Dangers of Third Eye Activation | Ajna Chakra Meditation – Part I



Eye in the Sky – The Helix Nebula, 700 light-years away from Earth!

“Millions venture into meditation/yoga/pranayam /healing without any real guidance taking extremely simplistic view of mind-body-breath-energy-consciousness and science of it. You may be tempted to experiment with some or the other technique after watching a video or reading a post. Such an adventure may turn into nightmare if you are not prepared to handle the experiences in your way.” warns the Master.



First things first – Any sort of experimentation in the domain of activating/meditating on Third Eye (for that matter any chakra) before understanding the anatomy of your personal cosmos, energy principles and real force what Third Eye is; It is not only futile but dangerously self-obstructive to the extent of self-destructive.

Secondly one should understand clearly the difference between meditation and ‘trying to meditate’ for if there is ‘trying’ there’s only forced effort which meditation is NOT.

Thirdly, One MUST develop capacity for recognition, acceptance and reconciliation of The Truth – I am the world. Rootedness in one’s true identity is the canvass upon which myriad of possibilities of experiencing present themselves safely.

Lastly, the meditator is personally responsible for  and must arrange a personal shield to protect against possible damage of one’s quintessential energy-fabric, individual identity and  intellect during the process of experimentation. This arrangement in referred to ‘Guru’, Master, Teacher or Guide in general.

I shall try to cover each one of the above aspects in this series but still would like the readers to stay rooted in their reality and not jump onto the diving board right away.


ANYTHING! Is the answer.

I just recall this very recent incident related to one of my known (i’ll call him MK here) who became interested in meditation and tantric deity/demi-goddess sadhana after reading some OTC Books. Such ‘Over the Counter’ books are readily available in India at every street vendor/Railway platforms. Inquisitive people get attracted to these books for obvious reasons. What to say of common people I confess to have found these books in the personal libraries of many ‘healers’, ‘spiritual guide’, ‘Yogis’ and ‘Enlightened Gurus’. Anyways..

What I knew was that this MK, who was trying to meditate was a moderate but regular drinker however there were many more things… which he told later. When he started suffering from mild but persistent moving pain in the forehead, base of nose he consulted me. He complained that whenever he tried to focus on anything this pain got aggravated. Even popping an ‘aspirin’ or ‘saridon’ tablet won’t help.

When he confided in me..

In MK’s own words “… being in business gave me lot of freedom. I had desires and unfortunately I had money too. I would drink regularly.. used to take 1-2 bottles of beer during the day. We enjoyed paid sex. That mostly happened whenever my business partner and I were on tours. We would just ask the hotel manager to ‘arrange’ and they would. All this I was doing without any sense of guilt. It was normal… just normal. All the while I was very much interested in spiritual and occult books. And there I found a book talking about ‘Third Eye Activation’. All the allurement for getting into the practice of Third Eye was an assurance (as given in the book) that after activation it was possible for me to summon any woman in my astral and do what I liked. So I began the practice. It was around June 2010 when I started. For almost 3-4 months every evening I used to sit and try to meditate. I shall focus in the middle of my eyebrows (chant some mantras) for almost half an hour. Initially I saw colours, light. At times I would see some real people and beautiful creatures as well. I could interact with them and that made me very excited about it. All these experiences gave me boost and I continued hoping to get the power to summon anyone in my dreams but by the end of August this peculiar heaviness appeared in the base region of nose which refused to go. The more I tried to get away with it.. more it troubled me. It was really very annoying. I took painkillers also but that did not help. I later noticed that whenever I am in the sexual act or ‘drinking’ this pain would vanish. Therefore I had a way to relieve myself. Only during those times and whenever I was under the influence of alcohol.”

Just to cut the long story short.. even after taking my advice MK could not help but continued with drinking and other habits because he had no willpower left to implement the suggestions. The situation got bad to worse with each passing month and in few years finally (in April 2016) he was admitted in the hospital with ‘Pus in the Liver’ and mentally deranged condition and body weight reduced to 38 Kgs. He was lucky to survive that surgery and two month long stay in hospital. Today he is out of drinking habit because doctors have warned him but he still sees and talks to spirits off and on.

MK, now in his early fifties is still struggling.. Otherwise normal behaviour of this gentleman shall change abruptly as soon as someone starts talking about spiritual matters (mention of words like mantra, soul, meditation, gyan, devi-devata… almost anything can trigger this) with him. He becomes a changed man.. In those moments he feels himself to be the highest authority in this cosmos, calls himself Brahman… chants vedic mantras and koran suras, claims to control the universal forces and giving commands to Gods and Goddesses…

Honestly speaking, though overwhelmed and amazed MK is speaking ‘his true experience of potentialities’, I know but sadly can’t go back in time NOW to develop the capacity of handling it all. There millions of such people, I have met with hundreds of them and saw only few things in common (barring very few exceptions)- Absence of preparation and lack of guidance. BUT there’s no need to get scared as above is not the ‘only outcome’ of working with ‘Third Eye Centre’. One can truly enrich one’s own and life of people around by following a disciplined approach to tap the powers from ‘Nebula of potentialities‘ called Third Eye. There are so many success stories too!

In the next talks I shall take up the anatomy of personal universe in special reference to third eye. We shall also see different methodologies in grounding, sequential opening and ‘switch opening’ processes using the power of deities and Yantras. Above all we shall discuss the basis of our experiences and how we perceive some potentialities as real, surreal and hyper-real and reasons for this in the light of Tantra.

Enough for today!

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

*This talk is given in response to the question asked by a sufferer.

 Namaste Guru ji,

Guru ji iam 24 yrs old. i have done meditation (concentrating on third eye) but from last six months i am feeling very weird type of energy at centre of my head. Its like dynamic pressure. it move when i try to resist this flow. when i sit still it feels great peace but i cant able to get rid of it. earlier i felt blessing, divine favour and protection but now i feel just opposite of it totally disconnected from reality. continuous resistance to this force which i don’t know is tiring and suffering. please guru jee tell me remedy how i get well. if you suggest i can visit you anywhere in India.


Manish Singh


About Ach. Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

Master AD, as Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath is lovingly called by his disciples, friends is a true Tantra Master. You can either love him or hate him but for sure you can NOT ignore him. He and his beloved consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath are engaged in spreading scientific spirituality in masses through their Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation camps. Master AD, a poornabhishikta in Srividya (Krama System) has equal command on Yoga, Pranayama, Tantra and Kriya Yoga techniques and guides seekers worldwide through 'The Shakti Multiversity' platform. The Shakti Multiversity residential facility (Ashram) has come up in the foothills of Himalayas near Dehradun. To attend residential courses you may contact at : shakti.multiversity@gmail.com
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