Cultivating and Living with Siddhis – All about Psychic Powers (Part II)


Last time we outlines types of siddis or psychic powers. We left our discussion on a point where you would have been speculating whether any such accomplished people really exist or have ever existed. Well.. there are innumerable examples and stories of tantrics, yogis and adepts across religions scattered over the timeline of history. Many incidents of such miracles have been well documented too but we can always challenge those incidents claiming play of trick, mischief and use of technology (magic). It is true because even ‘seeing can not amount to believing’…after all what entertaining magic and magicians are all about? They create the illusion of miracles but with some or the other material trick or technology.

However let me still place some spiritual masters of the ‘widely talked’ miracles. These ‘never-proclaimed-spiritual-magicians’ could manipulate the rules of this world (illusion created by Maya) without using any trick or material technology but only their cultivated power of ‘directed will’ (mind) or through use of their ever-potent Kundalini shakti (energy). I shall also try sharing exact disciplines/methods through which these adepts could display such miraculous powers.

Before dwelling in historical figures I would rather want to discuss about those experiences which we have personally had. Here are those encounters and the secrets about the powers they shared. The first mention I shall make is of my first Guru.

|| परमपूज्य प्रथम गुरु, प्रातःस्मरणीय पं. श्री मुरलीधर जी मिश्र||

Pratham Pujya Gurudev Pandit Shri Murli Dhar ji Mishr

My beloved father and my first Guru Pandit Shri Murli Dhar ji initiated me in the spiritual path through Suryopasana and Yoga. We called him ‘Babuji’, his friends and colleagues respectfully called him Guruji. Now I understand why even his friends called him Guruji. Babuji was practising Yoga from his Gurukul days and had mastered many aspects of it (in late 1960s) in the benign company of a Siddha Yogi (everyone referred to him as Yogiraj. Those days Shri Yogiraj used to live in a kuti (thatched cottage) near Chaupara Mandir in the outskirts of this small township. And as indicated to my father in some conversation that he would now leave for Himalayas… he left his ashram one night without informing anybody. Everybody was sad that day.. people searched and searched but nobody ever came to know of his whereabouts. I have asked the team to pull out Param Pujya Yogiraj ji’s photographs from my personal archives and if possible I shall share some of them for you in future posts) during his prolonged stay at a township called Raath in the district of Hamirpur where he was serving in the Food and Civil supplies department of then undivided Uttar Pradesh. We grew up seeing him spending his morning hours in Yogasana and Dhyan whether it was chilling cold or dreaded summers. We saw him perform Nadi-Shodhan, Nauli, Dhauti, Kunjal, Neti etc. on regular basis and shankh-prakshaalanam twice a year in a disciplined way year after year.

He never claimed to have any siddhis but what everyone around him (including family) knew he had few mysterious powers. I had seen him saying many times “कमरा ठीक कर दो, कोई आने वाला है” (make the room, someone is coming shortly)… such declaration (because sometimes he will tell exactly who is coming) he will make amidst his reading some book leisurely and that came true exactly every time. The surprising thing was that even some guests, upon arriving shall tell during the greetings etc. that they had no plan of visiting him but decided only an hour ago or few minutes ago (I clearly remember the faces of those colleagues and relatives of ours who said such things upon arrival). We wondered how come he comes to know this.  It was those times when there were no mobile phones, pagers, instant messengers even our home did not have a landline phone at our home those days. Of course today it is no surprise and we have all the means for connecting with people around the globe but that wasn’t the case then. In fact all these modern day inventions and technologies are successful endeavours of translating the ‘possibilities and capacities of perfected human mind and managed energies’ available to non-yogis.

