Swara Vigyaan and Virtuous Progeny

Respected Ma,

I am getting married soon. And I want to have kids who bring happiness to us & the world. I know that the nurturing period do a great deal of things in the development of child’s habits. In addition to that I want to do things which cause the conception of a good offspring if there are any.

I heard that there are several rituals as per our tradition for getting an offspring who is physically healthy & pleasing to his parents as well as to the world through his deeds.

Recently I went through the book ‘Thirumanthiram moovayiram’, the treatise of Shaiva Siddhantha sect. In that book, they mention about the relationship between breath of couples during copulation & the physical-mental-spiritual aspects of the progeny. In some other books, I read about time also influences the conceived offspring.

Unfortunately the descriptions from the said sources are not clear & are incomplete. So kindly give knowledge for fulfilling my wish.



Dear Questioner,

Let me tell you at the outset that to be able to use this method you and your partner should be Swara Yoga practitioners!

It is easier said than done because many people just read the book and think that by following the rules shall give them desired result. It is to be noted that the couple should not only synchronize their biorhythm with the moon cycle through consistent practice but should also be able to recognize the prevailing Tattva in the particular Swara for it is not the Swara rather Tattva that rules the virtues your progeny shall have. An unfavourable Tattva during the process of copulation may lead to not only undesired (unexpected) but also lifetime disappointment.

Swara Vigyaan – The Ancient Science of Breath

Swara Vigyaan is a process, that can definitely help you manipulate and control the result you want. It also helps you understand how to maximize the chances of conception. Further if you practice Swara Yog  you enhance your potential in general, can control your temperament, heal relationships and all sorts of physical and mental ailments.

Those who have read Swara Vigyaan know that breathing through the left nostril is “Chandra Swara” or Ida Nadi. And when you are breathing through the right Nostril it is “Surya Swara”  or Pingala Nadi. There is this pattern that alternates between the nostrils and therefore during transition when we breathe through both the nostrils, it is called “Shoonya swara”  or Sushumna Nadi. This should happen every hour but for the most people (due to unsynchronized rhythms and malas in the body) happens quite irregularly. Sometimes early in the morning, sometimes after having meals or late in the evening or midnight.

Since left swara or Ida Nadi is ruled by the Moon it is cool, nourishing, fertile and feminine by nature. This swara rules left side of your body. In layman’s language during Chandra swara, the breath will be more dominantly flowing in the left nostril. Pingala Nadi is ruled by the Sun and is hot, pushy, cruel and masculine by nature. It controls your right side of the body. Opposed to Ida when Pingala flows, the breath will be felt more in the right nostril. When Surya and Chandra flow together we say that the Third Swara or Shoonya Swara is activated. In this phase we say that Sushumna Nadi is flowing.

Application of Swara Vigyaan – Virtuous Progeny

Although this may not help you in the current situation (due to lack of synchronization of your body rhythm not being in sync with the cosmic rhythm) as I have already described in the beginning of this reply but still to beget male progeny, the female should try maintain Chandra Swara all through. For this lying down on her right (arm) side shall be helpful. If Swara is already Chandra then this keeping this way is possible through this simple means. In simplistic language female should continue to breath through the left nostril. Please note the amount of physical and mental stimulation during the copulation is more than enough to trigger Surya in Female so easily. This is the reason why in the world more number of females are conceived. In fact there’s no harm in this preposition – It is mother nature’s way to keep the overall number of females more than males.

Further the male has to maintain Surya Swara and for this he should lie down on his left (arm) side. Although it is easier for the male to maintain Surya Swara because the process of coitus itself is act of Surya for males. Yet it is recommended to maintain this Swara throughout for him as well. It is assumed here that both have mastered the Swaras forehand or else it will not be possible to sustain the breathing through the right nostril. In modern science this would mean that Male’s Surya Swar will activate the Y-chromosome that is responsible for male progeny. Those who are desirous of female progeny, doing the opposite shall draw the fruit.

Also there is a way by which you can know whether your wish has been fulfilled or not. After delivery one should check the swara of the child (irrespective of male or female child). If the swara of mother and child are chandra then the child shall be intelligent, long living and give happiness & love to parents.

The above (maintaining Swara and therefore fixation of Gender) may even be possible but since you say that you want to have “offspring who is physically healthy & pleasing to his parents as well as to the world through his deeds… I want to have kids who bring happiness to us & the world” this is more dependent on Tattvas rather than Swara. For this I don’t think you are particularly interested in fixation of Gender… but virtuous offspring. It is really nice to see someone thinking like that and I congratulate you for your thoughts but unfortunately I do not have any off-the-shelf advice for the same; this recognition of Tattvas is possible only through sustained practice under the guidance of an able Swara Vigyaan Teacher. So as an intelligent person you would understand that it shall require dedicated and disciplined efforts.

Alternatively, if you want to try some other way then probably consulting an astrologer who is master of Panch-Pakshi Shastra can be of help. However neither I recommend not vouch for the success of that method for simple reason that despite giving you all the ‘favourable time slots’ based on the horoscopes of both the partners most of them shall ask you to use Swara Vigyaan techniques as well. Interesting! Isn’t it?


-Ma Shakti


About Shakti Devpriya

An initiate of Kaula Tantra tradition. The sole purpose of my beloved consort AD and me is to spread the pure divine knowledge to the masses through Tattva Shakti Vigyaan and try to make every life more beautiful and blissful.
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