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Dear Reader,

We appreciate your visit to Master’s blog. The whole idea behind putting up this blog from Masters had been to help spiritual seekers, yoga enthusiasts and common masses by presenting them with correct and authentic perspective on Tantra, Yoga, Meditation and other related subjects. Right since its inception, we are happy to say this platform has helped thousands of people from around the globe in making correct choices for themselves under the guidance of Masters.

We wish to thank you and every single user of Masters’ blogs –

http://tattvashakti.wordpress.com &

https://agyaatdarshan.wordpress.com  for subscribing and making use of these.

We have observed that many readers among you put up their queries/questions and doubts on Masters’ support page. But sadly, we have also noted that most of them put up their questions without leaving their correct mail IDs /contact details probably fearing disclosure of their identities.

Please note that –

  • We assure you that we respect your choice of staying anonymous.
  • Your comments/questions always pass through our moderation Team which in turn would take suitable action on your questions/comments.
  • You can be sure that WE SHALL NEVER DISCLOSE your mail IDs/websites/personal details (if such a request is made by you in your comments/questions) and necessary masking shall be done at our end.
  • We definitely need your correct and valid mail ID/Contact Number/Website etc. (whichever available) to be able to communicate with you one to one basis.
  • In case your question has been picked up and answered by Masters, we request you to show courtesy to acknowledge the same. It helps us understand how our efforts are bringing about positive change around.

Thanking you and always in the service of divinity in you!

Blog Management Team

Sacred Association & The Shakti Multiversity

*Unfortunately we have to drop more than 70% of questions in the want of missing contact details and prime reason behind that is – Many at times Ma Shakti and Acharya ji give personalized advice which if posted in public domain may tempt other people to implement in their cases and that may cause serious problems/issues for them)

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