How Siddhi of knowing things in advance is developed –

Today kids are so pally with their parents and can not only ask so many questions but even ‘question’ their parents’ actions and decisions.. but in our childhood days we were not so (deliberately avoiding suffixing any adjective for modern kids.. but we happily accept being what we were ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘fearful of our parent’ however let this be clarified this fear was rooted in respect and anticipation of being caught saying something wrong or of crossing out limits in our words or actions. I never asked him about this magical power and he never explained about this with me. But in later years upon perfecting the knowledge given by him I can tell you what makes it possible. Even when I discussed this siddhi with other Gurus they also agreed to me that there’s no specific sadhana about it except to have least possible mental chatter. With the ability of distinguishing subtle energy spandas (surge of vibrations) through advancement in Dhyana, especially with that type of Dhyana that continues even after leaving the meditation seat (asana) such messages can be clearly received. I owe this knowledge and power to my first Guru.

||Guruma (R) with Gurudev Shri Kaleshwaranand ji (C) at Kamakhya||

Second siddhi which was at Babuji’s command was Vaak Siddhi. In fact this particular siddhi we have seen and experienced in many other saints and Guru’s of Gurumandala. To mention a few our Vama Tantra Guru Kaleshwaranand ji, Guruma Mahabhairavi, our Vidya Guru Kaul Shiromani Shri Shivanandnath ji, Kanno Guru ji Maharaj, Naga Baba at Triveni Bund Prayag, Aghori Baba of Hanuman Temple in Prayag (Nana ji), Agyaat Guru Yogi ji… they all displayed Vaak Siddhi. I have never seen any declaration (even things they said in anger) of all these adepts proving wrong in time. Those who don’t know what is ‘Vaak Siddhi’ – It is power of speech so profound that words uttered by such a siddha person always come true.. come what may! It is also mentioned in Ramayana by Tulsidas ji in a doha “व्यरथ न होय देव ऋषि बानी” (words spoken by Devatas or Gods and Rishis or adepts/siddhas never go in vain.. means it comes true!)

How Vaak Siddhi manifests –

Vaak Siddhi is expression of one’s desirelessness and benign intentions for every creature of the world. There are many ways but with my own experience I can tell that this power (Vaak Siddhi) comes with ajapa-jap anushthaanam of minimum 5 years but there are other ways too. I remember once speaking with Guruma Mahabhairavi ji on this topic when she said.. “Once you perform Chakra-Puja for 3 consecutive years this power is ignited and words of such a sadhaka can never fail”. With this conversation I understood that even paaraayan of Durga Saptshati may also gives this power. Another way which was given by Kanno Guruji was that one should not speak untruth. This way he said leads to vaak shuddhi and leads one to vaak siddhi. Fourth method for this power to come is ‘Maun Vrat (vow of silence for willed period)’ and least use of words. This was told to my father by Naga Babaji of Triveni Bund, Prayag.. Another secret ritualistic method for vaak siddhi is given in our Guru lineage and that is based on Saundarya Lahiri sadhana. For that matter even ‘Sabar Mantra Sadhana’ is also there for cultivating this power. I have had no connection with Buddhist monks and therefore do not know if they too have some mantra based spiritual practice for it but in my personal conversations with multiple Jain sanyasis they revealed another mantric way of attaining vaak siddhi. But one thing should be noted all mantric and ritualistic ways of attaining vaak siddhi require one to be initiated by a proficient Guru. A Guru plays the role of protector and guide in every spiritual (yogic or tantric.. here tantric includes mantric and yantric ways of all religious paths) sadhana.

Siddhis are traps when they are used indiscriminately, non-spontaneously, for self-gratification or with planning to rule the world. But despite being a futile venture psychic powers cultivated spiritually is engaging… it is sheer joy to know how many unknown and miraculous powers are hidden within this framework of human mind-body-kundalini.

In the next part I shall discuss about other siddhis… other personalities.. their personally cultivated methods, experiences of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners on psychic powers and what secrets Masters share about cultivating particular psychic powers through various spiritual (yogic & tantric) practices.

Blessings from Masters,

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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    Thanks for sharing such wonderful story of guru mandal !! Shivoham !!

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    Shivoham! This is a divine blessing from Guru Mandala!! Waiting for more Acharyaji…

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