How can I learn to accept silence?

cropped-jungle-panna.jpgPath of a seeker is always full of moments where one is overwhelmed with mind’s focus of unwanted, negative things.. Everyone has a Pandora box of unlimited emotions, thoughts, memories and so called experiences between his ears and above his eyes and a naughty handler of it called mind. It is not that we get stuck by anything negative or positive.. we are stuck in this play of mind – as we tend to enjoy it. We take ‘rasa’ in it.

There are different categories of mind. One type is possessed by people who are called quick learners – they learn easily and what is learning all about? Learning means deriving yet another deeper, more profound thought (we call it lesson) by processing available emotions and bundle of thoughts. Quick decision making mind are those which take action on the outcome of learning. Some don’t learn at all. Some are fake learners.. So on so forth… And there’s hope with every kind of mind with the grace of Mother Divine and Guru but one should continue to be observant of what are signature traits of one’s mind as that leads to some silence within. And only a silent person can accept and enjoy silence.. not otherwise.

Remember it that You are lovingly accepted as you are.. Always!


– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

About Shakti Devpriya

An initiate of Kaula Tantra tradition. The sole purpose of my beloved consort AD and me is to spread the pure divine knowledge to the masses through Tattva Shakti Vigyaan and try to make every life more beautiful and blissful.
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