Preparations you MUST do before starting Yoga and Pranayama!

||Acharya Agyaatadarshan||

||Acharya Agyaatdarshan||


I started kapalbhati day before yesterday, after doing around 30 breathouts a bad headache started and it almost ran till yesterday noon, even today after kapalbhati I’m experiencing headache. Please help me.
Waiting for your email.
Megha CA
Beloved Megha.
You shall find varied opinions about whether to do Kapalbhati or Bhastrika Pranayams right from day one or not but I have firm conviction based on the experiences of thousands of people that it is not advisable to engage in any fast/rigorous breathing techniques/pranayams of Kriyas without having completed preparation.
If you are courageous and patient enough to follow my advice, here it goes –
1. Stop the practice of Kapalbhati/Bhastrika etc.
2. First of all work on these things for 3-4 weeks –
 a. Aahaara Shuddhi
 b. Vihaara Shuddhi
 c. Shareera Shuddhi
Aahaara suddhi – Means having light and digestible Veg food. Avoiding multiple meals (unless you have been suggested by your dietitian for some reasons). And also take lots of fresh juices, salads and sprouts.
Vihaara Shuddhi – Means bringing discipline in your routine. Avoiding contact with people who gossip, bitch around and are into any kind of addictions. Sleeping and getting up on time (Leave the bed at sunrise). Having your food well in time especially in the evening (minimum 2 hours before you go to bed).
Shareea Shuddhi – Try releasing toxins by drinking water (2-3 glasses) early in the morning. This water should be drunk before everything in the morning. Do some physical workout (you may do some simple asanas.. I recommend 5-10 rounds of Surya Namaskara) to trigger sweating. Give your body comforting oil-massage (once or twice in week is ok) and sun-bath (daily or minimum alternate days for 50 minutes). This will strengthen and purify your body. Drink lots of water during the day (close to 5 liters) One thing along with this Shareera Shuddhi which you need to engage yourself in, is ‘Yogic Breathing’ or most commonly referred as ‘Abdominal Breathing’ – Through this kind of breathing you are able to achieve two things – i) Your lungs’ capacity improves ii) You will partially unload your body of finer toxins.
3. After having completed these shuddhis (which should happen in 3-4 weeks) – Now you are ready to engage in Alternate Nostril breathing. Warn you – ONLY ALTERNATE NOSTRIL BREATHING. This alternate nostril breathing (this is not nadi-shodhan.. it is anulom-vilom) is capable of giving you 70 to 80% benefit of all so called Pranayam practices without injuring your nadi system. And please remember you don’t need to practice any other pranayama. This is enough for you if your aim is only to gain physical and mental fitness through Yoga. If you wish to awaken your spiritual energies and your age is above 28 years then Yoga may not be suitable way – try Tantra!
If you want to move further then this Final step goes without saying.. Find a teacher who follows authentic Vedic Yoga system and learn more. Which means that he will train in holding (kumbhaka) the prana vayu using bandhas while conducting the nadi-shodhan regime and not teach you any other pranayama until he is sure you have achieved moderate level of Nadi-Shuddhi.
Don’t question why teacher?  …Teacher is an unavoidable Evil here (smiles)
– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath
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  1. Jyotirmoy says:

    Why isn’t yoga suitable for people above 28 years of age?

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