Can Stress Cause Shortness of Breath and Gout too?

Here’s a Conversation with Master with his advice on what to watch for whenever you have any physical symptoms of disease.

Dear AD sir,

I lead a sedentary lifestyle. I started doing Kapalbhati and did it for 3-4 days. Now I’m feeling shortness of breath, trouble sleeping too. I stopped doing it since. Will I recover from it on my own or I have to do something else to recover.
Plz do reply. 
Raghu R.


Dear Raghu,
Thanks for writing in. Your question on Master’s blog ( has also been noticed.
Before we can forward your question to Acharya ji or Ma Shakti, would like to know more about you and your case.
Please elaborate on age, place of residence, previous kriyas/things done (if any), lifestyle, family history of asthma,
general routine etc.
In the service of divinity in you
Thanks for replying mam!!
Plz bear with me while I try to elaborate my case in this mail-
I’m 33, a bachelor residing in Jaipur with my parents.
Since 2016 I’m facing some physical as well as psychological problems due to my own sedentary lifestyle and some family issues.  My physical problems started with Gout in right big toe in April 2016 and after that digestive and anorectal problems (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Piles, Fistula) followed from which I’ve not yet recovered completely. Till now I’ve had testicle pain, back pain etc. in these two years. These physical as well as family issues lead me into severe anxiety and depression which I’m still fighting hopelessly, even quit my job 2 years back. The more I try to come out of this, the more I sink deep into it.
To overcome this, I started Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika 20-25 days back and Kapalbhati 3-4 days back(Now stopped everything). Total half an hour for all. Now I feel shortness of breath sometimes, don’t know whether it is because of Pranayama or my anxiety and depression.
My vital parameters like BP, sugar, blood tests etc. come normal and I don’t have any asthmatic in my family.
Plz help!!
Raghu R.
Beloved Raghu,
Your symptoms primarily indicate you are a typical case of anxiety and stress. You got your warning signals when that Gout developed but probably you could not understand it’s cause. There are sufficient reasons to believe that you were stressed much before Gout appeared.
Please understand that when you are stressed your system starts working erratically. Stress causes your body to deplete of some group B vitamins from your body. These vitamins are agents that remove excess uric acid from the body. In absence of such Vitamin supply the Uric acid starts getting accumulated at any arbitrary joint and Gout is developed. So you got Gout means you were already stressed.
You were treated for Gout but your problem was stress. In stress, your body releases cortisol a regulator hormone but too much of it creates havoc in your system. You may experience obesity, high BP, muscular inflammation and much more. The list is endless! In fact when under stress for longer durations your body doesn’t function at its 100% capacity.
It is also common problem for the people suffering from stress to have digestive tract problems. Piles, fistula etc. are all once again indicating towards the cause being STRESS! The shortness of breath is in all likelihood linked to your stress and not the Pranayama however my advice would be you stay away from all sorts of Pranayama except Yogic (Deep) breathing and bhramari. It is good that you have already stopped it. Wait for sometime it shall become normal albeit you have to learn to feel better yourself because no doctor under the sun can heal you if you stay stressed. Life is a gift, you are far better placed and have lesser difficulties than millions of others on earth so be grateful to Mother Divine.
My advice –
0. Get up before sunrise. Smile and be happy for being alive to see another day. Watch the sunrise for 10 minutes.
1. Walk 5 miles a day. Deep breathing for 5 minutes and bhramari for 5 minutes.
2. Drink 4-5 litres of water every day. For every glass of water you have to laugh for 40 seconds. Don’t drink unless you have laughed for 40 seconds before it.
3. Have sprouts and fruits in your breakfast.
4. Do not stay in home all day. Take up some social service/ do gardening or just visit any nearby school to offer your help.
5. Maintain a diary and write your progress every night before going to bed.
6. Chant this mantra 108 times a day “I am healthy & I am getting better.”
7.  Last but not the least –  If you need some medication please do consult a qualified doctor for proper supporting medication to pull you out of depression.
If you really want to recover, you shall follow the above advice and let me tell you it is very much possible. Once you are little better you can definitely learn Panch-Mahabhuta Shakti Kriya to accelerate your healing.
Get well soon.
– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath
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