i also keep trying to do indian goddess mantras on my own but no help. can u help me and be my Guroo?

god bless… Roye


Beloved Roye,

You are definitely a curious and energetic soul seemingly very much ‘always in action’ type.. it is definitely great virtue to have as a practitioner. Any teacher would love to have students like you.

You ask “Can u help me?” and in return I also have a question. Please contemplate over my question for at least a week.. may be even more and then only answer me. Do not scurry through the process of contemplation please. Now my question “When so many teachers collectively could not help you achieve what you yearn for then what gives you conviction that this one person in me can help you to reach the Light, crossing your ocean of darkness and doubt; also will you be able to drop all other practices without any sense of loss and enthusiastically engage in only as much as is asked?

Your Wish is Supreme

|| Guru is none other than God personified ||


Roye, in true spiritual traditions a spiritual teacher is not just a teacher he/she is a Master or Guroo as you call. In eastern traditions the Guru is considered to be equal to God. And God can surely help those who approach him with respect and wish to be helped. Something more… One’s Guru need not only be respected but respected to the point of worship as God. Now you would argue how can an ordinary person in blood and flesh be God. Right?

Well, let me try to explain and I give you a simple example. In most of the countries we have a concept of Government. A government works through people in position of power and governance. In fact if you try to search Government physically you will never find it but then every person who serves the government (Concept of Power) is a touch point of a government. Isn’t it? The same way Masters live among us with a great mission of God that is of bringing great transformation and light of Truth in humanity. Thus he becomes the God personified. A Master or Guru is indeed a touch point of that invisible (A Power governing everything in this Cosmos) entity, God!

How shall you serve God then? Disciples in authentic spiritual traditions serve their Masters with greatest of Faith and unwavering devotion.  Only such a disciple is then given an insight, processes of spiritual awakening that leads one to self-realization, enlightenment and God.  The guru can guide only such disciples in their advanced Sadhana.  In fact it is a true that Guru’s blessings and grace are the only reason for disciple’s success in Sadhana. It is a blessing, sheer unfoldment of previous good karmas to get a realized, enlightened master for one’s spiritual guidance for the very grace of such a Master itself is sufficient to bring about unimaginable transformation in one. How to find such a Guru?

“When a disciple is ready the Master appears.” REALLY?

Ask me and I will say “Only when the divine grace descends upon a person he/she becomes a true seeker and a true seeker sooner or later but shall always find a true Master.”

Seeking is really a very strange phenomenon. It is not the search because search begins with a presumption of finding some predetermined thing rather it is about creating a deep sense of ‘not-knowing’, emptying yourself. You can seek the God only if you do not know the God as yet.. but if you are seeking a God you already know (may be his/her form.. his abode.. his characteristics etc.) then what you find at the end is your imagination fructified. Does that mean you can not seek? Yes and No. YES, you can begin with the Attitude of service, empathy, acceptance for life situations, unshakable discipline, high energies coupled with childlike curiosity and enthusiasm and fearlessness.. these are desirable virtues in the seeker but I can tell you (it contains the NO part) even these prerequisites are not achievable without the divine grace. Then what can you do?

You will have to begin somewhere.. and the answer is “You should get rid of the sense of having ‘knowledge’ completely, focus on subjective experiences for learning and pray hard in your own ways for the descent of that divine grace. The divine grace should also not be preconceived, as known through books or people but through your own experience. Gradually things will start changing for better.”

Most people say this “When a disciple is ready the Master appears.” but before you start believing in this statement  you should fairly look at your own behaviour in this regard. Would you accept any stranger walking in your life as your Guru? Certainly not. Then it means even if your Master appears then also you will not be able to recognize him.

People say… these days it is very difficult to find realized and True Masters as there are many bogus Gurus with unbelievable publicity around themTo know who is an enlightened Guru and who is not is almost impossible for a beginner for he is not only ignorant but too innocent person.

I say, it is easy for a seeker to recognize a Guru but it is not happening this way because in the name of seeking there are mostly bogus, full of knowledge and shrewd people out there. There are reasons for me to say this. Normally people go to the Gurus brimming with knowledge, peculiar ego and pretend that they are seeking the Truth or God but all they want is validation of their own ways of life, thinking and gratification of their ego. These people are not in the search of God rather they have come for gaining health, position, counseling for messy relationships, busting stress, miracle cures, subject knowledge and shortcuts for mental peace etc. In fact for all these things you don’t need a Guru – even for knowledge you don’t need a Guru. If someone wishes to be helped by a Guru allow him to take away all your knowledge instead. But who allows that? If a Guru speaks the language that pokes their ego, exposes their insincerity and hidden drivers they are not able to walk with him. It is not easy to take any person (especially when he is working for your spiritual growth) as Guru. The True Guru always remains the guide and benedictor. What to talk of seekers even for the seasoned disciples he is mostly a bitter pill, a medicine… not easy to swallow.

So the saying should be further extended “As a disciple gets ready the Guru appears… As the Guru appears the hell breaks and so more often than not the disciple disappears.”


You ask me if I can be your Guru.. Well, I do not claim to be a Guru. Nor I have placed any such adjective before my name declaring myself Guru, Sadguru or VishwaGuru. I am a teacher an Acharya and you can choose to study with me as a student whenever you feel like. My suggestion, You must test a teacher as much as you want before accepting him/her as your Guru. A very common example here in India we give is of Swami Vivekanand. Vivekananda did put so many questions to Ramakrishna. Not one or two questions but he kept asking for few years before he took Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa as his guru. It is interesting to note that it was only through these test conversations with Ramakrishna Paramhamsa that he learnt how to choose a Guru. This testing phase is not for Guru only but be aware that your Guru is also testing you throughout and even he has all the rights to reject you. You should be ready for that too.

However once you decide and accept one person as your guru it will not be correct on your part to suspect him or doubt him later. You are suspecting and blaming your Guru of lack of support without even letting him know this so I suggest you to go back to your present Guru and share your issues, request for his help. You should reach out to him.. it is your duty to go to him. He is not obliged to be at your service. Speak with him, I am sure he will help you out. If he gives up or you give up upon him then you are welcome here. Dear Roye! The relationship between the Guru and his/her disciple is the most sacred and unique one and you can not break it just on imagined suspicion. Also one thing that I noticed – you have not been stable during these 5 years, you have shown no faith in the teachings and methods of your Guru. You say you did many workshops, took other mantras, mixed other practices with what your Guru gave you. This is sin! The biggest blunder!!

Roye, You have all the potential to grow and progress spiritually albeit patience, perseverance, focus and wholehearted trust on yourself and your Teacher are few extra things that you probably need are your unwavering Faith, total surrender, Prayers, Attitude of service (of master and others), Perseverance, Purity, Respect for path, Intensity in practices, Dedication to the path, Persuasion with master, Contemplation, Self-Observation, Enquiry (seeking), Satsanga (spending time in the company of Master). This will lead you in your Sadhana towards fulfillment and with that someday you shall gain Self-realisation. Continue your Sadhana with focussed mind, without any breaks for a substantial period, without mixing other self-learnt, self-chosen practices. Have absolute faith in your Guru. The God in your Guru will never disappoint you.


-Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath


About Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Master AD, as Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath is lovingly called by his disciples, friends is a true Tantra Master. You can either love him or hate him but for sure you can NOT ignore him. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath are engaged in spreading scientific spirituality in masses through their Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camps. Master AD, a poornabhishikta in Srividya (Krama System) has equal command on Yoga, Pranayama, Tantra and Kriya Yoga techniques and guides seekers worldwide through 'The Shakti Multiversity' platform. The Shakti Multiversity residential facility (Ashram) has come up in the foothills of Himalayas near Dehradun. To attend residential courses you may contact at : shakti.multiversity@gmail.com
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1 Response to Will you be my Guru AD?

  1. prakash says:

    Respected Acharyaji,

    I absolutely loved this discussion about Guru Shishya relationship.
    “When a disciple is ready, Master appears” : what a profound statement.

    Thank you,

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